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Origin of sims

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Origin of sims, Meaning of sims

Origin: In an in-depth research of such ancient manuscripts as the Domesday Book compiled in 1086 AD by Duke William of Normandy, the Ragman Rolls (1291-1296) collected by King Edward 1st of England, the Curia Regis Rolls, the Pipe Rolls, the Hearth Rolls, parish registers, baptismals, tax records and other ancient documents, researchers found the first record of the name Simpson in Buckinghamshire where they had been seated since ancient times. Confusing to most, we found many different spellings in the archives researched. Although your name, Simpson, occurred in many manuscripts, from time to time the surname was also spelt Simson, Simsoun, Symsoun, Simpsone and these changes in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son. Obtained from the Library of Hall of Names in London by Eric Simpson.
Surnames: Simpsome, Simpson, Simpsone, Simson, Simsoun, Symsoun
Submitted by: Grace & Dick Stout
Origin of sims, Meaning of sims

Origin: Sims is a contraction and corruption of the name Shipman which itself originates from Sheepman. This indicates that the origin of the name is rural and stems from shepherds and hilly areas(like the Malborough downs)
Surnames: Sims
Submitted by: Richard Jordan
Origin of sims, Meaning of sims

Origin: G.F born Dorset UK circa 1880's, poss married Dora Simmons born Gwennup Cornwall 1881
Surnames: Sims
Submitted by: Tim Holt
Origin of sims, Meaning of sims

Origin: Sims is a contraction and corruption of the family name Simmonds, Symonds, etc (hence Simmns).In turn, Simmonds is a contracted and corrupted version of the Germanic Anglo-Saxon name "Sigmund", meaning "Victory Mouth" or "Mouth of Victory" ("Sig"= Victory, "Mund"=Mouth).
Surnames: Sims
Submitted by: M.Shearer B.A Hons.

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