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Description: ASMUS/ASSMUS, John born 1862 Wisconsin. I have him in the 1900 Browning Town, Taylor County census listed as a farmer but he is not with his family in the 1910 or following census. So finding him anywhere after 1900 would be great! His wife is Elizabeth (Lizzie) Asmus/Assmus (nee Mahn), born 1862 Milwaukee. Their children were: Sophie born 1886, Bertha born 1884, Charles born 1888, Fred born 1890, Henry E born 1897, George born 1897 and Johnny born 1892.

Meyer/Meyers, Theodore born 1877 Luxembourg. Once again, I only have him in the 1900 Browning Town, Taylor County census along with his mother, Bertha
born 1844 and brother, Joseph born 1874 - all born Germany.

Theodore Meyer/Meyers married Sophie Asmus/Assmus 1901 in Milwaukee and it is from this side of the family that I descend.

Diane in Saskatchewan, Canada

Surnames: ASMUS/ASSMUS, John born 1862 Wisconsin.
Meyer/Meyers, Theodore born 1877 Luxembourg.

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