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Origin of hook

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Origin of hook, Meaning of hook

Origin: Hook ('Hoke in 1227') Usually a bend, heal or hook of land. Other names used Hoc, Hooke, La Hoke. First written entry of Hook dates to 1179 and forms part of the Merton Priory records. It records a lease of land called Hook to John Hog and twenty other named men for 25 Years for a rent of five shillings per annum.
Surnames: Hoc, Hoke, Hook, Hooke, La Hoke
Submitted by: Diana 'Hook' Plummer
Origin of hook, Meaning of hook

Origin: Robert Ferguson in his book "English Surnames and their place in the Teutonic Family" accredits the origin of the name Hook and similar names to Hoce and Hoking, mythical personages of the Frisian people. These people lived on the sea coast and islands adjacent to what is now Holland and Denmark and were themselves a branch of that early Northman tribe that later conquered England. The Hokings are mentioned in the bard's song "Hnaef Ruled the Hokings" and in other poems, some by Beowulf.

Mr. Kemble, referring to these people in the Archaeological Journal, says that Hoce is "a really mythical personage, the heros eponymus of the Frisian Tribe, the founder of the Hocings and a progenitor of the imperial race of Charlemagne."

Mark Anthony Lower in. his book entitled "English Surnames" associates the name with the sea which has given such surnames as Turbett, Sprat, Hooker, Fisher, Ling and Line.

One branch of the primitive family accompanied the Normans to France in the ninth century. Other branches drifted inland and probably gave the Hoock family to Holland, and the Hok, Hoak, Hoce and Hoke families to Germany and Saxony. Descendants of all of these families have since found their way to America.

Shortly after William of Normandy conquered England, a sturdy Norman named Eustace de la Hooke held land in knights fee near Kingsley. It is thought that he was the ancestor of the Hooke family in England. His name is listed in Domesday Book. The name as written clearly indicates its French character and shows that it must have been in France for several generations before appearing in England. Hook Manor, around which is woven a charming story of old feudal times, still exists in the manner of a small village south of London.

The genealogical line is not clear for several centuries, but records indicate that the family flourished and was identified with the great movements both civic and military that were going on in England at the time.

In the 15th century-about 1450 Richard Hooke of County of Surrey was born who later married the daughter of a family of Eton by the name of Payne. A son of this union was Thomas Hooke of Dumfold who married Eden, the daughter of John Alley of Surrey.

Thomas Hooke and Eden his wife had two sons, Henry and Thomas, and very probably another son, William, who lived near London in 1563. Henry Hooke married a daughter of a Mr. Payton of County Surrey and became the progenitor of the Bramshott Hookes. Thomas was knighted and became Governor of the Poor Knights of Windsor and left many descendants.

Ref.: Harleian Mms., N. Y. Public Library. "Rural Life in Hampshire" by W. W. Capes. Other references as noted
Surnames: Hook, Hoce, Hooke, Hoking
Submitted by: DP
Origin of hook, Meaning of hook

Origin: Irish German
Surnames: Shook
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