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Tubers, Roots and Twigs
Our Irish roots, from Counties Kilkenny and Kerry.
Peering into the past of J.C. Beaudoin
Jocelyn Beaudoin Family Tree Gustav Bureau Family Tree 1
Carr family from 1878 in San Fransisco. Emma R. Carr B:12/17/1878 in SF D:05/26/1946 in SF Married to James F. Carr Mother: Rose Sheridan of Ireland Father: Patrick Devine of Ireland James F. Carr B:08/09/1874 in Massachusetts D:06/23/1950 in SF Married to Emma R. Carr Mother: Ann Hayden of ? Father: Thomas Carr of ?
The John C. Bastian Family
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of John Christian Bastian
Our Kentucky McCartys
InterneTree: Judy Bailey KY Report: Kinship of Justin McCarty Report: Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Justin McCarty Our Kentucky McCartys: Surname List
The Valentine Backes/Barbara Lich Family Tree Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Valentine Backes
John Glenn Avery's Family Tree
InterneTree: John G Avery John Glenn Avery's Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Robert Allen Ashfield surname list
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree: Surname List
Hemmerle Family History
Sharon Amspacher - InterneTree
A Bunch Of People Who Appear Related To One Another
InterneTree: John Alexander
The McQuiggan and Rall Families
The McQuiggans came from Ireland and the Ralls from Scotland. InterneTree: Dorothy M Andraitis 1 Report: Kinship of Francis McQuiggin
The Eddings and Ware of Tennessee and Texas
Foster Eddings was born abt. 1844. Ebbie Ware was born 1869 in Lebanon, TN. Father Ransom Ware. Foster and Ebba was married around 1891 in Lebanon, TN. They migrated to Texas around 1896 or 1897. Foster had several wives before he married my ggrandmother Ebbie. On the 1870 census there was a child named Foster Eddins in Wharton Co. TX. The 1880 census Foster was with wife Julia and six childred in Austin Co. TX. InterneTree: Paulette Allen CA
The Haslett and Devine Families
The majority of this family tree covers the Devine and Haslett families.
Bowlin Curran HomePage
Has decendants of Joseph M. Curran. As well as Jerome Evan Bowlin
My Genealogy Home Page
Kacperczyk Agnieszka surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Gene Adkinson's surname list
Jacki Adipietro's Family Home Page
I am researching my father's family:\r\nMILLER, Frank...originally from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Came to New York in 1844, and there married Magdalena HOFFMAN (born in Alsace, France). They had three sons; Theodore, Franklin, and Edward. They settled in OHIO--Wyandot, Hardin, and Cuyahoga Counties.\r\n\r\nRelated family names to my MILLER line --\r\n\r\nBRUCE (VA and Highland Co,OH)\r\nCHANEY (Highland Co, OH)\r\nCLINE\r\nDEVINE (VA and Fairfield and Wyandot Co, OH)\r\nDOUGLAS\r\nDUDGEON (Ireland, Knox, Auglaize and Allen Co, OH)\r\nELLIOTT (Knox Co, OH)\r\nFAWCETT(Knox Co, OH)\r\nHOFFMAN (Alsace France, NY and OH)\r\nLONG\r\nMARSHALL \r\nNEIDIG (PA and Stark and Wyandot Co, OH)\r\nPIERCE (Hardin Co, OH)\r\nPRICE (PA and Stark and Wyandot Co, OH)\r\nTAYLOR (NY and Highland Co,OH)\r\n\r\nI have also begun researching my mother's family:\r\n\r\nPHARE, John Bickle...came to Ontario, Canada in 1858 from Devonshire, England with his young son, John Jay PHARE and his second wife, Arabella Pentecoste PHARE.\r\nHis first wife, Eliza DOIDGE PHARE, and three daughters perished in the shipwreck 'John' in 1855 when the ship hit the rocks at Lizard's Point, Cornwall, England.\r\nJohn Bickle PHARE's third wife was Ida (Ljungberg) Atherly. They marriJacki D. Adipietro
Culp/Kolb/Kulp Genealogy Home Page
Welcome to the Culp/Kolb/Kulp genealogy home page. The name Kolb is germanic, and nearly all of us trace our lineage to a Kolb even when the family name has become Culp or Kulp. We operate a List service for people who are interested in genealogy of the CBooth, Brannon, Clarkson, Culp, Devine, French, Henry, Knowles, Marrs, Savage
Sons of the Little Raven
the genealogy of my Brennan family
HEALY/HEALEY - Homeland of Kerry
To unite the Healy Clan.? Meeting point to submit and share Healy info. Other related surnames welcome too
Ancestors of Robert & Christina Hunt
A homepage devoted to the direct ancestors of my husband and myself. Plus a large database of Fairfax descendants. Some obits and Wills for the people included on the webpage
My Ancestral Forest
Canadian genealogy rooted mainly in Quebec and Ontario trailing back into Ireland, England, France, and USA
Genealogy Index
Genealogy and History of Our Families
Streiteben: Ancestorial Home of the Hebenstreit Families
Hebenstreit Family of Shullsburg Wisconsin, and Beberstadt, Germany. Also containing Hebenstreit's not known to be related in the United States and elsewhere!
The Powers Family
Traces the POWERS family from Ireland to Canada to Ohio&Michigan to California and beyond
Knowles/Booth Family Genealogy
Genealogy with photos and links to my other genealogy home page
Our Family Geneology
Family history site with some photos

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