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Origin of Zell

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Origin of Zell, Meaning of Zell

Origin: My Zeller name came from Ziefen Switzerland, Canton Basel-land
Surnames: Zeller
Submitted by: Denise Jordan
Origin of Zell, Meaning of Zell

Origin: The origin of the surname name Mitzel that I know is from a village in Russia called Strassburg in the Kutschurgan enclave. It originated out of Germany...from an area called Plittersdorf/Rastatt-Baden. The name changed after coming to North America do to the WW2 because many of the german people were unable to find work so they changed the name to Mitchell to sound more english.
Surnames: Mitchell, Mitzel, Mitzell
Submitted by: Kelly Mitchell
Origin of Zell, Meaning of Zell

Origin: B:11-16-1844 Bohemia. Husband:Vaclav Vostral. Did speak English so exact spelling unknown. Lived in Odessa Wa. Vostral ch: Joesph, Frank, Emma, Anna, Edward.
Surnames: Matzelle
Submitted by: Burton A. Williams
Origin of Zell, Meaning of Zell

Origin: George Frizzell (d-1933) m. Rose Toy (1875-1957) in Wilmington, DE. Their children: James Milton (b-1895), Elmer Burton (b-1897), Samuel (my grandfather, 1899-1997), Joseph Homer (b-1903), George (1906-1983), Thomas (1913-1977). George Sr. had a brother/uncle named Samuel (1836-1930) who owned the Frizzell Store in Wilmington. Any information would be appreciated. I also have a great? aunt Celia Frizzell I think she was my grandfather's aunt not his sister.
Surnames: FRIZZELL
Submitted by: Celia L. Wood
Origin of Zell, Meaning of Zell

Origin: French / English meaning from the castle.
Surnames: Cazzell
Submitted by:

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