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A southern MCKEE & HUNT saga
I also have a page at RootsWeb in genealogy community where I post bits of census data, odd marriages, parts of city directories, extracts from books, and grave data of Ms, Ga, & NJ..
Don Smith - Ancestry Index
Let me know of any additions,corrections
My Paternal Family Bios
Paragraphs about each of my grandparents, gr grandparents & gr gr grandparents.
Cooke & Jakes Family Photos
Photos of the Cook(e) and Jakes family.
The HARTZELL Family: Bucks County, PA
The following is from 'The Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania,' by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, 1922, pp. 233-256.
McLaine- Dankle Family Page
InterneTree: Michele L Beam
The Beardens, Brodnaxs,Harpers and Frizells of Arkansas
Marjorie Lynn Bearden, Buck, Reed surname list
Family History of Joseph Stephen Beard
Family History of Joseph Stephen Beard: Surname List
Jennifer L. Grady-Bean Family Tree
Jennifer L. Grady-Bean Family Tree: Surname List
The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA
Book: John Michael Beamer The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Cecily Reeves Beasley surname list
Michael Paul Bazzell
Michael P Bazzell - InterneTree
The Kletka's of Indiana and the Bazzell's of Kentucky
Kirina S Bazzell surname list
The Kagle Family Home Page ~ Crucible, PA
Book: The Bazel Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Cindy B Bazzell
Robert A. Bayot of Portland, Oregon. USA.
Robert A. Bayot of Portland, Oregon. USA.: Surname List
The Bauer/Helleis Home Page
ALLGAIER - Schuttertal (Baden) AMENOVICS - Slovakia APL / ABEL - Lautzkirchen (Germany), Apatin, Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka) BAUER - Palanka and Weprowatz (Batschka), Fallsington (PA-USA) BAYER - Csatalja (Batschka) BERTL / PERTL - Palanka and Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Liederschied, Walschbronn (Lorraine), Brunfeld (Austria) BLANK / PLANK - Palanka and Hodschag (Batschka) BOHNERT / BOHNER - Palanka (Batschka), Trenton (NJ-USA) BUCHHOLZ - Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) DORFLINGER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Wilfingen (Baden) EICH - Parabutsch (Batschka) EISENMANN - Gajdobra, Hodschag (Batschka) ENDLEIN - Weprowatz (Batschka) ERTL - Batsch and Hodschag (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) FATH - Weprowatz (Batschka), Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer, Hungary) FEIGL - Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer. Hungary), Mor (Fejer, Hungary) FEIND - Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer. Hungary) GANTNER - Hodschag (Batschka) GRUMBIER - Weprowatz and Kernei (Batschka), Troncz (Nyitra) GUTH - Weprowatz, Hodschag, Palanka (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) GUTH - Weprowatz (Batschka), Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden) HAAS - Palanka (Batschka) HARTMANN - Weprowatz (Batschka) HAUSER - Csatatja (Batschka) HEIN/HEE - Weprowatz (Batschka), Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer, Hungary) HEIN / HEIM - Batsch Sentiwan and Weprowatz (Batschka), Hohenroth (Bavaria) HEINZ - Hodschag (Batschka), Tolna (Schw?bische Turkei) HELLEIS / HELLEISZ / HELLEISEN - Batsch, Hodschag and Gajdobra (Batschka), Trenton NJ, Fallsington (PA-USA) HORTENGRABER - Walschbronn (Lorraine) JUNG - Kernei (Batschka) KAISER - Hodschag (Batschka) KAISER - Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden). KETTERER - Hodschag (Batschka) KLEIN - Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden), Apatin (Batschka) KRAUS - Hodschag (Batschka) KURY/KURI - Palanka (Batschka) LANGENBEIM - Palanka (Batschka) LENZ - Parabutsch (Batschka) L?GER - Brunfeld (Austria) MALDACHER - Gajdobra and Parabutsch (Batschka) MANZ - Hodschag (Batschka) M?RZLUFT - Hodschag (Batschka), Kittersburg (Schwarzwald / Baden) M?LLER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Herrnsheim (Germany), Lorraine M?SER - Hodschag, Gajdobra (Batschka) MAYER - Hodschag (Batschka), Freiburg (Schwarzwald / Baden), Ulm (W?rttemberg) MAYER - Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) NIKOLAUS - Weprowatz (Batschka) RIESS - Atschau (Schildgebirge), Weprowatz (Batschka) SCHIKLER - Batsch Sentiwan, Palanka (Batschka) SCHNEIDER - Lovasbereny (Fejer) SCHWARZ - Walschbronn (Lorraine) SPIELDENNER - Palanka (Batschka) STRUBER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Lorraine TICHERER - Hodschag (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) TITL - Hodschag (Batschka) UHER - Palanka (Batschka) VALENTIN / VALENTA - Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Strassburg (Alsace) WASMER - Palanka (Batschka) WEH - Atschau (Schildgebirge), Filipowa (Batschka) WEHRLE - Hodschag (Batschka), Reichenbach (Schwarzwald / Baden) WIELAND - Hodschag, Csatalja (Batschka), Hajos (Pecs-Pilis-Solt-Kis) WINTERER - Hodschag (Batschka), Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) WINTZ - Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Breidenbach (Lorraine) WINTZIG / VINCZIG - Kernei (Batschka) ZELLER - Bukkosd (Baranya) ZIRKENBACH - Bavaria Batschka emigration My Christian BAUER line came to the Trenton, NJ/Bucks Co., PA area in 1901. My Lorenz HELLEIS line came to Trenton, NJ in 1913. My Elenora BOHNERT nee MALDACHER line came to Trenton, NJ in 1925. Cousin Anna Helleis EISELE, from Batsch, died in a Ukraine work camps 14 November 1945; her family relocated to Munich, Germany in the late 1940s.
The Wilson Bates Wetherington Garrison, Family Home Page
The Garrisons have been traced back to 1657 when they first came to America from Monteban, France.Our line is in Cherokee Co.,Ga. The Wetheringtons have been traced as far as 1600's from Calvert Co. Maryland. The Taylors have been traced back to 1700's, ours is in Cook Co. Ga, now. The Wilsons, Bazzells, Barbers, & Hulls have been traced only as far as 1840 in Elmore and Autauga counties in Alabama. The Bells have been traced back to mid 1800's around Cherokee Co. Ga.
My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree
Pearl Barker born 1897 died 1971 in Aspen Co. Married Nelson Smith in Carthridge Mo in 1915. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Seaton My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Mary Joyce Bates surname list
Batey Family Tree
InterneTree: James M Batey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Samuel Reuben Ard Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ashley Micheala Batey Batey Family Tree: Surname List
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
The Baselice and McWilliams Families of PA
InterneTree: Ancestors of Margaret Ann Baselice Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Donato Baselice Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Lucia Onorato Genealogy Report: Ancestors of John Harold McWilliams Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Margaret Agnes Fagan The Baselice and McWilliams Families of PA: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
William G Barnes SURNAME LIST
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Wesley T. Barns Of Hillsdale, MI
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Wesley Thomas Barns Jr. Standard Pedigree Tree of Wesley Thomas Barns Jr. Wesley T. Barns Of Hillsdale, MI: Surname List
The Barrys of Louisville, Ky. and beyond
InterneTree: Jerry E Abramson The Barry's of Louisville, Ky. and beyond: Surname List
The Barry R. Banks of Lexington, Ky.
Barry Banks Kentucky - InterneTree
Peggie's Knoblauchs of B?hmenkirch Ancestral History
Great-grandfather, Johannes Baptist Knoblauch (b:1825) B?hmenkirsch, W?rttemberg, DEU, s/o schlosser, Josef (1797-1849) & Genovefa (Gunzenhauser) [Schmid] (1798-1865) Knoblauch, Sr. He wed Josepha M?lar (b:1828) d/o Bernard & Katharina (Binder) M?lar on April 11, 1853 in Germany. Johannes' Sibling include: C?melia b: 1824 Imm: Abt. 1852-1890 NordAmerika Franz 'Xaver' b: 1827 Imm: June 1852 NordAmerika Joseph, Jr b: 1829 Imm: 1854 NordAmerika Karl Friedrich b: 1832 Imm: 1854 NordAmerika Bernard b: 1834 Maria b: 1836 Imm: 1854 NordAmerika Theresia b: 1838 Imm: 1866 to England Maria Anna b: 1840 Imm: NordAmerika Ignatius b: 1842 d: 1842 (2 mos.) Genovefa b: 1843 Imm: 1867 NordAmerika
Levi David Balkum & Tennessee Bell Tennie Cothran of Al & TX
Levi David Balkum is looked to as the family Patriarch as he helped to bring his siblings from Alabama in about 1882 or 1883 to central east Texas. Later Levi David helped the family to migrate from Leon County and Freestone County TX to Tom Green and Runnels County of west central Texas. The families married and raised their children in the farm communities of the area and time. Church life continued to play a large part in their daily lives. Most of the families were Baptist. The descendants of Levi David (L.D.) Balkum and Tennie Cothran are connected to the Ezell family line through the children of Lewis Ezell and his wife Nancy Rogers. Priscilla Ezell Boyd and Marth Ezell Cothran were sisters, they had a brother named David Ezell. Priscilla Ezell Boyd is the Grandmother of Levi David Balkum. Martha Ezell Cothran is the Grandmother of Tennie Cothran.
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Alfred Robinson Wilson
The Baldanzi Family Home Page
the family of Francesco Antonio Baldanzi, born c. 1840, San Lucido, Calabria, Italy. The families settled into the San Francisco, California area c. 1890. These families emigrated from the Western portion of Sicily, specifically Sant'Elia and Trapetto, Palermo, Sicily.
The Anthony Baltzell Family Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Lincoln Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Cable Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benedict Baltzel Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Cripps
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Hourglass Tree of Joseph Willard Peacock
The Baker Family
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Aaron Baker
Louisa Wylie ( Blackmore) of Finisklin Sligo
The Wylies came from Armagh Northern Ireland,in the Loughgall region. They were Methodists. Some of the Wylies are registered in the Richill register there.They date back to the 1790's to a Samuel George Wylie. Frances Jenkinson 1835 and father Henry Jenkinson came from Cloghan Parish of Kilmore Armagh. The Frizzell's came from Waterford City Ireland. Jane Carew married Patrick Frizzell in c1833 in St Patricks, Church Waterford City.
Ancestors of Scott Baker
Henry Gaddis - born December 1753 Hampshire County, West Virgina and died after March 1834 in Stark County, Ohio. Possible son is Abner Gaddis (21 Jun 1787 - 20 Jul 1854) who married Martha Byal (14 Jun 1794 - 24 Jun 1887). Henry was son of William Gaddis and Priscilla Bowen. Samuel Hunt - born 3 Oct 1690 in Amsbery, Mass. died after 1747, probably in New Hampshire. Married Elizabeth Clough who was born 23 Apr 1693 and also died after 1747. Son Daniel (12 Apr 1723 - 1807) died in Rygate, Vermont - married Mary Trussell (12 Oct 1721 - 1795) died Rygate, Vermont. Samuel was son of Edward Hunt and Ann Weed, Elizabeth was daughter of Samuel Clough and Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth Whittlesey Hunt - born ca. 1759 Bethlem, Hartford County, Conn. died 1823 Ryegate, Caledonia County, VT. Married Joshua Hunt (1759 - 1814) ca. 1787 Newberry,Caledonia County, VT. Joshua son of Daniel Hunt and Mery Trussell. Son of Joshua and Elizabeth Hunt is Eli Hunt (28 Jul 1797 - 18 Jan 1880).

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