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Gerhard Hickl
Description: Familyresearch Hickl in Austria and Moravia

Surnames: Hickl,Hanus,Huebl,Zecha,Ulreich,Schubert,Baar,Demel,Fischer,Frodl,Habiger,Huschka,Linhart for a complete list see our Homepage: www.hickl.info

Heather Holmes
Description: I have come to a halt in my research. Any information would be helpful.

Surnames: Sentipal, John or Veronica
Immigrated from Czechoslovakia-John in 1905 and Veronica in 1910. They are listed in a 1930 Census.
Also Surname Brannigan, Andrew or Margaret. Have not found anything. Settled in PA

Kevin Yarris
Description: Information about Yarris in PA and Czech

Surnames: Yarris (CZECH) immigrated US 1890(s)

Description: Originally from Tarnopol/Poland, now part of Ukraine.

Surnames: Czechowski/a

Description: I am researching both My and my husbands families. Located Mostly in OH, PA, some WV, from Germany, Transylvania, England, Ireland. Love contacts from related researchers.

Surnames: Morrow, Young, Lohr, Helm, Schnader, Day, Shaffer, Hartman, Martin, Jones, Stone, Marx, Reinhart, Zecheriah, Gunter, Gonder, Robison, Theiss, Wolf, Johnson

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