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The Jarcho-Yarcha-Turoff-Turow-Bermant families from Slutsk
The origins of this family start in Ancient Judea and stretch to Medieval Spain and Southern France and the town of Lunel where the Ha-Yarchi families lived until late 1300's- early 1400's. The family then moved North and East into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in what became the province of Minsk Gubernia in present day Belarus. The tows of Baranovitch, Slutsk ,Turov and Kletsk and the surrounding towns were where they lived during the 1700's and 1800's. The earliest named ancestor was Zimel Yarcha(1750-1800). His descendents spread to other areas of Russia such as Pinsk, Minsk, Yekatrinoslav and Yousovka before leaving for Israel,England,Belgium,Argentina and most to the USA. The Jarcho-Yarcha-Turoff-Turow-Bermant families from Slutsk: Surname List
Van Hal stambomen (family trees)
All possible family trees with the name Van Hal.
Jenkins/Morgans Family's of N.E. PA
surnames dealing with the family's of Evan & Margaret Jenkins and Enoch & Sarah Harris of
Northeastern PA.
Jenkins/Harris Family of N.E. Pa.
Our family homepage deals with the family's of EVAN & MARGARET WILLIAMS JENKINS and ENOCH & SARAH WILLIAMS HARRIS; all from Wales
Jenkins /Morgans Familys of N.E. Pa. & Wls
Homepage dealing with the Jenkins/Morgans suranmes and their related surnames of N.E. Pa and Wales\r\n1845 to present

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