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Joan Cruickshank
Description: Can uoy please help me with the information from Louisse Stuart married with Robert Cruickshank. In surinam Between 1820-1840

Surnames: Louisse Stuart
Robert Cruickshank
James cruickshank
Alexander Cruickshank

steve holbourn
Description: I am trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of the mystery surrounding ALEXANDER HOLBURNE OF MENSTRIE, He died insane in harrow dunghill a prisoner of the kings bench, whilst his brother Admiral francis seems to have userped the family titles and lands.

Surnames: Major general james holborne
2nd/3rd? baron Alexander Holburne grandson of the above.
James holburne, son of magor general holb.

Description: geneology

Surnames: joseph,jim,jarry,jack & lillian alexander and all michigan paladinos

Beck Sams
Description: Researching all SAMs from late 1600's to present.

Surnames: Updated: 1 Nov 2003
Surnames of those who married into Sams families since 1686.

Alexander, Alford, Allred, Ammons, Anders, Armstrong, Arrant, Arrington, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Ball, Barlett, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Beard, Bertin, Blackstock, Blackwell, Boling, Booher, Boulton, Bowman, Boyd, Bradley, Bradford, Briggs, Brilhart, Bradshaw, Bratton, Brenan, Brilhart, Brock, Brown, Buckner, Bullock, Burch, Burton, Butler, Campbell, Carl, Caplinger, Carden, Carrmichael (Carmichel), Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cate, Catherman, Caudill, Chandler, Clark, Clayborn, Clouse, Comer, Cook, Conner, Coons, Cornelison, Cornett, Couch, Council, Crawford, Crisp, Cross, Crowder, Cruzan, Curry, Curtis, Dauberman, Deem, Dellinger, Delph, DeWeese, Dillard, Dillingham, Dowers, Durham, Edgington, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edwards, Erhardt, Erwin, Fisher, Flasher, Fleak, Folsom, Fortner, Foster, Franklin, Freeman, Fulk, Fuller, Geddie, Gentry, Gibson, Gideon, Gobel, Goldsberry, Goldsmith, Gosnell, Gottbehuet, Green, Gregory, Grove(s), Hacker, Halscomb, Harper, Harrison, Hasty, Hatcher, Hayes, Haynes, Helton, Henderson, Hensler, Henson, Herron, Hickam, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hoenes, Holcombe, Hollifield, Hood, Hopkins, Horbeck, Hoskins, Hunt, Hunter, Irwin, Jameson, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jasper, Johnson, Jolly, Jones, Katherman, Katterman, Ketterman, Keever, Kelly, King, Kirkendall, Knowles, Krebs, Lamb, Lansford, Lawson, Laycock, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lewis, Lillard, Massey, Mayfield, Mays, McCall, McKinnon, Merrell, Miller, Mills, Mink, Moon, Moore, Morton, Murray, Orr, Osborne, Osteen, Parham, Payne, Pendergrass, Pitzer, Ponder, Porter, Potts, Preble, Presnell, Price, Proffitt, Prugh, Pugh, Radcliff, Radford, Ramsey, Ranck, Ransom, Rector, Redmon, Reed, Reeder, Reynolds, Rice, Ridenour, Roberts, Rodden, Rowe, Run(n)ion, Runyoun, Rutherford, Sample, Sams, Saunders, Siner, Smith, Sondin, Sowder, Sprinkle, Stanley, Stout, Tackett, Talbot, Tallant, Tate, Templeton, TenBroeck, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Tillinghast, Tolbut, Tracy, Tre(a)dway, Trent, Tweed, Veatch, Wade, Waldrep, Waldrip, Waldrop, Waldroup, Wallen, Warburton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Webb, Wells, Whit(t)aker, Whittington, Wild(s), Wigel and Young.

Elaine Suhre
Description: I am trying to find origins and connections for my Gx4 Grandfather Philip ALEXANDER. He is said to have served in the Rev. War, but I can find no record of him. His son David ALEXANDER was b. 1789 in DE.

The only poss. direct info. I have in regards to Philip ALEXANDER is the Estate Settlement of a Philip ALEXANDER who d. intestate c. 1794 Kent Co. DE Ducks Creek One Hundred. In the list are mentioned a son David and a dau. Rachel who were still underage at the time of Philip's death. I would appreciate any clues as to ascertaining if this is the Philip ALEXANDER of our family. Many thanks.

Surnames: Alexander Potter Turney Matheny Haynes Butler Day Robertson Chapman Kennerly McDowell Marvel Rogers Tice Whitmore

Evans Newstrom
Description: Peter of Charlotte Olson of Wisconsin. Charlotte was sister of Henry Brown, Homestead Wisconsin
Trying to find Charlotte's maiden name. She was married when she came to America and died between 1900 & 1910. Unable to find her or Peter's place of death.

Surnames: Olson, Alexander, Brown

R. Taylor
Description: father was Thomas McKibben.mother unknown
Mary was born@1786. Siblings were: Martha McKibben,Alexander McKibben, Hannah McKibben, thomas McKibben and John McKibben,b. 1802

Surnames: Searching for information on Mary McKibben who married Alexander Craig

Naomi Conway
Description: Alexander C. Conway born 1815, Canada. Lived in Ohio, Illinois, iowa, Missouri, Arkansas.

Surnames: Alexander C. Conway, Born: Canada
Ann Fauley, born: Ohio

Description: Looking for certificates pertaining to the early Whelchel / Stockton lines from Virginia 1750; Also from PA. 1739.

Surnames: Whelchel/Alexander/Pettigrew/Nall/ Hoag/ Stewart/ Barnes/Stockton/ Davis/Patterson/Kindell/Washington/Armstrong/Ward/Huth/Parsons/Patterson/Frieszell

Donna Crittendon
Description: I am searching for any info. on the parents of William Hawley Crittenden who I believe was born in Lenox, MA 10-26-1807 or 98. He married Harriet Newell Alexander who was born in New Marlboro, MA.

Surnames: Crittenden, Crittendon, Alexander

Description: I have a large quantity of information on the Pierce and Alexander families. My Pierce line started in New York, moved to Illinois, and then to Kansas. The Alexanders came from Tennessee and moved to Kansas, where my line joined up.
Currently looking for any info on the family of Martin M. Pierce who was born in NY in 1827. He married Lydia Ann Joslin (Joshlin?) in Illinois. I have been searching for years for further info on Martin, but have had no luck other than his downline.

Surnames: PIERCE

Description: Looking for Norman Richard Jacobs/Richard Norman Jaacobs. His parents were Alexander Jacobs(dit)Langlois whoes wives were(1)Mary E. Merci (2)Helen Marcelline.

Richard married (1) Rosette Corsoe in 1866 and (2)Rosa St John married Sept. 16,1877

Surnames: Richard Norman Jacobs
Alexander Jacobs(dit)Langlois

Denise Trotter-Hall

Surnames: Looking for information on a Jackson J Trotter.
Jackson married Magdalena D Garcia. They had two children Edward Alexander Trotter and George Trotter. George Trotter married Stella Rojas and had seven children. Edward A Trotter never married and had on child out of wedlock with Vivian Alvarado. Any information someone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Description: saw a listing where it listed Anne Sammis as the wife of Alexander Strange ..Said Anne B: in Va.
D: 1718 New kent County, Va.
M: Alexander Strange Scott, Va
I would like to know if anyone has information on this and could verify it ? I have long looked for Anne's surname.


Lynn Hawkins
Description: Would like information related to Rev. Samuel Kennedy of Mecklenburg, NC, who died by 1798. Wife was Elizabeth__?__ , was she an Alexander? Their son was Marcus T.C. Kennedy, who married Pamela Wilson. This branch was later living in Monroe County, TN.

Also, researching for parents and siblings of Janet Kennedy who married John Dixon in County Armagh, Ulster (Northern Ireland). Janet died in 1739 or 1740 in Ulster. John Dixon later died at sea going to America to be with his adult children. One of John and Janet Kennedy Dixon's daughters, Sarah, married Joseph McReynolds, County Tyrone, Ulster.

Surnames: Kennedy, Alexander, Wilson, Click, Dixon, Carlisle, Primm, Hawkins, Madry, Strickland, Hardin, McReynolds,

Paul Shelley
Description: Looking for ancestors or descendants of James Commodore Shelley and his son Norman Thomas Shelley

Surnames: Allen, Alexander, Harrison

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