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Origin of Worthington

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Origin of Worthington, Meaning of Worthington

Origin: From the History of Bucks County, p. 559, it states: The name Worthington is derived from the locality whence the family came. Its etymology is three Saxon words. 'Wreath in ton' that is. 'Farm in town'. Twenty miles north-east of Liverpool in Leyland hundred, parish of Standish, county of Lancaster, England is the town WORTHINGTON. Here and in the adjacent manors resided the family of Worthington for many generations, being established, from the time of the Plantagenets, in high repute. The main stock can be traced in the publish archives back to Worthington de WORTHINGTON, in the reign of Henry III, 1236-1237, who was the progenitor of all the WORTHINGTONS of Lancashire. The old Hall of Worthington, where the family lived for seven hundred years, was pulled down less than fifty years ago.%0a%0aWORTHINGTON This township or civil parish was in Lancashire. It was in Standish ecclesiastical parish and in Wigan poor law Union. In 1974 it became part of Wigan Metropolitan Borough.%0a%0aFrom the book called: Thomas Worthington, Father of Ohio Statehood by Alfred Byron Sears, it states the following: 'The motto of the Worthington family of Cheshire, England, was Virtute dignus avorum (In virtue worthy of ones ancestors). Each branch of the thRoger Worthington
Surnames: Worthington
Submitted by: Roger Worthington

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