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Jim Foster
Description: John Elwood Foster 2/18/1843 to 12/24/1921

I have been trying to track, without luck, my great grandfather, John Elwood Foster who married a Jane Black. The marriage took place 5/14/1870 by the Rev. William E. Moore. The newspaper article about the wedding indicated they were from Willistown, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The 1870 census had John and Jane both born in Penna. With a son Benjamin (2) living in Philadelphia at the household of a James Laird. They were both 27 years old.

I have a birth date of 2/18/1843 for John but cannot confirm this date. He may have been born a few years earlier. This conflict is from pension papers that I obtained. He enlisted in the Civil War in 1861 from New York City. After the war in 1865 he apparently came (or returned?) to Phila. Incidentally, the papers indicate his parents were from Mass.

John and Jane had six children: Benjamin, 5/4/1868; James, 12/8/1869; Wilhelmina, 4/30/1872; Mazie (or Mary), 4/5/1874; Annie, 12/18/1876; Josephine, 7/5/1878.

I do have more info from the 1870?s: moved to Chester County, Pa.; death of Jane 7/11/1879; children relocated; marriage to Hannah Worrell 7/16/1884, etc. but really trying to zero in on John from the 1840?s to the 1860?s and his parents or siblings so I can continue to work backwards.

Genjohnz. 11/22/03

Surnames: Foster, Black, Worrell, Laird, Moore

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