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Us Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Us surname data on the web, as well as to individual Us family trees, Us origin and Us meaning if known, and many other Us genealogy resources.

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    Barnhouse Branches, A Surname Resource Center
    Description: There are family records, photos, bible records, original records abstracts, queries, a guestbook, and user submission tools. A comprehensive Barnhouse information center.

    Surnames: Barnhouse


    Butkus, A One Name Study
    Description: I welcome any related information and will make every effort to update this site with any records those researching this name wish to submit(please state SOURCE) at even if you\ve come across BUTKUS (& variations) information not Buitkus

    Surnames: Buytkus, Butkys, Butkus, Butkis, Butkeiwicz, Butkeivicius, Butkas, Buitkus


    Carstarphen Family Homepage
    Description: Carstarphen Family Homepage

    Surnames: Custorphing, Crostrophyn, Crostrophin, Costorphin, Corstorphyne, Corstorphine, Corstorphin, Corstorphen, Castarphen, Carstrphein, Carstorphene, Carstorphein, Carstarphin, Carstarphen, Carstarfin


    Curtis-Curtiss Genealogy
    Description: This site is 1)dedicated to the genealogy all persons with the surname Curtis - Curtiss - Curtice and their descendents. 2)Dedicated to Nazeing England, the homeland of many Curtises who came to America in the 1600's. 3) The home pages of the Curtis/CurtisCurtice

    Surnames: Curtoys, Curtiz, Curtius, Curtiss, Curtis, Curties, Curtice


    Fergus Families Worldwide
    Description: FERGUS One-Name website with historical, geographical, genealogical information including flags and maps tracing the migration of the FERGUS family worldwide, links to all FERGUS websites known, research links, guest book, FERGUS newsgroup information.

    Surnames: FERGUS


    Gingras Genealogy
    Description: This Gingras website was started in Dec. 2000, and receives periodic updates. There are plans (dreams?) to include all Gingras family members in North America, and all known relatives. Includes research notes, bibliography, and a map indicating European Origins of Gingras family ancestors. Also includes notes on the meanings of family names and links to other Gingras sites.

    Surnames: Gangra, Gangras, Gangraw, Geangreau, Gengra, Gengras, Gengrass, Gengres, Gengron,\r\nGinchereau, Gingas, Gingera, Gingereau, Gingra, Gingrande, Gingras, Gingras-Capitien,\r\nGingras-Daly, Gingras-Falardeau, Gingrass, Gingrasso, Gingraw, Gingray, Gingreau,\r\nGingreaux, Gingreh, Gingres, Gingris, Gingro, Gingros, Gingrow, Gringras, Janggrow,\r\nJangra, Jangrah, Jangras, Jangrau, Jangraw, Jangrew, Jangro, Jangrow, Jangrus, Janjras,\r\nJeangras, Jeangraw, Jengran, Jengras, Jhangrah, Jhangras, Jhangraw, Jinchereau,\r\nJincherou, Jingas, Jingra, Jingram, Jingramm, Jingrass, Jingras, Jingraw, Jingrims,\r\nJingrow, Johngrow, Jongrow, Shangrah, Shangras, Shangraw, Shangreau, Shangreaux,\r\nShangrow, Zangrau, Zangraw, Zangreau, Zangro, Zangrow, Zhangrau, Zingreau


    Houstoun Genealogy
    Description: Free online genealogy book based on: A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family, by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch. Published by J. H. Dony, Washington D.C., 1919

    In presenting the history and genealogy as contained in the following pages the author does not for one moment claim to have included the issue of each line or of each marriage, nor of all those descended from each family, but rather to carry out the descent of the direct line of the family to the first American ancestor, from whence those descended can arrive to that position where they can conveniently trace their lineage from the first ancestor arriving in America.

    In the forthcoming pages many who have no record or who have not become members of any patriotic bodies or who have failed to avail themselves at a critical period of the requisite information, will find much aid in being enabled to trace to some ancestor their lineage as contained herein.

    It may be very difficult in time to trace the lineage of those who, living in a country filled with an admixture of various races, to prove their pure blood from American ancestors who settled in this country, unless we keep a true record.

    The history and genealogy of the Houstoun family is traced from the first ancestor as given in Crawford's History of the Shire of Renfrew, to the family who settled in Georgia and the Royal lineage of the line from Sir Patrick Houstoun is proven by his marriage to the daughter of Lord Bargany who in turn married a daughter of the first Marquis of Douglas of the Angus family.

    From the Houstoun family we find branches of the following lines descended, such as Johnston, McIntosh, Clinch, Sadler, Cole, Kollock, Anderson of Georgia, Waring, Molyneux, Hopkins, Demere, Sullivan, Chisholm and others.

    Surnames: Houstoun


    Hulshizer Heritage
    Description: My purpose for this page is to meet other genealogists who are researching these families. Together, sharing our collective research efforts, we should be able to identify all these ancestors, and learn more about our heritage.

    Surnames: Hulsizer, Hulshizer, Hulshiz, Holtshouser, Holshouser


    Huston/Houston Surname Resource Center
    Description: This area is dedicated to the surname Huston, Houston and any variations throughout the world. It is an area where people researching the same surname can come together to obtain or contribute their research, stories, problems, add links and ask or answer Heuston

    Surnames: Huston, Houstoun, Houston, Hewston, Heuston, McQuiston, MacUistean, MacUisdean, Uistean, Uisdean


    Huxtable Family Research
    Description: Huxtable Family Research

    Surnames: Huxtable, Huxstboll, Huxstaple, Huxstable, Huxstabell, Huxstabel, Husctable, Hukestabull, Hucstapyll, Hucstapull, Hucstable, Huckstaple, Huckstable, Hoxstabel, Hoxable, Hosestaple, Hokestaple, Hocstaboll


    Kobernuss & Kubbernuss Family home page
    Description: The purpose of this page is to encourage research of the genealogy of the KOBERNUSS and KUBBERNUSS families. Contribute data; Heraldry; Latest News; Find a Cousin; The Immigrants; The Ships; Census; Maps; Home Villages; Demographics; Orphans; Database; Research Sources. We\re especially interested in Family Pictures, information from family bibles, obituaries, Cemetery and birth records. Variations include: Cobernus, Cobernuss, Cubbernus, Kobernuhs, Kobernus, Kobernuss, Kobernusz, Koffarnus, Kubberness, Kubbernuhs, Kubbernus, Kubbernuss, Kubernus, and Kuppernus.

    Surnames: Cobernus, Kobernuzs, Kobernuss, Kobernus


    Millirons - Anywhere - Anyplace!
    Description: A one name study of all variants from the German root of Meuhleusen.

    Surnames: Muehlueson, Millison, Millirons, Milliron, Millirens, Milliren, Meuhleusen


    Moncus Surname Resource Center
    Description: Great resource site for all M*n*s researchers. Site features: Query and Message Board; The Origin of the M*n*s Surname; Moncusetc Mailing List; M*n*s Researchers; Mailing List; Newsletter; M*n*s Family Resources - Web Links; Census data; Marriages; Military Records; Site Search; Quick Links; Family Trees. Variations include: Moncus, Monkers, Monkus, Mounkes, Muncus, Munkers, Munkres, Munkres, and Munkus.

    Surnames: Munkus, Munkres, Munkers, Muncus, Mounkes, Monkus, Monkers, Moncus


    Musetti Surname Resource Center
    Description: Musetti Surname Resource Center

    Surnames: Musetti


    Phebus Genealogy Index
    Description: Phebus Genealogy Index

    Surnames: Febus, Phoebus, Pheobus, Phebus, Phebues


    Pretorius website
    Description: Genealogy website specialising in the Pretorius family. Databank of 17 000 persons span the period 1600 to 1900. Links to other researchers publishing their South Africa Genealogy research.

    Surnames: Pretorius, Praetorius


    Risewick Surname Resource Center
    Description: Introduction; Queries; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Books and Magazines;; Cemeteries; Census and Tax Listings; Court Records and Naturalizations; Families, Gedcoms, and links to Researchers; Immigration and Ship Lists; Land and Deed Records;; Marriage Records; Military Service;; Newspaper Articles; Obituaries; Web Links; Wills and Letters of Administration.

    Surnames: Ryswick, Riswick, Risewick, Ricewick, Reusswig, Reiswig, Reiswick, Reisswig


    The Custance Website
    Description: This web site is dedicated to the research of the surname Custance. Site Features: French Origins; Early Ancestors; Photo Gallery; Census Returns; Confectioners; Links; James Custance Factfile.

    Surnames: Custance


    The Sandhaus Genealogy Page
    Description: The Sandhaus Genealogy Page

    Surnames: Sandhaus


    The Zalewski Surname Resource Center
    Description: This page is designed to deliver all the information known on the surname Zalewski, to explore new information on the surname, and educate everyone on it's origins and information. Site features: Research - Zalewski Queries, Zalewski Directory, Genealogy Websites, Information Lookups; References - Polish Names, Archives: Census, Obituaries, Documents, Databases; Resources - Polish Research: USA, Poland, Genealogical Research; Family Lines - Descendants, Family Trees, Biographies; General Information - Surname History, Spelling Variations, Zalewski Timeline, Veterans & Patriots, Famous Zalewski's, Books/Articles, Photograph Album; Links to.. - Decendants & Relatives, Topography/Place Names, Miscellaneous and How to Help! Variants include: Salefski, Salefsky, Salewski, Salewsky, Zaleski, Zalesky, Zalewska, Zalewski, Zalewsky, and Zaluski.

    Surnames: Salewsky, Salewski, Salefsky, Salefski, Zaluski, Zalewsky, Zalewski, Zalewska, Zalesky, Zaleski


    Toney Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Are you Researching the

    Surnames: know of links to Toney information or other Toney related documents? Maybe you just need some help yourself. Well...You\ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to promoting the Exchange of


    Truesdell Surname Resource Center
    Description: This Resource Center is for researchers Truesdell (and variants) surname. Site Features: Truesdell Websites; Queries; Biographies; and Obituaries. Surname variants covered: Treusdel, Treusdell, Trowsdale, Truesdail, Truesdale, Truesdel, Truesdell, Trusdale and Trusdell.

    Surnames: Treusdel, Treusdell, Trowsdale, Truesdail, Truesdale, Truesdel, Truesdell, Trusdale, Trusdell


    Ussery/Usrey/Usry/Essary and Affiliated Families
    Description: The Ussery Website is a repository of different spellings of this surname. Visitors can research not only the information on Ussery families, but study census, death, birth records, wills, probates, etc.

    Surnames: Essary, Ussery, Ussary, Usry, Usery, Ursery


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