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McCoy:----Rachel McCoy born abt 1825 in Ind/Ky. Died abt 1854 in Ill. Her father Samuel McCoy born abt 1790 in Virg. McVEY:----Clarence McVey born 1908 Mt Pulaski, Logan Co, Ill, John William McVey born 30 Apr 1873, in Ninatic, Macon Co, Ill, Levi McVey born 1840 Ind. Need to find my g-gfather's parents and where they came from. HOY:----Lewis J Hoy born 4 July 1838 Orwigsburg, Schuykill,PA, His father, William Hoy, PA? SALISBURY:----James Daniel Salisbury born 20 Aug 1817 Argusville, Schoharie Co., NY BALDWIN:----Rachel Baldwin born 14 Feb 1851 in Bolivia, Christain Co, Ill, William Baldwin born 5 Dec 1820 Lawrence Co, Indiana. His father born in NC. SANDS:----Lydia Bell Sands born 19 Feb 1872 in Lindley, Steuben Co, NY, her father, Frederick Stid Sands born 30 Jan 1845, Warren, Warren Co. PA, his father, Caleb S Sands born about 1808 in NY. He died 14 Dec 1855 Warren, PA. KLINE:----Lousia Kline born 15 May 1815 in Germany.
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