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ross beardsell
Description: I want to find out about a painting I have by A Durieux. Oil on canvas.signed lower LHS . Dutch water scene.Never framed. Punts, windmills. Looks quite old. Purchased in Australia. Size approx 75cmX45cm

Surnames: Durieux

Lyn John
Description: all Marquand in Channel Islands

Surnames: Marquand, Le Messurier

Jan Godfrey
Description: My Elizabeth Maglathery was married to a Thomas
Greer in Belfast, and had about 5 sons and one daughter. She was born in 1790 and died in
NSW in 1891 aged 101 yrs.Her Husband was a
convict who was transported to NSW in 1831Elizabeth came out in 1842 with most family.

Surnames: I do not know her parents names but I think I
have her brothers names.
I have come across more McGlathery names in
Mt Morgans buriels book(central Qld) near Rockhampton. What else do you want to know?

Bill Martin
Description: Susanna Ourie, b. ca. 1775, possibly in or near southeastern Pennsylvania, married ca. 1797 to John Martin. John was born ca 1774 in "Little York" county, Pennsylvania. Susanna died ca. 1818-1819 in Pennsylvania or Belmont Co., OH.
Susanna's and John's children were:
Samuel, b. 1799, PA; m. Susanna Worley
Margaret, b. ca 1801, PA; m. John Morrison
Susanna, b. 1804, PA; m. Thomas S. Dillehay
Rachel, b. ca. 1806, PA; m. Reason Burdett
Angeline (Anne), b. ca. 1813, PA; m. Benjamin Dillehay
Joseph, b. ca 1812, PA; m. Louisa Moland
Jacob, b. ca 1817, PA; m. Jane LeFever
Two other children of unknown gender were born 1797-1820.

Surnames: Ourie, Martin, Burdett, Dillehay, LeFever, Moland, Morrison, Worley

Description: I am researching MacKinlay from anie , Callander Perthshire, Stewart, of Balquhidder, Ardvorlich, Annet, Callander, Kilmadock, & Glenfinglas;; Buchanan in Trean of Leny, by Callander

Surnames: Anderson, Barclay, Blair,Balfour, Bryce, Buchanan, Campbell, Cameron, Carmichael, Cater, Christie, Clark, Colquhon, Comrie, Cornelius, Corson, Dewar, Doig, Dow, Drummond, Eadie, Falconer, Ferguson, Forbes, Gage, Gibson, Gillespie, Gow, Graham, Grainger, Gray, Henderson, Hughes, Hutton, Innes, Johnson, King, Laurie, Leckie, Lock, McDonald, McLaren, McNee, McNie, Maxwell, McAllister, McAree, McArthur, McBeath, McCall, McCaul, McColl, McDiarmid, McEwen, McFarlan/e, McGregor, McInnes, McIntyre, McKerracher, McKinlay/ey, McLachlan, Mc Lean, McNab, McNaughtan, McNiven, McRuer, McVean, McVey, Moir, Morison, Murdoch, Paterson, Robertson, Sharp, Smelly & Var, Stewart, Stirling, Strang, Donaldson, Whitehead

Description: I am researchinr the ancestors and descendants of John Buchanan, born 10th March 1680 in Offerance by Lenny, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland, all Buchanan,s in Trean of Lenny are related, also the Stewart's of Annat, Ardvorlich and Glen Finglas

Surnames: RESEARCHING: Anderson, Barclay, Blair, Bryce, Buchanan, Campbell, Cameron, Carmichael,
Christie, Clark, Colquhon, Comrie, Dewar, Doig, Dow, Drummond, Eadie, Falconer, Ferguson,
Forbes, Gow, Gray, Hutton, Innes, Johns(t)on, King, Laurie, Maxwell, McAllister, McAree,
McArthur, McBeath, McCall, McDiarmid, McDonald, McEwan, McFarlan(e), McGregor, McInnes,
McIntyre, McKerracher, McKinlay, McLachlan, McLaren, McLean, McNab(b), McNie, McNee,
McNaughton, McNiven, McRuer, McVean, Moir, Morison, Murdoch, Patterson, Robertson, Sharp,
Smiley +Var, Stewart of Callander, Glenfinglas + Ardvorlich, Stirling, Strang & Whitehead

Fritz Fourie
Description: South Africa

Surnames: Fourie, Pelser, Lombard, Boshoff

Samantha Silverthorne
Description: http://www.bartyfamily.com

Surnames: Barty, Bartie, Butchart, Dean, Dobson, Bevan, Stewart, McRitchie, Harley, Douglas, Durie, Brough.

Lorraine Heinjus
Description: Information on the 3 brothers who came to SA from Prussia.

Surnames: HEINJUS Johann Carl Friedrich
Born Gadenbusch Prussia, 1810
Married Johanna Fredericke Egert
Died 4/11/1886 - Buried Rosedale St. Martins.

HEINJUS Johanna Fredericke (Egert)
Born 1816
Died 12/1/1925


HEINJ2US Johann Christian

Born 21/2/1859 Rosedale
Married Anna Maria Martha HECKENDORF
Rosedale St. Martins, 1885
Died Rosedale 14/3/1927

Believed to be a brother of Heinrich Julius and father of Henry George born 12/6/1840

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