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    Auger Surname Family Center
    Description: This WWW site was created to help all those searching the surname auger and various spellings such as: Augur, Aunger, Audger, Augier, Augar, Anger, Angier, Odger(s), etc. Site features: Purpose ; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Submit or View Queries; Biographies; Submit or View Obituaries; Bible Records; View Wills; Previous Queries, Surnames, Researchers; Online Database; Download the Gedcom; Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit Auger Information; How to help; Vital Record Exchange; Database Lookup

    Surnames: Aunger, Augur, Augier, Auger, Augar, Audger, Angier, Anger, Odgers, Odger


    Birkholz Family History Search
    Description: If you would like to join BFHS, all you have to do is send the information you have on your Birkholz ancestors.

    Surnames: Burkholz, Burkholtz, Birkholz, Birkholtz, Birkholt, Berkholz, Berkholtz, Barkholz, Barkholtz


    Bonjour Family Genealogy
    Description: This Page is about the genealogy of the Bonjour families of the world, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the USA (so far). It will contain various information and pointers for Bonjour and related or allied families including genealogy charts, family history, stories, backgrounds, etc.

    Surnames: Bonjour


    Border Clan Turnbull Genealogy Resource
    Description: Welcome to the Turnbull Email Family and the Border Clan Turnbull Genealogy Resource. The site within contains our history and we welcome you !!! Site features: General Turnbull History - Our Tartans, Pics And Maps; Turnbull Library - Marriage Records, Canadian Records, Death Records, Turnbull Wills, Baptism Records, Trimble/Trumble Resources, Misc Records & Resources, Turnbull Clan Lineage, Bulls Of War, Vol. 1 Turnbull Database; Information And Various - Faqs And Info On Turnbull Groups, Turnbull Hall of Fame, Turnbull's On the Web , Suggested WebRings, Turnbull Family Banner, Turnbull Email, Family Message Board

    Surnames: Turnbull


    Bower Family Homestead
    Description: If you descend from the Bower[s] / Bauer[s] surnames, or one of the many spelling variations, we probably have something inside for you. To you we say, welcome home! . . .We\ve been waiting for you to find us! Inside here, you\ll come to the individual rooms that made up the house, each one with something different to offer: Bower surname spelling variants; Surname Definitions; Surname History; family traditions; place names throughout the world; Sources of Bower data; Immigrations around the world; Vital records; Probate records; Obituaries; Census records; Military records; Biographies and personals; Queries, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards; Links to other sites researching the Bower surname.

    Surnames: Byers, Byars, Bure, Buher, Buer, Brower, Brouwer, Brouer, Brauwer, Brauer, Boyer, Boyen, Bowyer, Bowun, Bowrs, Bowor, Bowon, Bown, Bowker, Bowing, Bowin, Bowier, Bowher, Bowes, Bowersy, Bowersox, Bowersmith, Bowerse, Bowers, Bowerman, Bowering, Bower, Bowars, Bowan, Bouyer, Bouwers, Bouwerr, Bouwer, Bouweer, Bourne, Boures, Boure, Boura, Bour, Bouher, Boughers, Bougher, Bouer, Bors, Borr, Bore, Borah, Bor, Boorer, Boore, Boor, Booher, Boing, Boin, Bohrer, Boher, Bohan, Boere, Boer, Boem, Boar, Bawier, Bawer, Bauren, Baure, Baur, Bauhers, Bauher, Baughers, Baugher, Bauers, Bauer, Dower, Pur, Powers, Power, Van Buuren, Vanburen


    Burns and Burnes Genealogy Data
    Description: Welcome to the BURNS and BURNES Genealogy Data website. This website is dedicated to the study of the Burnes, Burns, Byrne, and Byrnes surname and its variants. This website was created for the purpose of sharing - tracking - documenting as much Burns/Burne information as we can, locating and getting to know new cousins and the best part...just having fun doing BURNS and BURNES Genealogy. Site features: Discussions; Mail Lists; Website Links; Places; Publications; Researchers; Archives; Queries; Reports and Databases; Reunions; Photo Gallery; Migration Patterns.

    Surnames: Byrnes, Byrne, Burns, Burnes


    Burtcher Resource Center
    Description: Genealogy; Early VA Immigrants; Obituaries; Census records; Marriages; Mo Ill; Bible records; Charles Parish York County Virginia History and Registers; Misc. Burtcher/Butcher's; 1787 Va Census; Ma Records; PA Newspaper articles; Burtcher and Butcher Soundex Listings; Military Records; Wills, Inv. & Such; Christmas of Old in Linn, Mo; Burtcher Brother's Story (The Boots Story Links to helpful sites; Pictures; Land Grants and Records; For a Smile!; ~~In memory of our Burtcher Angels; Burtcher GenConnect Boards: Queries~ ~Bio's~ ~Deeds~ ~Obits~ ~Pensions~ ~Wills~; etc. Site covers: Bucher, Burcher, Burtcher, Burtscher, and Butcher spellings.

    Surnames: Bucher, Burcher, Burtcher, Burtscher, Butcher


    Curtis-Curtiss Genealogy
    Description: This site is 1)dedicated to the genealogy all persons with the surname Curtis - Curtiss - Curtice and their descendents. 2)Dedicated to Nazeing England, the homeland of many Curtises who came to America in the 1600's. 3) The home pages of the Curtis/CurtisCurtice

    Surnames: Curtoys, Curtiz, Curtius, Curtiss, Curtis, Curties, Curtice


    Forlong Surname Resource Center
    Description: This page is meant to gather information about the surnames FORLONG and FORLONGE, with variants such as De Forlonge and FURLONG. I have much information about over 1000 descendants of Forlonges or Forlongs who lived in Scotland in the 18th Century.

    Surnames: Forlong, Forlonge, De Forlonge, Furlong


    Goughnour Family Center
    Description: A resource center for the Goughnour surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Goughnour or variant researcher.

    Surnames: Coughenour, Coughenor, Coughanour, Cokenhower, Cochenour, Cocghnower, Cocanower, Cocanour, Cocanougher, Cocannour, Cocannouer, Goughnour, Gouchnour, Gochnour, Gochnauer, Gochenour, Gochenouer, Gochenauwer, Gochenauer, Gochanauwer, Gachenower, Gaachenauwer, Kokanour


    Gourlay Family Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; RootsWeb Gourley Resources; Surname Researchers; Submit your information; How to help; Gourlay Family Links

    Surnames: Gourlay


    Gourley Family History
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; RootsWeb Gourley Resources; Surname Researchers; Submit your information; How to help; Gourley Family Links

    Surnames: Gourley


    Hackbarth Surname Resource Center
    Description: Researchers and their lines, Message board, Unidentified Hackbarths, Hackbarth reunions, How to contribute to the center, Hackbarth family histories, Home pages of Hackbarth researchers, Hackbarth Obits.

    Surnames: Hackbart, Hackbarth, Hackbeck, Hackbird, Hackburt, Hockburt


    Jernigan Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: This site is for researchers of all spellings of the Jernigan name. Information Exchange; Inquiries; Jernigan Updates & Reunions; Genealogy Links; Notes From the Editor's Desk; Archives; Bookshelf; Photos; Researcher Homepage Index; Wars; Newsletter; etc. Variations include: Jarnagan, Jarnegan, Jannikin, Janagen, Jernagan, Jonikan, Johnikin, Jonikin, Journagan, Jernegan, Jermegan, Jonerkin, Jernican, Jurnigan, Gernigan, Jerningham, Jarningham, etc.

    Surnames: Jurnigan, Journagan, Jonikin, Jonikan, Jonerkin, Johnikin, Jerningham, Jernigan, Jernican, Jernegan, Jernagan, Jermegan, Jarningham, Jarnegan, Jarnagan, Jannikin, Janagen


    Murnanes of Tipperary Cork and Limerick
    Description: Murnane Bulletin Board; Murnane Research Library; What about that name, and how do you spell it?; Murnane Coat of Arms; Family Health Concerns; Where are we from, and where are we now; Murnane Clan Photo PageMurnane Clan Photo Page; Ireland and Tipperary Links; Other Family Connections; Murnane Guest House In Tipperary

    Surnames: Murnane


    National Boring Family Database
    Description: These pages are dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of the of the ENTIRE BORING Family, wherever the Origination. Site features: First Time Users Information; Surname List & Family Group Sheets - Over 16000 Individuals and over 5700 Family Group Sheets; Generation Genealogy Report; Boring Families of Indiana Co. & Cambria Co., Pennsylvania- East Tennessee - Maryland; Books on the Boring Family; Wills; Miscellaneous; Photos; Researchers List; Other Boring/Boren Home Pages; Queries & Discussion; etc. Variants include: Boaring, Boran, Boreing, Boren, Borin, Boring, Borring, Bourin, Bouring, and Bowring.

    Surnames: Bowring, Bouring, Bourin, Borring, Boring, Borin, Boren, Boreing, Boran, Boaring


    Ogbourne Chronicles
    Description: Origins in England; The Villages; The Bailiwick; Settlers in America; In Court; At War; Family Trees; Wills; African Americans; Roll of Honour; What's new; Researchers; Related Info.; Search O.Chronicles; Comments; Visitors Book

    Surnames: Okebourne, Ogburn, Ogbourne, Ogborne, Ogborn, Ocheburne


    O\Rourke Family Genealogy and History
    Description: The O\Rourke Genealogy pages provide a central site for connecting researchers of the O\Ruairc Clan, including the families of O\Roarke, O\Rorke, O\Rourk, O\Rourke, Roark, Roarke, Rorke, Rourk, Rourke, Ruark, etc. The goal of this non-profit site is to publish queries, research aids, history, source records, genealogy, folklore, and other heritage on the ancient and royal Clan of ? Ruairc. You are invited to join with us.

    Surnames: O\Ruairc, Orourke, O\Rourk, Ororke, O\Roarke, Ruark, Rourke, Rourk, Rorke, Roarke, Roark


    Purchase Family Genealogies
    Description: This site is for anyone researching the Purchase surname or one of its many variations. It is the result of a continuing one-name study into the origins of the surname, and those that are and have been proud to be associated with it. It is part of the Purchase Family Genealogies Collaboration Project, which aims to unite family historians from around the world to share information and resources associated with the families. Our quest is to publish all of the information that we can find about the surname. Site features: A Brief History; The Purchase Arms; Search the Database; Index to Resources; Researchers Interests; Genealogical Tool Kit; Guest Book; Links; Awards and Recognition; Site Search.

    Surnames: Purkiss, Purkis, Purches, Purchase, Purchas


    Shellenberger Researcher's Homepage
    Description: This page provides information about Shellenbergers, Schallenbergers prior to 1900. There is information about the origin of the surname, links to other sites, online records, and queries (more coming soon).

    Surnames: Schallenberger, Schellenberg, Schellenberge, Schollenbarger, Schulenberg, Schulenburg, Schullenberg, Shallenbarger, Shelenberger, Shellabarger, Shellenbarger, Shellenberger, Shollenbarger, Shollenberger, Shulenberger, Solenberger, Sollenberger


    Spurlock Family Association
    Description: Welcome to the Spurlock Family Association Home Page. This page provides a quick link for your one-stop Spurlock resources. Guestbook; Name Index; Queries; Spurlock Genealogy Home Pages; Spurlock-specific Genealogy Research Links; Other Links.

    Surnames: Spurlock


    Standerfer, etc. Research Site
    Description: Standerfer, etc. Research Site

    Surnames: Standord, Standiford, Standifer, Standforth, Standerford, Standerfer, Standefer, Sanford, Sandifer, Sandefur


    Stansbury Family History
    Description: Our purpose is to collect all information pertaining to the Stansbury, and the bearers of the Stansbury that might in some way facilitate research of this Stansbury. You will find: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name ; RootsWeb Stansbury Resources; Surname Researchers; Family Links; Records & Documents; and Submit your information.

    Surnames: Stansbury


    Surname Resource Center for the Sherrill-Sherrell Families
    Description: I am creating this community so all of us researching Sherrill, Sherrell and spelling variants can pool our information, documents, photos, etc. By doing this, maybe we can add something that someone else can use and in return maybe we will find something we need pertaining to our line. Site features: Purpose; Meanings and Origin of the Name; On-Line Database; Researchers List; Home Page Links; Genealogy Links; Records - Bible, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pension, Photos, Wills; Message Board; Queries; Books; Netiquette; Feedback.

    Surnames: Sarle, Scheriell, Scherrell, Schrill, Schrrell, Serel, Serrell, Sharil, Sharrle, Shearil, Shearl, Shearoll, Sheral, Sherald, Sheralds, Sherel, Sheriall, Sheriel, Sheriell, Sherill, Sherills, Sherl, Sherold, Sherolds, Sherral, Sherrald, Sherrall, Sherreel, Sherrele, Sherrell, Sherrelle, Sherriell, Sherrielle, Sherril, Sherrile, Sherrill, Sherrille, Sherrol, Sherrold, Sherryl, Sherwill, Sheryl, Shirel, Shirl, Shirrel, Shirrell, Shirrels, Shirril, Shirrill, Shirrwell, Shlirell, Shrall, Shreile, Shurl, Shurrell, Shuryl


    Tewksbury Tracings
    Description: A gathering place for researchers, research, queries, records, photos and other documents pertaining to the Tewksbury, Tuxbury, Tewkesbury surname and variants.

    Surnames: Tuxbury, Tucksbury, Tewksbury, Tewkesbury


    The Furr Surname
    Description: The First Furrs--Virginia; Our Story--North Carolina; Furr Descendants in Virginia, North Carolina, New York; Ancestors of Heinrich Furrer; Furr Surname Researchers; Furr Monument; Furr Phone Listings Summary; The Furrow Connection; The Fuhr Connection; Furrs of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Union & Confederate Civil War, Vietnam; Furr Family Reunions; William Frazier Furr (1921-1945 Help Identify Furrs; Furrs on the Web; Furr Place Names; Literary Furrs; Furr Street Names; Census Records; Dr. Furr's Soda; Bulletin Boards & Queries; Family Photos; ; American Indian Furrs.

    Surnames: Furr, Furrer, Furrow


    The Harley Surname Website
    Description: The primary purpose of this web site is to provide a place where those of us researching the Surname HARLEY may find a common ground on which to share Family History and Genealogy, to help one another in our attempts to link to the past. I have searched many sites and have found so few actively researching this family name. Perhaps by having a place to meet, we will be able to make inroads into connecting our common lines. Site features: The Harley Name; A Harley Album; Archives / Records; Database; Harley GEDCOM; Histories; Genealogy Links; Queries; and Researchers. Variants include: Harle, Harlee, Harleigh, Harley, Herli, and Hurley. [Site is best viewed with Internet Explorer]

    Surnames: Hurley, Herli, Harley, Harleigh, Harlee, Harle


    The Hurst Page
    Description: I envision this page as a repository of information about Hursts worldwide where those researching our name can visit and perhaps find that vital link in their family tree. Site contains: Hurst Data Bases; Missing Links;

    Surnames: Hurst


    The Kuhring Family's Homepage
    Description: The Kuhring Family's Homepage

    Surnames: Churing, Kuring, Kuhring, Kuhrick


    The La Tourette Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: Extensive Resource Links; Message Boards; La Tourette Researchers; La Tourette Web site links; etc.

    Surnames: Latourette


    The Mabry Family
    Description: Welcome to the Mabry page;

    Surnames: Mybury, Mowbray, Mowbery, Moubray, Meaprey, Meabry, Meabrey, Meaberry, Maysberry, Maybury, Mayburry, Mayburey, Maybry, Maybrey, Maybre, Maybray, Maybowrie, Maybory, Mayborey, Mayberye, Maybery, Mayberry, Mayberrey, Maybary, Maybarry, Mawbury, Marbury, Marburry, Marburie, Marbray, Marberry, Maibry, Maiberry, Mabury, Maburry, Maburey, Maburery, Maburay, Mabry, Mabroy, Mabrie, Mabrey, Mabrery, Mabree, Mabre, Mabray, Mabra, Mabory, Mabore, Mabiroy, Mabire, Mabiray, Mabery, Maberry, Maberey, Maberay, Mabera, Mabbery, Mabberry, Mabary, Mabarry


    The Mohr Moore Maurer Melting Pot
    Description: Queries, spouse index, research & resources, also the home of the Mohr One-Name Study. All welcome.

    Surnames: Moore, Mohr, Maurer


    The Pasteur Galaxy / La Galaxie des Pasteur
    Description: What is the origin of the Pasteur family name? Where do the Pasteurs come from? What are the original family branches? How many Pasteur are there today? Where do they live? Find out the origins of the Pasteurs in France, Switzerland and America. Discover the ancestors of Louis Pasteur the scientist and the blood ties of Jacob Pasteur the Executioner. Trace your roots in the ever growing online genealogical database on the Pasteurs. Share with other researchers the information you may have regarding the Pasteur surname and its variations (Pfarrer, Pfister, etc.) in every place, at every time. Help us to make this bilingual site the reference site on the Pasteur surname. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Quelle est l\origine du nom de famille Pasteur? D\ou viennent les Pasteur ? Quelles sont les branches familiales d\origine ? Combien de Pasteur sommes-nous aujourd\hui? Ou vivons-nous ? Decouvrez l\histoire des familles Pasteur en France, en Suisse et en Amerique. Celle de Louis Pasteur le savant ou de Jacob Pasteur le bourreau. Retrouvez vos ancetres dans la base de donnees genealogique sur les Pasteur, accessible en ligne et constamment mis a jour. Partagez avec d\autres chercheurs les informations que vous avez sur le patronyme Pasteur et ses dOlivier Pasteur

    Surnames: Pfarrer, Pasteur


    The Rintoul Homestead
    Description: This web site is devoted to the thousand or so people around the world who bear the somewhat rare surname

    Surnames: information and research resources regarding our name and family can be hard to find. Anyone with interesting Rintoul information of any kind (genealogy


    The Spruill's Genealogy Resource Pages
    Description: My goal is to bring together all researchers who are following the Spruill (and many variant names), family lines for the exchange of information. Different Family Lines; Message Boards; Forums; Mailing Lists; Guestbook; History; Books; Research Links; Family Web Pages, etc.

    Surnames: Spurrell, Sprules, Spruill, Spruiell, Sproule, Sproul, Spreuill


    The Turkel Tribe
    Description: This website is devoted to the family name Turkel. In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century the surname Turkel was written with u umlaut i.e. two dots over the u. The pronaunciation is something between ooh and eh, i.e. Tuerkel. Is is ocasTirkel

    Surnames: Turkle, Turkel, Tirkell, Tirkel


    The Wilburn Website
    Description: This page is my way of helping others who are searching for their Wilburn ancestors to find some of the many resources that I have uncovered on the web. It may take time, but eventually, I want this page to be the most comprehensive source of information Welborn

    Surnames: Wilburn, Wilbourn, Wilborn, Welburn, Welbourn, Welborn


    THURMAN's QUEST - On-Line Surname Repository
    Description: Newsletter; Obituary; Cemeteries; The Thurman Crest; Thurman/Thurmond Locations In The Us; Online Databases; War Listings;

    Surnames: Thoroman, Thurman


    Toney Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Are you Researching the

    Surnames: know of links to Toney information or other Toney related documents? Maybe you just need some help yourself. Well...You\ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to promoting the Exchange of


    Turley Central
    Description: Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of Turley Research on the web. Thanks to all the Turley Researchers that have contributed to this collection.

    Surnames: Turley


    Ussery/Usrey/Usry/Essary and Affiliated Families
    Description: The Ussery Website is a repository of different spellings of this surname. Visitors can research not only the information on Ussery families, but study census, death, birth records, wills, probates, etc.

    Surnames: Essary, Ussery, Ussary, Usry, Usery, Ursery


    Vredenburg Genealogy Database
    Description: Biographies, Bible Records, and Descendancy Charts; Revolutionary War Veterans; Other Vredenburgh Homepages; The Vredenburgh Searcher; Vredenburghs Around the World

    Surnames: Fredenburgh, Fredenburg, Vredingburgh, Vredenburgh, Vredenburg, Vradenburg


    Wilbourne SRC
    Description: Wilbourne, Wilbourn, Welborn, etc. Wilbourne Researchers; Purpose of this Site; Archives - Census, Social Security, other Records Genealogy Links; Queries Send me comments.

    Surnames: Wilbourne


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