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Origin of Upp

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Origin of Upp, Meaning of Upp

Origin: Believed to be Old French (who came across to England in 13th Century). Cop - meaning high or top; Page - being page in the court. Alternatively: Cop from cup, and page giving the page who served the wine.
Surnames: Coppage, Cuppage
Submitted by: Coppage
Origin of Upp, Meaning of Upp

Origin: Tupper, british surname, mainly from the island of Guernsey, was originally German as 'T?epper'. They came to England about 1550 fleeing from religion persecution by the Roman Catholics. They setteled mainly in Guernsey and Sussex. The name exists also in France as 'Toupard
Surnames: T?epper, Toupard, Tupper
Submitted by: Jorge Bianchi
Origin of Upp, Meaning of Upp

Origin: Is an English surname based on two words, 'Gup' and 'Ton.' Old English surnames often stated that someone was 'of' a place. Gup is derived from Guppy which was old English for GOPHEYE which is located in Dorset. Ton is generally means of a village, town or estate. Hense of the town of Gopheye or Guppy, shortened to Gupton.
Surnames: Gubby, Guppy
Submitted by: Stuart E. Gupton
Origin of Upp, Meaning of Upp

Origin: Germany
Surnames: Strupp
Submitted by: Devin

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