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Jim Lakatos
Description: Have isolated my DIRECT ancestor Lakatoses in Doboruska(Old Hungary), Ruska/Ruske,Slovakia
but also many more Lakatoses also lived there in the 1800s. Have identified another researcher with family in this same area with some Lakatos ancestors, plus Hasak, Karoly, Mijo, Reso, Filip,
Majoros and Fulajtar.

Surnames: Relevant in the Doboruska(Ruska), Vel Kapusany
Slovakia area: Lakatos, Fuksz, Fulajtar, Hondas
Hasak, Fenizek, Gulyas, Lukacs, Mitzo, Beres, Orosz, and might be more. Most of these names are common in Hungary, so if not this specific area of the old Ung megye or Zemplen megye probably not relevant

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