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Origin of Ung

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Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Seeking genealogy connection to FRIEDRICH CARL HORNUNG born about 1798 possibly in Germany or Switzerland, married Apr 5, 1835 in St John's Evangelical Church, Buffalo, NY to Katerina Hauenstein. Sons of this marriage were Johann born about May 1831, and John born May 3, 1839 in Buffalo ?, NY. My great grandmother was a daughter to that marriage and named Anna Maria (Mary Anna) Hornung born Oct 14, 1840 in Buffalo. Please reply to Doc, Donald E. Wuerz at dncwuerz@aol.com
Surnames: HORNUNG
Submitted by: Donald E. 'Doc' Wuerz
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: william thomas young from tenn. married to nannie add boswell from ga. they had 5 children one being roxie young who was married to john robert (j. r.) young (they married in lamar co. tx. one of their children was my grandmother lallie viola wright lane. she was married to willie p. lane of lamar co. tx if you have any info please let me know
Surnames: young
Submitted by: starla garcia
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Searching for John Y. Young,bn.July 1851 Died in Florida 1955.I think he came from N.C. but really dont know.Married Cathrine Hart,Elizabeth lizzie Welch or Tyson,and Wille ?. Any info much appreciated.Will share what little I have.
Surnames: Young
Submitted by: Shirley Young
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: My great grandfather is a LUNG. He lived in Pommern or Eastprussia and was a landowner. His oldest dauhter Emilie Lung was born 22.11.1888 in Kauen/Lithovian. She had five younger brothers: Sigismund Lung, Viktor Lung, Oskar Lung, Hugo Lung and Julius Lung. Some of them leaved Germany after the 2nd World War. They lived in America. Her mother Auguste Lung married as sweet 16 girl. She died after the 2nd World War in Gemany, near L?neburg.
Surnames: Lung
Submitted by: Claudia Buntrock
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Alley of Nuns
Surnames: Nungesser
Submitted by:
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Joseph Calvin Young, born 03/1818 in SC, married Rachel Matilda Davis in GA, Dec, 1851, died in Henderson County, TX 06/12/1883. If anyone has any information on his ancestry, please write me.
Surnames: Young, Scroggins, Chappell, Davis
Submitted by: Kem Barlow
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: McClung
Scottish origin means son of ship; seaman
Surnames: McClung, McCluny, McLung, McLunguah
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: According to info I found the name Guthrie,(22 diff. spellings) goes back to the ancient Irish name O'Lahiff. The Scots did come from Ireland & the two were one people around one thousand years ago. The Scots & Picts merged also. Guthrie does mean 'a high windy place'. Highlands!
Surnames: Guthrie-Young-Mullinix-Holt-Cowley-Southern
Submitted by: Dean L. Guthery
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: According to Herr Professor Doktor Paul Cascorbi, in "Die deutschen Familiennamen geschichtlich, geographisch, sprachlich," Halle, Buchhandlung des Waisenshauses, copyright 1925, page 234, the etymology of the word and name comes from an occupation and has roots to at least 1350--to what is known as Middle High German in the latter part of the Dark Ages. It comes from "Jung Herr"--the young man apprenticed to serve a knight.
The name is spelled starting with a "J." It is Junker, sometimes Juncker closer to northeast France (sometimes referred to as aligned with Nassau-Saarwerden). The name derives from an occupation--squire--which in German is "der Junker." Closer to Alsace and Lorraine the German-French mix was "Juncherre" accounting for the "c" in the middle for families near there.
Word of caution: Junker was an occupational name. Men near each other or far from each other with the Junker name may not always be related--just like Millers or Smiths. Very precise cross-comparisons and proofs will be necessary. Coincidental names or coincidental dates will not be enough to lead a genealogist down a trail. Locations will be crucial--as will church records, baptismal records, intermarriages, family associations, land deeds, tax records, Rev. War oaths, Rev. War records and so forth and so on.
Surnames: Jungkurth
Submitted by: Michael Jungkurth
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: It is a German/Swiss word that means "The Origin" or "The Beginning". One variation in translation is " The upspring". There are many variations of the name "Ursprung", and it appears that each one has a slightly different translation, according to its place of origin.
Surnames: Ursprung
Submitted by: ccsass
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Youngblood
Surnames: Youngblood
Submitted by:
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Youngblood has been thought to be originated from two different locations. Many believe that it is an English surname. But the two orgins are Native American's, mainly the Florida Seminoles and South Carolina Creeks. And surprisingly enough German. Originally pronounced Yunghbluth change in the first German migration to the Colonies in the early 1800's.
Surnames: Youngblood
Submitted by: Jacob Youngblood
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: good things
Surnames: birungi
Submitted by: birungi
Origin of Ung, Meaning of Ung

Origin: Wanyonyi is a seasonal name given to children (boys) in parts of Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda born during the planting season. It is a widely used name among the Bukusu sub-tribe of the wider Luhya community. Among the famous people named Wanyonyi is International Evangelist and Christian Scholar Sammy Wanyonyi of Minnesota, USA, a young and robust, globe trodding communicator.
Surnames: Werunga
Submitted by: Simon

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