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Origin of Unch

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Origin of Unch, Meaning of Unch

Origin: Looking for Punchards worldwide. I have a fairly large database, including IGI, UK civil registrations, UK 1881 Census, Devon 1851 and 1881 Census, and numerous family trees sent to me by people all over the world. Let me put you in contact with cousins you never knew you had!
Surnames: Punchard
Submitted by: Beverley Davies (Punchard)
Origin of Unch, Meaning of Unch

Origin: Looking for Puncher worldwide. Puncher is most often found as a variant of Punchard and I have an ever increasing database of Puncher information. Please contact me if you would like to share information.
Surnames: Puncher
Submitted by: Beverley Davies (Punchard)
Origin of Unch, Meaning of Unch

Origin: Essex, UK 1600-1800
Surnames: Bunch
Submitted by: Thomas Peeke
Origin of Unch, Meaning of Unch

Origin: The history of our line in the Branch Family does show a Norman origing, the first mention of the name in written history so far as known occurs in the chronicle of John Brompton, the year of 1118 in a list wherein he enumerates "Les nons de grautz dela la mer, Qe vindrent od le conguerour, William Bastard de graunt vigours," In other workd the names of the great men who crossed the sea with William the Vigorous. Brompton gives but the surnames among them as "Braunz el Columber." The spelling of the names here is none to accurate. Many lists have been perserved to our time in the archives of many churches decorated with the title "The Book of the Conquerors," and such lists from various chaters and so now in the Battle Abbey the name is invariable spelled as Braunch. The surname of the Branch family is thus traced to the 11th century, but legend claims for the Braches a far greater antiquity, and attempts to identify with the Licinian family of old Rome.

Legend claims the Licinian family adopted the green brach as its insignia and from this same emblem its descendants have always taken their surname thus in France - Branche; in Spain and Italy -- Branca; in Normandy - Braunche; and presently in England - Branch.

Caius Licinius Stolo who in 367 B. C. as tribune, proposed the Licinian Laws. The laws brought a peaceful end to the stuggle between the patricians and the plebeians. Licinius was consul in 364-361 B.C. and afterwards was fined for possessing more public land than his own laws allowed.

Flavius Valerius Licinius, Roman Emperor (308-324) was made Augustus. The arms of the Branch family as its descendants bear them today are: Argent, A lion Rampant Glaes Armed Azure, oppressed with a bent sable. Crest: out of a ducal coronet or a cock's head azure combed gules, in its beak the green branch of the Licinian family. The arms has no motto. These arms were assumed in the latter half of the twelve century by the descendants of the Braunche, who, with William the Conqueror ivaded and overcame England in 1066.

There are two Heads of the Branch family living in America prior to 1640. John, son of Peter Branch on Branch Island some ten miles north of Plymouth Rock and Christopher, son of Lionel Branch who settled in Jamestown, Virginia.
Surnames: Branch, Braunche, Branche
Submitted by: Linda Sue Hollenbeck (Branch)

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