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My Forest of Family Trees
Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Wencelas Baxa Book: Sheppard Family Tree My Forest of Family Trees : Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Robert J Bates surname list
Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland
William Baskin Sr. French & Indian War (1700-1770)my 5th great- grandfather. Hugh Baskin American Revolution (1743-1797) my 4th great-grandfather. Robert McKinley Baskin War of 1812 (1790-1871) my 3rd great-grandfather. William Carrol Baskin Sr. Civil War (1829-1906) my 2nd great-grandfather. Robert Peyton Baskin World War I (1895-1964) my grandfather's older brother. InterneTree: Benjamin C Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bailey Williams Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Great Forester Anacker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hugh Graham Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bannister Harper Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland: Surname List
Bandt Caves
InterneTree: Gayle Lynn Bandt Report: Marriage Report Bandt Caves: Surname List
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families: Surname List
Mark Wayne Ball of Harlan, KY
Mark's Tree
Loren & Barbara (Sipe) Balcom of Franklinville NY
Amos J Sipe(4/10/1846) & Cabella (H) Sipe(7/1847 John H Sipe (11/24/1870) & Ella Sipe 3/31/1877 Married 11/9/1893 Lenn T Sipe 9/6/1896 & Minnie (Starr) Sipe (9/22/1901) Any information on Wilber B Starr 8/13/1869 & Annabell(Martin)Starr 6/16/1875 Married 4/1/1896 their children Milford Starr (9/10/1899)Birth (11/23/1946)died Minnie A Starr (9/22/1901) (2/12/1989) Nettie E Starr (4/2/1905) (4/2/1957) Wlbur R Starr (2/24/1912) (12/28/1954) Albert J. Starr (8/27/1915)
Marcus Baker's genealogy list of Bakers from SC, AL, and MS
Marcus H Baker - InterneTree
Jacob Keller Family History
Janet Baker SURNAME LIST Jacob Keller Family History: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts
James Bain and his wife Elizabeth Doherty, born in North Carolina in 1799 and 1800 repectively. They were the parents of Martha, John, Harvey, Adeline, Lee and Nancy. My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts: Surname List
The Bailey Family
My great grandfather was Ranel or Randall Bailey. He was born about 1848 and died about 1944. InterneTree: Clintine E Bailey The Bailey Family: Surname List
The Baggs Family (in the Midwest)
K. BAGGS surname list
The Alvin Baccus Family Home Page
BACCUS(BACHUS) family from Chowan and Perquimans Counties of Eastern North Carolina. John Thomas Baccus born abt. 1816 in Chowan Co., died 1863 in a Confederate Hosp in Danville, Va. He was married to Prudence Elizabeth Bunch and was the father of John Thomas, Mary, Martha,Dorsey,James,Humphrey and Sarah.
Ashworth's in Louisiana
James Ashworth (1750-1800)wife unknown their son, James J. Ashworth and wife Keziah Dyal had son Moses Ashworth. Who bore a son with wife Anna Bunch, by the name of Isiah who with wife Hannah Perkins, had Andrew. Andrew Ashworth, and Josephine Howard bore my great-great grandfather Addison whose wife is unknown to me. However he had a son who married Audrey Ware, which was named Elmer Ashworth, they had three children Gladys, Murphy, and Burton, who is my grandfather. Burton married Mildred Buxton, who had several children. In order born was Burton Jr. (my father) Anna Marie, Micheal, Katherine, Bruce, and John David.
The ARMES Family History
Tina L Armes - InterneTree
Aprea Family Home Page
Suzette Colleen Aprea - InterneTree
The Antoline's Of Louisiana
Miklyn L Antoline - InterneTree
Pat's Family
Patricia Price Family Tree
The Karla Richter Andrew Family Home Page
Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Kevin Allen Andrew The Karla Richter Andrew Family Home Page: Surname List
Tim Allen and Sheila Rogers Allen's Families
InterneTree: Frank L Norman (Francis) Tim Allen and Sheila Rogers Allen's Families: Surname List
The Bunch, Denton, Inman, Whitsons of Perry Co., TN
Mildred B. Allen surname list
Looking in OH., IN., PA., TN., VA.
The Family of Watts - Burd- Miller and Beesley Site
The Family of Watts - Burd- Miller and Beesley Site:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Eugene (Johnny) Allen's Home Page
My grandfather Byron Clayton ALLEN was born in Iowa in 1867. His Mother's name is Eliza Ann. He came to California and married Widow Nellie Ella STARK. Her maiden name was BUNCH. Nellie was born in Eugene Oregon September 15, 1861.\r\n\r\nByron Clayton ALLEN worked for a railroad company as a telegrapher, also as a carpenter. He had two brothers, one named William, b: 1861 in Iowa and the other named Henry, b: 1865 in Iowa. These two brothers managed a grocery store in Woodland, California. He also had a sister named Nellie, b: 1869 in Iowa. She married Ambrose BAKER, b: abt 1876 in Missouri. Byron died in 1929 and is buried in Dunnigan, Clifornia.\r\n
Allen to Weaver
InterneTree: Ada Mae Allen
The Dennis Clark Allen Family in Rockwall, Texas
Dennis grew up in Salina, Kansas, son of Raymond Warren Allen, also born and raised in Salina Kansas. His father was Clark Edwin Allen of Salina. (a railroad man) Clark's father was Elisha Warren Allen, a Kansas pioneer. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Dennis C Allen\r\n
Betty Bunch family home page
Betty J. (Bunch) Alderson Family who's ancestors started in Calhoun, Richland Co., Illinois.Joseph Harrison Bunch was born in 1850 (where were not sure and died in 1932. Burried in Calhoun Illinois. He was married to Elvira Jane (family name unknown). She was born in 1858 and died in 1952 in Calhoun Illinois. They had 5 children (William J., Joseph, Mary, Allen and Elsie.
The Ainsworth Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Mark A Ainsworth\r\n
John Adlam (1807-78) - Bentinck, Grey County, Ont. Canada
InterneTree: Ann Briton Adlam\r\n\r\nJohn Adlam (1807-78) - Bentinck, Grey County, Ont. Canada : Surname List\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Dana Adibi\r\n
The William Lafayette Adams Family Home Page.
John Adams born cira 1799 in NC and wife Nancy.\r\nJames Bean(Beene) and wife Sarah Gay, 1850 Jasper County GA.\r\nReddick Scarborough born 1791 and wife Sarah Brinson.\r\nSarah Ann Clifton, born 1824, died Miller County GA 1874.\r\nJames Daniel Alday, born 1817 Baker County GA and wife \r\nLouisa Faircloth, daughter of Matthew Faircloth and Clarissa Sasser.\r\nJacob Johnson Born 1808 and wife Elizabeth Braswell. Resided in Decatur County GA.\r\nJackson L. Smith, born 1823 Sumter County GA and wife Martha E. Burton.\r\nJames Preston Gause, born Sumter County GA 1823 and wife Mary Watson Martin.\r\nElizabeth (Betty) Bunch, born SC 1847.\r\n
Adams & Dowell Home Page
RESEARCH\r\nAdams: Locations are Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin. \r\n\r\nMartison: Locations are Norway & Wisconsin\r\n\r\nBlanchards: Locations are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, & Vermont.\r\n\r\nBarnhouse, Carpenters, Crabbe, Junkins, Kelleys, Picketts: Locations are Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania.\r\n\r\nDixon, Dowell: Locations are Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia.\r\n\r\nLagana & Hudock: Locations are New York, Italy & Hungary.\r\n
Saulsman/Ackley Home Page
Descendants of John S. Pinkerton\r\nDescendants of George E. Baxter\r\nDescendants of Maria Saltzman\r\nDescendants of Henry Turner\r\nDescendants of Hugh Denver Rogers
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
A Grissom'Gresham'Grisham Family History
This book contains a version of the hitory of the Gresham Family in England. This family is traced back to its roots in Normandy.
Generation's of Varnell's
over 4000 Individual's listed with some pictures.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Sachs, Selznick, Ballon, Buncher
This is an ever-expanding family genealogy site. I would welcome any updates or additions to any of the information posted.

I am particularly interested in tracing these
roots back to Russia and Lithuania.
Punchard One Name Study
Punchards have spread far and wide across the world over the centuries and I am gradually putting together the jigsaw pieces back to their English origins. I have an ever-increasing database of Punchards and am looking to include as many as possible. So if you are a Punchard or have one lurking in your family tree, I would really like to hear from you even if you do not think that you can contribute very much. You may find that I can connect you to distant cousins you didn?t even know existed.

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