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Origin of Uk

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Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Based on background from the German town Neukirch on a river there, means new church.
Surnames: Neukirch
Submitted by: Frank Cochran
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Of french/canadian origin
Surnames: Ledoux, Leduc, Leduke
Submitted by: JacQue Howard
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Kouklakis originated from the island of Crete in Greece, specifically in the western county of Apokoronas, village of Kefalas. In North America, the name was frequently shortened to Kouklis, Cooklis or Cookles. There are a few Greeks named Kouklis who are not immediately related nor from Crete.
Surnames: Cookles, Coukles, Kouklakis, Koukles, Kouklis
Submitted by: Chris Kouklis
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: It's from France and when that family came to the U.S.A. there were 2 brothers and they wanted to part company. One chose the orginal spelling and the other changed the spelling to Duket.
Surnames: Duket, Duquette
Submitted by: Lyn Duket
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Family From Schuylkill County,Pa.
Surnames: Lukach
Submitted by: Jim Lukach
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Looking for relatives in New England and still in Ukraine, Latvia, and Russia. Am trying to trace my lineage back as far as possible, but am stuck at great-great grandparents.
Surnames: Shevchuk
Submitted by: Jill Currier
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Misliukevicius Mary, b 1886 Kalvaria Lithuania.````Looking for information on Mary Misliukevicius, b 1886 KALVARIA LITHUANIA.````Mary (Maria) was born in Kalvaria Lithuania in 6 May 1886, of parents``Joseph Misliukevicius and Martha Balcon (or Balcunis).``Mary married Joseph Tacilauskas (or Techilosky, or Tacilowski) on``13 Sep 1903 in London UK. Joseph Tacilauskas born 6 Jan 1878 and was``the son of Jacob Tacilauskas.``(See separate entry on TACILAUSKAS.)
Surnames: Misliukevicius
Submitted by: Mike Willett
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Family property of the female descendents of the Counts of Zutphen, Gelre and Kleef.
Husbands took the name of the property when they married the owner after 1500.
Surnames: Eggink, Stukkers, Nannes, Ettikhoven,De Blaauw
Submitted by: Daniel Eggink
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Germanic
Surnames: yuch, yuke
Submitted by:
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: I was told by my grandfather that the name comes from Russia, or somewhere in the old USSR. I believe that it may have been from the Ukraine area.
Surnames: Bondaruk
Submitted by:
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Bauknight: Builders helper or farmers helper, according to people in Germany when I was visiting. Buaknight or Bocknight is from Bauknecht (german)
Surnames: bauknight (bauknecht)
Submitted by: diane bauknight
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: ukranian
Surnames: Namyniuk
Submitted by:
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Baeckelandt: Origins of and Meaning of the Flemish Surname
Variations of the name BAECKELANDT:


- In Flanders family names became general usage in the 12th century.
- These were passed along from father to son of course.
- The Council of Trent (1563) required pastors to record family names when two people got married.
- But spelling was inconsistent even among siblings and between generations.
- The earliest record of someone being said to come from a place by the name ?BAKELANDE? is in a reference book on topography on western Flanders that mentions in 1231 a ?Coram Waltero de Bakelande and Waltero de Warenghen? .
- The earliest recorded mention of a surname kin is in 1281 under the form BAKELANT: Abraham dou BAKELANT of Avelgem .
- At Kortrijk?s ?Kasselrij? the archives mention one Walterus dictus BAKELANT in 1316.
- In 1368 a Jhan vanden Bussche is recorded as having changed his name to Jhan BAKELANDE .

- Later at Herzeeuw (aka Herseaux) in 1398 a Symon, a Pieter and a Hennequin BAKELANT were already well known in the province of Henegouwen.
- In 1449 one Jehane BAKELANTS, daughter of a Jans van CURTRIKE (Kortrijk?), is mentioned as a gatekeeper of Brugge .
- The earliest reference I am aware of with the spelling as we make it is the birth notice of a Rogerius BAECKELANDT, born in Tielt February 14, 1619. However, his children spelled their names ?BACKELANT? and ?BACQUELANT? underscoring the inconsistency of the written versions of names and contrasting with today?s legal enforcement of a surname?s specific spelling.
- The place name ?Bakeland? appears to have various origins. ?Bakeland? was the name of a feudal manor in Waregem and Deerlijk commonly recognized as early as the mid 14th century
- ?Den Bake? is also the name of a strip of land in Berten (part of French Flanders now) in 1541 It is also a district in Poperinge in the 16th century: ?houc de bake?. And in Wingene around 1550 in parishes north of the churches we find places named ?Bakenhof?
- To understand the meaning of the name we must break it up into its composite parts, ?Baecke? and ?landt?. ?Landt? of course means ?land? or ?country? or ?place? in English. ?Baecke? is more complex and has several origins.
- The simplest reference to ?bake? (the original spelling for ?baecke?) is ham or bacon in Middle Netherlandish (the language spoken in the 1200s to 1500s) .
- The other known reference to ?bake? found in Flanders in this period were to small poles or stakes, a few fists high, driven in as markers for shepherds on thoroughfares across cultivated fields .
- According to a 1996 Belgacom (the Belgian telecommunications monopoly) electronic map, there were 457 households registered under the ?BAECKELANDT? name in Belgium at that time.
Submitted by: David Baeckelandt
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Naruki means savior of the darkness.
Surnames: Naruki
Submitted by: Noturan
Origin of Uk, Meaning of Uk

Origin: Sukeforth comes from a Hessian Soldier who was captured and released during the revolutionary war. His original name was too difficult to spell (the name is similar to Zukenford) and the name was changed to Sukeforth. All Sukeforth's supposedly come from this one solder. According to one census there are 1250 Sukeforth's in the United States! This is all from a relative who wrote a family history which I read a few years ago.
Surnames: Sukeforth
Submitted by: C. Sukeforth

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