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Elton and Bonnie Lacey's Family Homepage
Many Family files are available, including articles, stories and pictures
Parrot Evans
Parrot Evans b. 1802 Anson/Union County, North Carolina may have been the grandson of John and Ann Culpepper Evans who were living in Anson County at this time period. They lived in Nash County, North Carolina before and after living in Anson County. I amAlexander, Culpepper, Evans, Hartsell, Kiser, Mewborne, Newborne, Parrott, Pistole, Williams
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
My Genealogy Home Page
MYRA M BEARMAN surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Kathleen Beam surname list
Gerrit Aalbers Family Tree Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Gerrit Aalbers Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Gerrit Aalbers Gerrit Aalbers Family Tree Home Page: Surname List
Welcome to the BEAVER family data exchange web site.
My grandfather, Percy James Beaver was born in Columbia, York County, Pennsylvania. He was an Engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad where he operated (Drove.) the Broadway Limited among other trains... He married Elizabeth Grahame Waters. and on February 16, 1916 in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania my father, Martin Luther Beaver Sr. was born. The BEAVER family lived at 303 East Ross St. in Lancaster City, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and all of my father's brothers worked for the railroad! The best information I have has my grandfather having too get a job as his father was killed in the cab of a steam locomotive when P. J. was 13 years old. He Percy as grandmother called him, took a job immediately working his way from a day laborer up through the ranks of other railroaders untill he started Engineering. I believe he worked for 59 years for the PRR. BLACK family from Glasgow, Scotland. Mother was born Edna Ethel Collins on April 10, 1919 in the city of Independence, Grayson County, Virginia. Nannie Black Collins was the second wife of Coy Collins, they had a farm in Western North Carolina near the town of Sparta. (Turkey knob.) James R Beaver - InterneTree
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!: Surname List
The Ralph John McAdams Home Page
Ralph John Henry McAdams is descended from the McAdams line, beginning with James McAdams and Rebecca Hill from Orange Co. N.C. Ralph J. McAdams was born September 25, 1911 in Roosevelt, Kiowa Co.,Oklahoma and died August 23,1975 in Amarillo, Potter Co., Texas. He served in France and Germany in WWII and was a Fireman in Amarillo until his retirement in 1960. He first married Sylvia Marie Edney, Jan. 26, 1938 and had two daughters, Thelma McAdams and Bobbie Jo McAdams, then,second, married Tula Marie Holland. His parents were, Charles Albert McAdams and Virginia Evangeline (Bledsoe)McAdams. Charles was born in Caddo Mills,Hunt Co.,Tx.where he met and married Virginia, who originated from Fairview,Scott Co.,Va.on Dec.11, 1905. Charles McAdams parents were James Monroe McAdams and Cynthia Minerva (Kimes)McAdams who moved to Hunt Co. Tx. from Linclon Co. Tn. in 1876. James McAdams parents were William and Jane McAdams from Lincoln and Marshall Co.s Tn. William McAdams parents were Hugh McAdams and Maria (Bagley)McAdams from Marshall Co. Tn. Hugh McAdams parents were Joseph McAdams and Margaret (Whitsett)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C and Marshall Co. Tn. and Joseph McAdams parents were James McAdams and Rebecca (Hill)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C.
The Baxters of Warrenton, MO.
Janis M Baxter - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Vincent Peter Paradee Esther E Bauer surname list
The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
InterneTree: John Agar Bradley The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada: Surname List
The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
InterneTree: John Bradley Agar The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada: Surname List
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Research of Tommy and Diane Bargeron
The Bargeron and related families of Burke County, Georgia. The descendants of Joshua Blanton of Duplin County, North Carolina. The Blanton and related families of southern Georgia and northern Florida. The Harry Kent family of Tift County, Georgia.
The Bankes - Lees Family Home Page
User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Blaw User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of DeMerle User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of ? Hennington User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Daniel Edinger User Home Page Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Christopher Matthew and Tacy Elizabeth Bankes
William Valentine Ball. He was born Oct.4,1834 in Rock Island Canada. He moved from Sherbrooke Canada to Sierra County California in 1856. The family of Marshall Bronson. He was born May 12,1811 in Susquehanna County Penn. He came to Sierra Valley in the 1850's. The family of Joseph Dyson. He was born Oct.12,1843 in Toronto Canada and came to Sierra Valley in the 1860's. Roscoe Lausen Atkins born 1872 in Ill. and came to California. robert b ball - InterneTree THE BALL FAMILY OF SIERRA VALLEY: Surname List
The Morning Family
InterneTree: Rita Balichek Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel Morning Sr.
L. Rae Ball of Surrey, B.C. Canada
Samuel TRUSCOTT - b.1606 Samuel RAIL - b. 1782 Robert BALL - b. 1771 George Lewis Truscott and his wife Hannah Hendy Rail and their family came to Canada as Barr Colonists in 1903. my grandfather William Ball b.July 15, 1835 in Paris, Ont. He married Mary Ann Midgley b.July 6, 1846 in Paris. Both lived in or near Paris, Ontario. She died March 24, 1882. He died December 25, 1912 in Chatham, Ont. His father was Henry Ball - wife Elizabeth Small. I have traced them to Lambourne Berkshire England. His father was Robert, mother Sarah. Henry had other children that musr have come to Canada with him. L. Rae Ball of Surrey, B.C. Canada: Surname List
The Dick Baldwin Family Home Page
Donald Richard Dick Baldwin JEDUTHAN GREEN BALDWIN was born January 21, 1813 in Vermont. His parents were also born in Vermont. He married LUCINDA WILBUR (assumedly in New York). She was born about 1816 in New York; her parents were born in Massachusetts. Jeduthan and Lucinda had five children: HESTER, MARY, MARTIN, LEVERETT and LEWIS. His family complete, Jeduthan moved them first to Greenlake, Wisconsin and then to Lewiston, Minnesota (then known as New Boston). He was the first medical man to live in Lewiston and also had the first pharmacy in that town. There he was known as DR. J. G. BALDWIN. Lucinda died November 17, 1887 and Jeduthan died January 18, 1900.
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
The Baker's and Shaw's of Tucson, AZ
BAKER (from MI to AZ) Thomas Edwin Baker, Sr. (b.12/27/1936 MI-8/1/1997 AZ)was Sec. Treasure of GCIU, father: Howard Sparling Baker (b.NY-12/1969) mother: Ruth Sturlay (b.MI) LENZINI (NY to MI to AZ)Joan Marie Lenzini (b. 5/30/1936 MI-9/4/1976 AZ) had 5 childred. As a child was adopted by step-father(Anthony Michael Lenzini(d. 3/1993), no known name for biological father, mother: Rita Geraldine O'Brien (d.10/1987) I AM REALLY LOST ON THIS FAMILY!! SHAW (MO to CO,AZ) I have to George Arthur Shaw, Sr.(b.4/5/1825;Eng-6/1845;Eng) JORDAN (WA), I have info up to Leroy M. Jordan (b. 1780 VA) g-g-g-g-g granddaughter Fern Dorothy Jordan; b. 12/12/1913 CO-12/22/1999 AZ) WOOD (MO to KY,AZ,Canada-Henry Wise WOOD.) James Wood, Sr. (b.10/15/1777 VA-4/09/1866 MO) married Susannah Burnett-1799 (b. 12/21/1872 PATTISON (from FL to TX(1838)-AZ)Down through James Tarrant (town Pattison, TX is named after)father; Jacob Pattison (b.1770;SC-2/1846;TX) married Kate Biddle 1799 (b.1778-1850 TX) MILLER From Red Creek,NY to Apache,AZ and Rodeo,NM KAISER (from MI and AZ)David Charles WARD (from NY-AZ, FL)Stanley WARD, Baptist minister in the 1970 or 80,s. The Baker's and Shaw's of Tucson, AZ: Surname List
The Baker and Collen families of McHenry County, Illinois
descendants of Rev. Nicholas Baker (1610-1678) from Hingham,MA through NY, VT, and IL. The Baker and Collen families of McHenry County, Illinois : Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Frans J Bakker surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Edward A Bakker Book: The Bakker-Hartoch Book
The Donald M. Baker Family Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Donald Mitchel Baker Genealogy Report: Descendants of William John Hanna Genealogy Report: Descendants of Patrick Savage Genealogy Report: Descendants of Adam Jackson Baker The Donald M. Baker Family Home Page: Surname List
Anne Tove og Tor Arild Bakke
Anne Tove og Tor Arild Bakke: Surname List
The Baird's of New York
InterneTree: William Michael Baird The Baird's of New York: Surname List
Travis Whitsett and Karlen Bruner Bain Genealogy Home Page
ARNOLD (VA/KY/TX) ATTEBERRY/ATTERBURY (VA/SC/KY/IL/TX) BAIN (Scot/NC/AL/TX) BARTLETT (Eng/ME/MD/TN/TX) BEAVER (SC/GA/TX) BRUNER (Ger/PA/OH/IA/TX) DORRIS (SC/KY/TN/IL) GANNAWAY/di GENOA (Italy/Eng/VA/MS/TX) HUFFORD/HOFFERT (Ger/PA/OH/IA KYSER (Ger/SC/AL/TX) LINSCOTT (Eng/ME/IN/KS/TX/OK) MIDDLETON (Eng/VA/MS/LA/TX) REEDY/RIEDY (Ger/PA/OH/IA/TX) SNODGRASS (Eng/VA/AL/TX) WALKER (2 lines - AL/TX and MS) WHITSETT (Ire/PA/NC/AL/TX) gr-gr-grandfather Daniel S. Bain (1802-1870) and his wife Sarah Ann H. Mason (1804-1861) were in their early 30's when they married in Wilcox Co., AL in 1836 -- possibly a second marriage for each? Their children were all born and married in Wilcox Co., AL: Thomas Judson (1837-1865, m. Miranda Bowman), William Dawson (1839-1902, m. Caroline Rivers), Martha H. (1847-????, m. John S. Smith), Alexander Travis (1849-1923, m. Matilda Jane Kyser), Mary Jane (1853-1905, m. 1.???? Steen, 2.Richard Hall, 3. William Vernon). Thomas Judson d. in Civil War; Dawson lived and died near Bessemer, AL; Martha disappeared; A. T. and Mary Jane emigrated to TX in 1878 with a large Bain/Kyser/Vernon family group. gr-grandfather William P. Lauter married Liva Alberta Linscott (1866-1892,b. IN) daughter of Francis Marion Linscott, a circuit preacher. Lauter [presumably] died, and Liva was married to George A. Fuller within 2 years'time -- then Fuller also disappeared while the family was living in Clarendon, TX in about 1892. Both marriages were in OK Indian Territory where records are sparse. Liva had one child by each husband, both believed to have been born in OK Indian Territory: Bertha Willie Lauter (1887-1952, m. Clyde G. Atteberry) and Charles A. Fuller (1890-1961, m. 1. Elizabeth Shea, 2. Matilda Zeiler). Their mother died when both were too young to know their fathers, and the family has no conclusive information about who these two men were.
The John Baitsell Family Home Page
InterneTree: John M Baitsell 1) Randulph De Calverhall, Shropshire, England (b. circa 1150); 2) John Barker (d. MA, 12/14/1652); 3) Desire Annable (b. 10/16/1658, d. MA, 7/24/1706); 4) David Clammer (b. Selbysport, MD, 1830, d. Iowa 1/17/1876); 5) Ann Baitsell (b. Germany 1807, d. Somers, NY 1843); John Baitsell (b. NYC 4/4/1809, d. Iowa 10/15/1871); 6) Jane Watkins (b. Wales 5/23/1812, d. Iowa 1/6/1901); 7) Mary McGinty (b. probably in PA 6/19/1835, d. Iowa 11/1/1876); and 8) Cyrus Horning (b. Lamont, NY 10/26/1820, d. 6/14/1899).
The Robert Balentine & Isabel Dealys of Pa.
Robert Ballentine was born in Phila. Pa.1824 died June 9th 1883. He was in the civil war on the U.S.S. Louisiana, a carpenters mate.He married Isabel Dealy had 2 children James & a daughter. James Balentine(1 L) married Elizabeth Malone. Lived in Easton Pa. Had 10 children.Mary Isabel 1874,Edward Dealy 1876,Dennis Dealy 1879,James Dealy 1882,Joseph Dealy 1884,Elizabeth Cecelia 1887, Howard Mutchler 1889,Robert 1892, William Harold 1894 & Isabel Margaret 1897.Edward my gf moved to Newark than Irvington N,J, Isalel Dealy's father was James B:1805 died Sept. 20 1884 married Jane McGee 1828 in Phila. PA. She was born 1807 in Ireland died June 26 1875. James Dealy's father was Dennis he married Sara Doyle in Phila.1796 born May 10 1778. Robert married again May 2 1867 to Elizabeth Sweetser they lived in Phillipsburg N.J.James Balentine my great grandfather lived till he was 92.
The Edward L. Timm Family Home Page
1774 in Posnan, Germany with the birth of Andrew Timm. Of Andrew Timm's seven children, only two of his sons immigrated to the United States, Martin John and August, and they found their way to Michigan City, Indiana. Alphonse Timm, great grandson of Andrew, was adopted sometime between 1900-1903 by Julius and Josephine Timm, but was born to Francis and Mary (Quinlan) Blinko of Hammond, Indiana on February 12, 1900.
The Babbit-Bobbitt Geneology Page
The Bobbitt Name Was Changed To Babbitt in WWI. InterneTree: Richard Babbitt IL The Babbit-Bobbitt Geneology Page: Surname List
The Janna Martin Babcock Family Home Page
Janna L Babcock - InterneTree my father's family, the Martins were from Lewiston, Maine. His mother's maiden name was Dulac. Her mother's maiden name was Arnoldy. Their families came from France to Quebec and Acadia in the 1600's and 1700's. my mother's family, surname Kvernvik. They came from Norway in 1906. Her mother came from Norway around that time also, my grandmother's surname was Mathisen. My husband's family is also from Maine. The Babcock's settled in Bangor. His paternal great grandmother was a decendent of Abraham Somes who settled in Somesville on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, in the late 1700's. My husband's mother's family, the Ernst's came from Brooklyn, New York, and Switzerland. His maternal grandmother's family, the Skiff's and Beadle's, came form Greenwich, New York, and Easton, New York. The Janna Martin Babcock Family Home Page: Surname List
The Autsen Family
Kirk Autsen Family Tree
The Athy Family of Galway
The Athy Family of Galway: Surname List
Captain Thomas Askey Family of Central PA
InterneTree: Ancestors of Lawrence James Askey Captain Thomas Askey Family of Central PA: Surname List
BJ,s Home Place
Betty Jean Asche surname list
The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees
InterneTree: Ancestors of Sherri Marie Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas John Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Massey Jones Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Cannon Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Harritt The Arvin ? Cannon - and Jones families are Catholics from Indiana. The Harritt families were Christians from Ohio & southern Indiana. The Mehlenbacher families are Lutherans from Canada and Germany. Jenkins family is from Michigan. The Novak and Sasek families are from Bohemia and Illinois. The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees: Surname List

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