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The Ballon Family Home Page
The Ballon's of Escondido, CA and The Ballon's of South San Diego County, CA. My branch of the Ballon family grew out of the marriage between Aurora Terriquez and John AKA Alfredo Ballon, son of Silvestre Ballon and Antonia Perez who were both born in Michoacan, Mexico. Felipe Ballon, my great grandfather born in Puruandiro, Michoacan, Mexico in 1869. Alfredo T Ballon - InterneTree
The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians
InterneTree: Ryan L Arians Report: Parent Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Rudolph Arians The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians: Surname List
The Arthur E. Ansehls Of St. Louis Mo
InterneTree: Gus Harris (Adolph) The Arthur E. Ansehls of St. Louis MO.: Surname List
Dave Andrew's Homepage
SCOTLAND ABERDEENSHIRE ? Addan/Hadden (Aberdour) Burgess (Methlick?), Cowie (Aberdour) , Craik (Aberdour) Ironside (Methlick), Ferguson (Methlick) Gamach/Gammack (Aberdour?) Leith, (?) Panton(Aberdour, Monquhitter) Pratt (Monquhitter?), Ross (Cuminestown, Turriff) Wemyss(Aberdour) AYRSHIRE ? Bankhead (Kilmarnock) Brown(Riccarton, Kilmaurs) Caldwell(Kilmaurs) Fairie(Kilmaurs) Galt(Dundonald?) Gilmour(Fenwick?) Hay(Dundonald, Kilmaurs) McPherson (Irvine) Milla/er(Kilmaurs) Parker(Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock) Reid(Kilmaurs) Shaw(Irvine) Watt(Kilmaurs) BANFFSHIRE ? Andrew(Gardenstown), Davidson, DUMFRIESSHIRE (Lochmaben) ? Graham, Little, Sharp EDINBURGH ? Downie, Stevenson, Turnbull FIFE(St. Andrew?s) ? Gourlay, Liddell GLASGOW ? Bain, Cleland, Law, McCulloch, Thomson RENFREWSHIRE ? Armour (Greenock) Jameson(Greenock) Love(Greenock) Munro (Greenock) Scott(Greenock) Taylor (Greenock) ROXBURGHSHIRE - Vair STIRLINGSHIRE (Bothkennar, Grangemouth, St. Ninian's) ? Brown, Cochrane, Ferguson, Harvey/Harvie, ENGLAND WEST YORKSHIRE - Bainton(Weston) Constantine(Linton-in-Craven) Greenwood(Weston) Hattersley(Ecclesfield & Keighley) Holdsworth(Sheffield?) Kitchin(Skipton) Leyland (Linton-in-Craven) Longdon(Sheffield?) Mason (Bolton Abbey) Merrydew(Sheffield?David Michael Graham Andrew
Cathy Anderson's Family Tree Home Page
TUTTLE (Kansas to Colorado to Washington), RICHIE (Kansas to Colorado), BROWN (New York to Colorado), and ABBOTT (New York) lines on my mother's side, and the DIXON (Massachusetts), WOODWORTH (Massachusetts), HANSCOM (Maine to Massachusetts), and SHAPLEIGH (Maine to Massachusetts) lines on my father's side. On my husband's side, I am researching LAWLER (Oklahoma to Kansas to Washington), BOOTH (England to Kansas), BAIRD (Nova Scotia to Kansas), RUEDE (Crimea, S. Russia to North Dakota), and HAAR (Crimea, S. Russia to North Dakota).
An Allinger Family Home Page
my Grandfather James Henry Allinger was probably born in 1853 in New York state, although some of his offspring believe he came from Illinois. Sometime about 1897 he met and 'married' my grandmother Bertha Kruger in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Bertha was married and had 2 children by an unnamed miner who apparently blew himself up in a mining accident. James Henry and Bertha moved to Buena Vista Colorado in 1898 where Grandpa worked the mines and sold 'antiques' (ie used furniture). Grandma raised their 11 children.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Jerry K Allinger\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Henry Allinger\r\n
The John Lohmann and Florine Stangl Family of Iowa
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of George Stangl\r\n\r\nThe John Lohmann and Florine Stangl Family of Iowa:\r\nSurname List\r\n\r\n
The Pittman's from Jackson Co., FL. and Houston Co. AL.
InterneTree: Descendants of James Olive\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Annette M Burkam
enealogy Dillenschneider, Baudry, Granero, Rueda, Weber, Sanchez, Gersinger, Alcaraz, Brandmeyer,
my genealogy Thibault Dillenschneider
Genealogie van de families Ulenberg
Genealogy of families Ulenberg, Beuger, Erbe, De Beus, Chavez, Luna, Lancharro and Fabrique.

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