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Origin of Ou

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Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Gilmour 1133-56 Black (Cu); Richard Gilemor 1228 FFHu; Gillechad Gillamor 1304 Black. Ir, Gael Gille Moire'servant of (the Virgin) Mary'. William de Gyllingmor 13th Guisb (Y) From Gillamoor (NRYorks).Black is the individual who compiled the book. Cu. stands for Cumberland . Y stands for Yorkshire FFHu stands for French Huguenot. Ir. is Irish. I have also found Gallimore listed as meaning 'dweller at or near the foreigner's moore.
Surnames: Gallimore, Gilemor, Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmer, Gilmore, Gilmour
Submitted by: Anna Gallimore Williams
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Ireland
Surnames: Redmond, Dwyer, O'Dwyer, Magee, Coghlan, Coglin, Coughlin, Coglan, Coughlan, Shields, Malone
Submitted by: Arthur C Redmond
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Of Anglo-Saxon origin. Surnames were given for occupations, places of residence, physical characteristics, etc. This name literally means 'proud or haughty one.
Surnames: Prout, Prouty
Submitted by: Betty (Prout) Castleberry
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The surname Younker is German and in germany was originally spelled with a J.
Surnames: Younker
Submitted by: Bonnie Younker
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The name Goldsborough can be traced back to a town named Goldsborough in West Riding Yorkshire, England. Richard de Vessey took the name of the town when he recieved a manor from the king. His name was then Richard de Goldesburgh, during the 1200s. Descendent Nicholas Goldsborough came to America and the name was changed a little.
Surnames: Goldesburgh, Goldsberry, Goldsboro, Goldsborough
Submitted by: Brian Boehme
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The Doherty family belongs to that group of clans, known in the Celtic genealogy as Cinel Connell, whose homeland was called Dirconnell, modern county Donegal. These clans trace their origins to Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland, A. D. 379. The ancient Gaelic name, O'Dochartaigh, is variously anglicized as Dogherty, O'Doherty, Dogherty and Daugherty. The original territory of the sept was the barony of Raphone and their stronghold was at Ardmire. Later they extended their way over all Innishown, the peninsula most commonly associated with the Doherty name today. The Annals of the Four Masters record one O'Doherty Chieftan as the chief of all Tirconnel in 1179, A. D. Dispite their dispersal and confiscation of their lands, the descendants of the Doherty clan today stands 15th in the list of commonest surnames in Ireland.
Surnames: Doherty, Dougherty, O'Dochartaigh
Submitted by: C. Lee
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: English Archers
Surnames: Yeamans, Yeomans, Youmans
Submitted by: David Youmans
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The family was originally from Somerset, England. A large portion of the family moved to the East Riding, Yorkshire, before 1600. The name originally meant a carder of wool.
Surnames: Touse, Tows, Towse
Submitted by: Debra Cohig
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: ...According to tradition, the first person to have this name was a child who was found under a tree called 'Rowan Tree', or mountain ash tree, growing in Yorkshire, England. The child was a boy and was dressed in fine clothing. He was found on the estate of a nobleman who took compassion the child and raised him as his own son, naming him 'Rowantree' after the tree under which he was found. The origin of the child he did not know and never found out. This boy's descendants now run in the thousands, and they live in all parts ofthe world....'('Rowntree and Rountree Family HIstory, 1521-1953' by Joseph Gustave Rountree ll)
Surnames: Rountree, Rowntree
Submitted by: Dorothy Maechler
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: French Huguenots, spelled Faure. Later used Fore, Foree, Ford, once in a while Four.
Surnames: Faure, Ford, Fore, Foree, Four
Submitted by: Ellen Byrne
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: A sept of the Clan MacDonald form the Isle of Man. Directly translated, Killough means Holy Lake, or Church Lake. The Killoughs were keepers of holy relics with in the clan.
Surnames: Kalloch, Kellough, Killoe, Killough, Killow, Kilo
Submitted by: Gaylee (Killough) Bork
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Of french/canadian origin
Surnames: Ledoux, Leduc, Leduke
Submitted by: JacQue Howard
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The name of Soper is derived from the occupation of its first bearers as 'soapers', that is, as makers of soap. In ancient English and early American records the name is found in various spellings. Families bearing this name were found at early dates in the English Counties of Dorset, Gloucester, Buckingham, Cumberland, Somerset and London, as well as in various parts of Scotland at a later period. These lines belonged, for the most part, to the yeomanry and merchant classes of Great Britain.
Surnames: Soaper, Sooper, Sopar, Soper, Sopere, Soperer, Souper
Submitted by: Janice Kent
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Current thinking is that the surname Mumford grew from original ancestors having come from the village of Mudford, Somerset, England as listed in the domesday Scrolls of 1086
Surnames: Demontfort, Moumford, Mumford, Munford
Submitted by: Jeff Mumford
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The name as far back as I have been able to go generated in Scotland and Leslie Felix Clow went to Nova Scotia from Scotland in 1900's
Surnames: Clough, Clow
Submitted by: Jo Ann Boyd
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Tupper, british surname, mainly from the island of Guernsey, was originally German as 'T?epper'. They came to England about 1550 fleeing from religion persecution by the Roman Catholics. They setteled mainly in Guernsey and Sussex. The name exists also in France as 'Toupard
Surnames: T?epper, Toupard, Tupper
Submitted by: Jorge Bianchi
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: One of the first Freshours (Froschauers) to make it to the USA was Hans Jorg. He came over in the Great Palitinate Migration from Germany. The name Froschauer means frog meadow in German.
Surnames: Freshour, Froschauer Frushour
Submitted by: Kelly Freshour Mosley
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Lunt, 1396, the definite article was prefixed down to the xvii cent Lunt is situated in the flattest fen district drained by the River Alt, which also forms its north-eastern boundary. The marshy pastures are liable to floods during winter and in wet seasons. In the southern portion there are cultivated fields where cereals and root-crops thrive in a soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay. Hedges are scanty and trees few and far between. The geological formation is the same as in Sefton. It was formley a hamlet of Sefton, but its separation seems to have been accomplished before 1624. It has an area of 477 acres, and the population in 1901 was 80. The road from Sefton to Ince Blundell passes through it. St. Helen's well close to Sefton church, is a wishing well; a pin had to be thrown in, and if it could be seen at the bottom of the well the omen was favourable. The township is governed by a parish council. Manorially Lunt seems to have been a member of Sefton, but land in it is on one occasion said to have been held of the lord of Warrington, suggesting a territorial connexion with the adjioning township of Thornton. Richard de Molyneux, some time before 1212, gave to Richard Branch and to Robert half a plough-land to be held byKerry James Lunt
Surnames: Lond, Lount, Lund, Lunt
Submitted by: Kerry James Lunt
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The name of Robidou is a pejorative diminutive of Robert and is traced back to the 13th century in Tintiniac, France, where last names were taken or given based on where the family was living; from a peculiarity of his body; from his job; or in this case from the surname being used. I have come across many spellings of the name during my research. - from The Robidous in North America 350 Years 1643- 1993 Published U.S.A. 1993.
Surnames: Rabideau, Robidoux
Submitted by: Laura Johnson
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: This information is regarding the Welsh origins of the name. The name 'Powell' is said to have been derived from 'Ap Howell' meaning 'son of Howell'. It is found in ancient records in the variants listed above and Powell is the generally accepted form today.
Surnames: Poell, Pouall, Poul, Powal, Powel, Powell, Powle
Submitted by: Leeanne White
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Buckwalter means coming from (beechwood) Francis Buckwalter was born in Switzerland, was persecuted and he took his family to Germany. Then after several years they came to USA 1720 with his children.Settled in Chester Co. Pa.
Surnames: Bookwalter, Buchwalter, Boughwalder, Buckwalter
Submitted by: Mary Anderson
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The name puryear and its variants are originally Hebrew or Egyptian. The name Puryear is a variant of the Purryer, which is a varinat of Purrier and Perrier. The name comes Periou the younger son Budic, Count of Cornouailles, Brittany France (Referance: the book 'The Norman People' Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc.) and (Bloobline of the Holy Grail by Laurence Gardner) The name traced to Parar the Gr.-Gr.-Gr.-Great Grandson of Joseph of Arimathea, who is traced to Moses who was most likely the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten . Akhenatens physical form indicates a possible human - extraterrestrial orgin. ( Peri - a supernatural being in Persian folklore descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is accomplished. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1973.) Michael D. Barnes, Scottsboro, Alabama. !
Surnames: Parryer, Paryer, Peraii, Peraiis, Perere, Perers, Peri, Perier, Periera, Perrier, Perriera, Pirarii, Pirariis, Purier, Purrier, Purryer, Puryear, Puryer, Puryour
Submitted by: Michael D. Barnes
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: In many cases, Wolfe and Woolfe and descended from the Woulfe family of Ireland. Originally Normans (le Woulf) who accompanied William the Conqueror on invasions of England and later Ireland in the early 1100's.. One branch of the Woulfe family, that of Edmond Woulfe (see Maclysaght 'Irish Families') moved to England in the 1600's and his descendants joined the English army. In order to be accepted and gain in rank, these descendants Anglicised the name to the more Engligh-appearing Wolfe and converted to protestantisim. One of the most famous descendant of Edmond is General James Woulfe, hero of Quebec in the French and Indian Wars of the 1750's. You will also find other Wolfes who remained in Ireland who also changed their names from their Limerick Catholic origins to the more English Wolfe. Other origins include the Norse 'Ulf' that translated later to Woulfe in Irish. And - when many Irish were forced to Anglicize their names, the Irish O'Mactire was also translated into Woulfe. (ref MacLysaght - Irish Families)
Surnames: Wolfe, Woolfe, Woulfe
Submitted by: Michael Woulfe
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Norman French. From Hosseia, just outside of Normandy near LaHoussaye in what is now Seine-et-Marne. From the Norman French meaning 'thistle-like'. Now, modern French 'houx' or holly
Surnames: Dehosse, Hossen, Hossey, Houssaye, Hussey
Submitted by: Paul Hosse
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Sherburne derives from the Viking colonisation of the Danelaw. It is literally translated as 'Bright Stream' but has also been anglicised to 'Brightwater'.
Surnames: Sherbourne, Sherburn, Sherburne
Submitted by: Richard Sherburn
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The GOFORTH Name: Numerous clues which indicate that the Goforths were of Welsh origin. There are three Reports: %0a%0a1. The Goforth name originated several hundred years ago when a man faced with the alternative to violate his conscience or to 'go-forth' and leave everything. He chose to 'Go Forth.' %0a%0a2. Another report is about a man who used to fish for the Gar and always went to the forth or bay. The name Goforth was derived at a later date from the name 'Gar-forth.' %0a%0a3. An article taken from the newspaper, 'Long Beach Ind. Tel.', 4-30-67, states that the name is an English locational surname and was formed from the old Welsh word, 'Gof', coupled with the English 'ford'. Together describing 'Blacksmith's river crossing.' Altered to Goforth after centuries of use by descendents of the first 'Blacksmith who lived at the ford'.
Surnames: Goforth, Gofourth
Submitted by: Ronald G. Martin
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: French, Canadian
Surnames: Clearo, Cleroux
Submitted by: Sam Clearo
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: from Lebanon, Syria
Surnames: Chamoon, Chamoun
Submitted by: Sandra Barnett
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Frenc
Surnames: Pardoux, Pardue
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: The earliest reference to a Culverhouse sems to be Richard AtteKulverhuse who is metioned in the Essex Feet of Fines in 1266. In 1309 Adam Colverhous is found in the Bedfordshire Subsidy Rolls. The name Culverhouse is derived from the occupation of the man who was in charge of what was a most important sousrce of food in the middle ages, i.e. the Culver (Dove). The name means Dovecot.
Surnames: Culverhouse
Submitted by: Valerie A Norris (Mrs)
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: This Irish family name had originally been 'Goldenlock' because so many of the Goudelock had red hair.(from the book 'William Corry and His Descendants'). The Goudelocks came over to America from North Ireland to New Jersey to Virginia and then to South Carolina. This was William Goudelock and His wife Ann Duncan Goudelock.(This is form the book 'Davis Stockton of Virginia').
Surnames: Goudelock
Submitted by: Y. L. Goudelock
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: In an in-depth research of such ancient manuscripts as the Domesday Book compiled in 1086 AD by Duke William of Normandy, the Ragman Rolls (1291-1296) collected by King Edward 1st of England, the Curia Regis Rolls, the Pipe Rolls, the Hearth Rolls, parish registers, baptismals, tax records and other ancient documents, researchers found the first record of the name Simpson in Buckinghamshire where they had been seated since ancient times. Confusing to most, we found many different spellings in the archives researched. Although your name, Simpson, occurred in many manuscripts, from time to time the surname was also spelt Simson, Simsoun, Symsoun, Simpsone and these changes in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son. Obtained from the Library of Hall of Names in London by Eric Simpson.
Surnames: Simpsome, Simpson, Simpsone, Simson, Simsoun, Symsoun
Submitted by: Grace & Dick Stout
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Kouklakis originated from the island of Crete in Greece, specifically in the western county of Apokoronas, village of Kefalas. In North America, the name was frequently shortened to Kouklis, Cooklis or Cookles. There are a few Greeks named Kouklis who are not immediately related nor from Crete.
Surnames: Cookles, Coukles, Kouklakis, Koukles, Kouklis
Submitted by: Chris Kouklis
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: In his book, 'Welborn-Wilburn History-Genealogy', Hiram Coleman Wilburn gives the following as the source of the American family surname: 'A bulletin of the Media Research Corporation, Washington, D.C., states that the family name Wellborn-Welborn-Wilbourn-Wilburn, Etc., was undoubtedly derived from the English name, which had its origin in 'dweller at the well', or 'dweller at the springbrook.'
Surnames: Welborn, Welbourn, Welburn, Wilborn, Wilburn
Submitted by: Ronda Wilburn Houston
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Suffolk England. Originally a Anglo-Saxon name: 'Wolfnoth' - 'Wolf-Boldness'
Surnames: Woolner, Woolno, Woolnoe, Woolnough
Submitted by: Murray Woolnough
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Originally, the Danish name was 'de Yarburgh' This ancient family migrated to the area of Yorkshire, England and eventually three brothers came to America and the spelling of the name changed to several different variants, but all the variants are from the same family.
Surnames: Yarber, Yarberry, Yarbro, Yarbrough, Yarburgh
Submitted by: Elizabeth Yarber-Beavers
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: Dropping the tail off the high german Y results in an I. My great grandfather, Hinrich Cyriacks, upon immigrating to Wisconsin from the Bremen area of Germany in the 1870s allowed his name to be spelled Ciriacks, thus beginning the largest extant branch of the family going back to the 3rd century A.D. He has more than 400 descendents. The original name, either Cyriac, Cyriacus, Quiricus or Cyriax, depending upon whether Latin, Greek, or ancient German is used, is Greek and may have meant DEDICATED TO THE LORD when initially used around 2000 years ago.%0a%0aSee an example of the high german spelling at http://ciriacks.cyriac-fhp.com%0a%0a%0a
Surnames: Ciriack, Ciriacks, Cyriacks, Cyriaks, Cyriax, Cyriacus, Ciriaco, Cyriakus, Kyriacou, Quiriaco, Zirjacks
Submitted by: Ben Ciriacks
Origin of Ou, Meaning of Ou

Origin: La Tour d'Auvergne--Name of my French family, orginally from the village of Latour in Auvergne, dating from 10th century; it divided into several branches, including Counts of Auvergne, Dukes of Bouillon and Al'bert, and Viscounts of Turenne; see BOUILLON and TURENNE. Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne (d. 1519) married Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino; mother of Queen Catherine de Medicis, who married Henri de Valois, later Henry II of France.
Surnames: La Tour, La Ture, Latour, Le Tour
Submitted by: Harrison L. Thomas Sr.

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