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Glen Edwards
Description: Reasearch into the Edwards & Edward surname in Scotland.

Surnames: Buchan, Eddie, Edward, Edwards, Gould, Taylor


Surnames: O\Loughlin Thow Smith Wickens

james lloyd
Description: family history on sears -sisson-reed-lloyd

Surnames: Lloyd, Van Vorst, Lloyd, Sears, Young, Reed, Pidgeon

Description: Looking for info on William he married a Winifred Florence Gower and settled in Yorkshire he died 1979.

Surnames: Etheridge, Souter, Gower, Fletcher

Julie Bennett
Description: Alternate spelling, Goveia, sometimes used when entering the U.S. service during W.W. II. Our Grandparents are of Portuguese descent, from one of the Madeira Islands. Antonio and Augusta settled in Jacksonville, Illinois, and later moved to Springfield, Illinois, around the turn of the century. I am just beginning my research, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

Surnames: Gouveia

Scott Crossin
Description: This name actually derived from the Gaelic

Surnames: you will often see several variations... Crossin

Barbara Stinear
Description: John Samuel Bellhouse - seeking info on his arrival in Australia. Married Edith Scott in Robe, South Australia 10/3/1860. Parents of John were John Bellhouse and Elizabeth Hulme.


Pablo Bertermann
Description: Franz Sourmat From Wien, Osterreich

Surnames: Sourmat

Angela Underwood-Markes
Description: Would love to connect with other Rouse family out there. My ggrandma was Anna Rouse b: July 1892 d: 6 Feb 1912 in Alabama of the measles. Not much known about her or where they originated. Would love to learn more. Any information is helpful. Thanks!

Surnames: Rouse

gail barnette
Description: joseph walker pounders,r.a. pounders,angeline gaston,laura hawkins and minerva mcyntire

Surnames: pounders

Sandra Clark
Description: German

Surnames: Neehouse

J.S. Lassiter
Description: I would like to know the origin of the surname

Surnames: but I am not sure. Thank you.

dorthy hillhouse conner
Description: I am looking for native american roots to this name.

Surnames: Hillhouse

Michel Renaud
Description: Recherche g?n?alogique sur mon anc?tre et ses descendants Andr? Renaud dit Desmoulins. Plusieurs de ses descendants ont adopt? le patronyme Dumoulin

Surnames: Dumoulin

Seana Coulter
Description: Of the Chattahoochee Valley, Georgia and Alabama

Surnames: COULTER

Marilyn Bond Trujillo
Description: I am looking for Flora E. Boughton b. 7 March 1858, d. 7 Feb 1925 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Her parents are listed as Howard Boughton and Maggie Hoy of NY. Flora married Silas Walter Bond of Iowa Falls Iowa. Appreciate any help locating the Boughton or Hoy family

Surnames: Boughton

Laura L. Horton (Martin)
Description: HARRY

Surnames: IL; migratind to Stoddard County

Sharon B.
Description: James, b 6 Sep 1793, Frankfort, Waldo Co, Me. and Anna Bassett Couillard b 3 Oct 1793 Bucksport, Me. Their dau. Rachel mar Joseph Page. looking for info on Joseph Page, Rachel and Joseph Page's dau Anna Eliza Page, born Me. or Wi? Anna E. Page mar James N. Clough, location unknown.

Surnames: Couillard

Jill Van Der Reyden
Description: I am researching the following names and all variants for a one name study and building a database of these names. La Zouche, Zouche, Zouch, Such, Sutch, Soach, Sooch, Shuck, Shucks, Chuck, Chucks etc. Please contact me for an invitation to join our site or if you have any enquiries.

Surnames: Zouche

Jo Ann Daniel
Description: Nora Moutray born to George Marion and Annie, of Buchanan county Mo. She had 3 siblings, James G., Eugene W. and Nettie.

Surnames: Moutray

vinton foughty
Description: robert j.foughty b. jan3rd. 1920 barnsville ohio,d.1970

Surnames: foughty

Thomas Peeke
Description: Inverkeithing, Fife Scotland, UK 1800-Present

Surnames: Kilgour

Pat Sheild
Description: Family is from Torthorwald, Dumfries, Scotland, emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in the 1840's


Shirley Young
Description: Searching for John Y. Young,bn.July 1851 Died in Florida 1955.I think he came from N.C. but really dont know.Married Cathrine Hart,Elizabeth lizzie Welch or Tyson,and Wille ?. Any info much appreciated.Will share what little I have.

Surnames: Young

Description: I am a descendant of

Surnames: so my relatives say Born: January 27 1894 Rougemont

starla garcia
Description: william thomas young from tenn. married to nannie add boswell from ga. they had 5 children one being roxie young who was married to john robert (j. r.) young (they married in lamar co. tx. one of their children was my grandmother lallie viola wright lane. she was married to willie p. lane of lamar co. tx if you have any info please let me know

Surnames: young

Terry Ballantine
Description: Seeking information about the families of John (1761-1833) and Mary (McShannon/dates unknown) Ballantine. Both born in

Surnames: County Antrim; then to upstate NY around 1820. Children: James

Robin Krout
Description: DAVID WENZOWSKY b. Aft. 1855 Germany or Poland. He married CHAYA HAMPEL b. abt. 1843. DAVID WENZOWSKY left his family. CHAYA HAMPEL may have had a brother named Abraham. Children of DAVID WENZOWSKY and CHAYA HAMPEL are: ABRAM WENZOWSKY, b. 1876, Russia; MARIAM WENZOWSKY, b. April 11, 1878; KOPEL WENZOUSKY, b. 1882, Maybe Derevyansk but definitely in Poland; SAMUEL WENZOWSKY, b. 1887, Lodz Poland; BRONDEL WENZOWSKY, b. Unknown; LEAH WENZOWSKY, b. Unknown

Surnames: Wenzousky

J. Brown
Description: Samuel Brown, d. about 1831, Son - Isom Payne Brown (thought to be 1 of 4 or 5 siblings). Samuel is thought to have died

Surnames: probably in Midwest. Thought to have entered US through New Jersey from England.

Darren Soucy
Description: I am trying to find an accurate, color correct copy of the soucy coat of arm and family crest

Surnames: Soucy

Nora Magdalena Fritsch
Description: Of German origin meaning

Surnames: born= old German for spring) There are four important towns in the mid-european area that bear the name Sch?nborn. The biggest is the city

James Purkiss
Description: Researching the above name in South-West Norfolk, England.

Surnames: HOUCHEN

Kenneth R. Tousignant
Description: Information on Clifford Peter Tousignant. His parents or where he was born or childrens names. Thank you

Surnames: Tousignant

edith thouvenel
Description: come to the U.S.A.in abt 1853 from france

Surnames: thouvenel

David Poulin
Description: need family info prior to claude poulin, who immigrated to quebec in 1639. Son of pascal & marie poulin of Maclou de Rouen, L'seine Inferieure, France

Surnames: poulin

Deborah Dodd (previously Hanenberger)
Description: I have a family tree of Daniel Hanenberger (born 3/10/1833, died 5/13/1916) and Charlotte Martern (born 6/24/1832, died 5/1/1893), their children (divided into

Surnames: or find out if you\re in it

Amanda Curran
Description: Robert Goulding father of Mary GOULDING who married David FENTON in 1850 at Charcoal Creek, Illawarra, NSW, Australia searching for ancestors, decendants

Surnames: GOULDING

Dr. Tony Gough
Description: Whitechapel, East End of London, UK

Surnames: Gough



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