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Origin of Oltz

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Origin of Oltz, Meaning of Oltz

Origin: Birkholz likely refers to someone having moved from a place called 'Birkholz', of which there were 16 in the German Empire of 1910. The word translates to 'Birch wood'.
Surnames: Birkholtz, Birkholz
Submitted by: James Birkholz
Origin of Oltz, Meaning of Oltz

Origin: I have been told that Farrenholtz was shortened to Farren after WWII...Farrenholtz, so I am told is German...may not be true
Surnames: Farren, Farrenholtz
Submitted by: Scott R Farren
Origin of Oltz, Meaning of Oltz

Origin: The surname 'EICHHOLZ' with various forms AICHHOLZ, EICHHOLTZ, EICHOLZ etc. is a german surname, meaning 'OAK/WOOD'. The origin of this surname probably comes from the XIII or XIV centuries. The source of most surnames come from the village or hamlet where the people lived. For exemple John of York became John York. We have listed about fifty places called 'EICHHOLZ' in the germanic area : castles, farms, hamlets, villages, small towns. In the course of time, some place names have changed when their provinces became part of another country (e. g. : Russia, Poland & even an austrian village wich is now past of northem Italy). However, remaining EICHHOLZ towns/villages can be found in Switzerland, particulary by Lake Zurich & in the german region of Nordrhein-Westfalen & Lower Saxony. Due to the signifiant migration of peoples over the centuries, it is now impossible to identify precisely the exact village of origin of any given name (EICHHOLZ or other).
Surnames: Aichholz, Eichholtz, Eichholz, Eicholz
Submitted by: Jacques EICHOLZ
Origin of Oltz, Meaning of Oltz

Origin: German; proud, arrogant
Surnames: Stoltze
Submitted by: Kara

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