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my second great grandparent Anders Persson who was born November 29, 1810 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden and died April 04, 1887. He married (1) Johanna Jakobsdotter November 14, 1829 in H?gs?ter, Sweden, daughter of Jakob Andersson and Kajsa Hansdotter. She was born February 06, 1811 in Solberg, H?gs?ter, Sweden, and died May 10, 1848 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden. He married (2) Britta Stina Johanesdotter Abt. 1848, daughter of Johannes Engelbrectsson and Anna Olsdotter. She was born February 13, 1827, and died February 15, 1904. Children of Anders Persson and Johanna Jakobsdotter were: Per Andersson, born 1830; died 1831. Per Andersson, born 1832; died 1887. Anders Andersson, born 1833; died 1840. Anders Andersson, born 1835; died 1887. Johannes Andersson, born 1836; died Unknown. Anna Kajsa Andersdotter, born 1838; died 1887. Elisabet Andersdotter, born 1841; died 1841. My great-grandfather Hans Andersson, born October 21, 1842 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden; died March 08, 1918 in Rochester, MN. Jan Jakob Andersson, born 1844; died 1846. Eva Andersdotter, born 1847; died 1928. Children of Anders Persson and Britta Johannesdotter were: Jan Jakob Anderson, born 1849; died 1917. Olaus Anderson, born 1851; died 193Raymond J. Anderson
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Johannes Jensen moved to Hab?l, Ostfold in 1833. The record says he was leaving Manglerud,Akershus. When he came to Hab?l parish he married Johanna Marie Eriksdotter in 1842. From Bjerkriem, Rogaland ,Norway area. GrandParents Bernard Larsen 1860 Feda,Vest Adger, Norway Ananda Conradsdtr 1875 Sor-Gjeslangan Norway Carl Rickard Jensen Sanner 1881 Tomter, Ostfold Norway Marta Angeline Nordstrom 1885 Oslo Norway Bertinious Andersen 1865 Veen,Bjerkreim, Norway Laura Bertine Nilsdtr 1866 Tsyv?r, Rogaland, Norway Johan Polsson 1845 Mangskog, Sweden Johanna Olsdotter 1859 Mangskog, Sweden Ggrandparents Lars Andreas Berntsen 1821 Feda Norway Bendikte Berentsdtr 1830 Lervik Norway Conrad Ingebrigtsen 1841 Naeroy Nordtron,Norway Ellen Jorgen Raabye Helgesdtr 1839 Sor-Gjeslingan Norway Jens Johannesen 1859 Tomter, Norway Gertrud(Janna) Knutsdtr 1856 Gol, Buskerud, Norway Alfred Nordstrom 1859 Ostra Amtervik, Sweden Inga Amilla Beata Hansen 1862 Olso Norway Anders Nilsen 1830 Veen, Bjerkreim Norway Bertha Kristine Bj?rnsdtr 1828 Moi, Bjerkreim Norway Nils Jacobsen 1846 Ahre, Rogaland, Norway Anna Larsdtr 1830 Lobland, Norway P?l Andersson 1796 Tobyn, V?rmland, Sweden Anna Andersdotter 1806 Grytterud, V?rmland Sweden Olof Olofsson 1834 Tobyn, V?rmlaKathy Anderson
Almbakk form North of Norway
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