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Daniel Lee Ashton Jr. & Catherine Lee Terry Genealogy Page
Samuel Ashton came to the USA from England in the early 1800's and settled in Rochester, NY and then moved outside of Rochester to Parma, NY. The Kelley's came from Ireland through Canada and settled in Corning, NY. Cathy is the 12th great-grandaughter of the Pilgrim, John Alden on her father's side. John Plympton, was an important man in colonial Mass, he was also the only relative we know who was burned at the stake by Indians, came over in 1640. Phenias Pratt arrived in 1622 on the Sparrow. Other ancestors of the Pratt's settled in Ontario, NY in the early 1800's from MA. Her Grandfather's (Homer B. Pratt) mother was Beatrice Craven from Kellog, IA. Genealogy Report: Ancestors of J. Ashton
The Arneal-Olmstead Family Tree
InterneTree: Nathan J Arneal Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Johnston Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Arneal Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Hans Funk Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Richard Olmsted Thomas and Jane (b. 1802) Johnson were born in Ireland. The John Arneal chart starts in the 1700's and traces the Arneals (or Arneels) from northern Ireland to Ohio and eventually to Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. The Hans Funk tree starts in 1656 in Germany. This leads to the Hauber line. The Haubers changed their name to Hoover once they came to the U.S. The Richard Olmsted (later Olmstead) goes back to 1430 in England. The Arneal-Olmstead Family Tree: Surname List

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