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Descendants of John Probart
Highly sourced website of the descendants of John Probart (1870-1851) who immigrated from Wales to New York then Wisconsin. His children scattered to Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Michigan.
Popp Family Genealogy Web Page
All research notes are on line on this web page. One of my lines descends from Edward Fuller who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
Probart, John - Descendants
Descendants of John Probart (1780-1851) born in Wales/England immigrated to New York then to Wisconsin where he died.
The Raymond Levere Aten Family Home Page
Olmstead sailed from London June 22,1632 arrived September 16,1632 at Boston in the Ship Lyon with William Peirce, Master. The Aten family arrived from Holland in 1642 at the site of New York City, then known as New Amsterdam. The two family trees were joined by Mary Elizabeth Olmstead Aten and Harry Stephens Aten our mother and father both being born in March 1900. This Aten family joined with Pauline Mary Butts Aten, born Malden Mass. 2/11/1927 The Butts family being from Haggerstown, Maryland and England. Olmstead in England 1520 Aten family from Holland 1640 Butts family from Maryland and Ireland/England The Toker family from Ireland
The Arver & Bogen Family Home Page
Cheryl Elizabeth Arver surname list
The Arneal-Olmstead Family Tree
InterneTree: Nathan J Arneal Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Johnston Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Arneal Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Hans Funk Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Richard Olmsted Thomas and Jane (b. 1802) Johnson were born in Ireland. The John Arneal chart starts in the 1700's and traces the Arneals (or Arneels) from northern Ireland to Ohio and eventually to Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. The Hans Funk tree starts in 1656 in Germany. This leads to the Hauber line. The Haubers changed their name to Hoover once they came to the U.S. The Richard Olmsted (later Olmstead) goes back to 1430 in England. The Arneal-Olmstead Family Tree: Surname List
Thomas R Armstrong Family Clan Home Page
My G grandfather Thomas R had written on records that he was born in Cook County Wisconsin May 13 1858. He died (somewhere) in 1924. Marrried Alice Jane Moore (born Dec 28, 1863 in Fairview Iowa) 1884 in Anamosa Iowa. Children are: George E., Jessie J., Robert Samuel(my grandfather), Xynia B., Leon G.and Letha S.. The family moved into South Dakota before 1900 where they moved many times before spliting apart. My Dad was born in Montana lived in Oregon and Washington. Thomas R Armstrong - InterneTree
Daniel Armstrong Family Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Armstrong Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Arthur Douglas Armstrong II Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Jessie Lee Johnson
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: James Randall Westberry Sr (SCA)
The Rebecca Home Page
Links to the Olmstead, Newell, Woodford, Sturdevant and Gilbert family reports from my genealogical data base
Ancestors of Oliver Church and Margaret Pangborn
This site is for all descendents of Oliver Church and Margaret Pangborn and if you have a name to add please email me.
Burton Family Middlesbrough - Royston, UK
Originating in Middlesbrough but now residing in Royston, Hertfordshire.
Natalie's Home Page
My page is a listing of the information I have found or was given by other family members about our surnames
Roach & Bailey Genealogy
Extensive information on the above surnames and genealogy links.
Genealogy website from database spanning 60 generations over 2 millennia. Includes 10 generations of ancestors to parents, Eugene A Andrew & Anna L Hanish, covering American ancestry back to emigration from Europe beginning mid-17th century. Included are all known branches and descendants of great grandparents, William H Andrew, Abigail L Barber, George H Angermueller, Elba L Moncellius, John B Hanish, Caroline Klobasa, Frederick D Strudel & Anna M Blaetz, residing in St Louis around 1860-1940.
Lauri's Genealogy Home
The page is primarily a listing of family trees for various surnames, some spanning more than eight generations. This is a new site and will eventually have a couple of pages with pictures of Arizona
This village belongs to the acgs inc family - COOKS, COUSINS & associates. You will find the things you would normally find in any village as well as genealogical/Historical data, family news and many research facilities. However ONLY ITEMS that our directors consider of benefit to our society and its members, shall pass the village portals. Hopefully we will assist our membership and visitors to find the INTERNET 'needle in the haystack', a little easier

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