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Lori Smith
Description: Looking for Edward Augustus Hollister Married to Alice in 1874 - both from Mississippi

Surnames: Hollister

John T. Stanley
Description: born in 1831. I think he is my grandfather's father.
my granfather was George Washington Stanley B-1864. in Alabama.Married Rosanna C.Hollis.
George and Rosanna came to Arkansas in a covered wagon from Alabama.

Surnames: Stanley,Hollis,Oden,Gardner,Hurst

Margie Roland
Description: Looking for Kane family coming from Ireland to Virginia then Pennsylvania.

Surnames: Kane Sheridan Clarson Collisshy

Rachel (Bentley) Ramey
Description: Have some info; would like more

Surnames: MAINLY: Ramey, Bentley, Kilbourn, Moody, Sharp, Raymond, Wright, Appleby, Gurksnis, Healey

ALSO: Lynch, Paulin, Blatnik, Masteika, Sokastyte, Papasyke, Reighard, Gess, Erway, McAllister, Butler, Bigalow, Goodrich, Richardson, Howes, Lonsdale, Marvin, Gregory, Sage, Kirby, Hinds, Starr, Harris, Weld, Clapp, Bushnell, Warner, Clark, Fron, Goodell, White, Hollister, Redway, Humphreys, Brewster, Hills, Fox, Mack, Bill, White, Holbrook

Alton Budd
Description: Australian.

Searching for UK ancestors of William Budd, Transported to colony of NSW 1829.

Surnames: Budd

linda sexton
Description: looking for frederick jones family in hale co al cir.1830-1920 also for addie neidgk matherson in la or tex abt 1930. need info on cordelia ann holmes matherson in talladega co al, dau of isaiah holmes.

Surnames: matherson-jones-holmes-jarvis-hollis-

NELSON, Susan Francis
Description: Searching for the parents and ancestors of Susan Francis Nelson, b.1/14/1844 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa d.? San Diego, CA. Married to Jerome Dial FERREE 11/29/1860 in Montgomery IL (c: Mary E, Benjamin, George N.,Frances Susan, Grace, Daisy, Violet Mary)
Residents of Ottumwa, Iowa.


Description: Looking for information on the early Bainer family in NC, also spelled, Beaner, Baynor, Beynor, Bayner Also looking for the widow of John Kemp who married John Bainer, any help is appreciated.

Surnames: Chauncey,Alligood, Langley, Hollis, Respess, and many more.

Teddie Griffith
Description: I am looking for any information on James C Rollison and/or Benjamin G Rollison. Rollison may be spelled as Rolison, Rolerson, Rawlinson, etc. I believe James' middle name was Calhoun or Calham. I believe Benjamin's middle name may have been Gaines. Any information is much appreciated. Benjamin was born in Richland County, SC. Later the family moved to Alabama and then on to Texas. James and Benjamin stayed in SC. I do not know if they ever lived in Alabama.

Surnames: Rollison

Dan Creel
Description: Attempting to fill all lineages of paternal and maternal ancestors.
Moore - OK<OH<MD
Stephens - OK<WVA<?
O'Neal - MO<AR<KY<PA
Jones - AR<AL<?
Fielder - AR<TN<NC
Rushing - IL<TN<SC
Dollis - MO<KY<NJ
Thompson - KY<?

Surnames: in historical order, recent first - Creel-Moore, Creel-Cox, Moore-Stephens, Cox-O'Neal, Moore-Sparling, Creel-Jones, O'Neal-Thompson, Cox-Rushing, Creel-Fielder, Thompson-Dollis, Stephens-?, Jones-?...
Allied families - Dodson, Wilson, Rose, Scott and many others.

Description: My gg grandfather was born in Richland County, SC about 1832. His name was Benjamin Rollison. This is sometimes spelled as Rawlinson. I believe he had at least two brothers: James was born about 1829, and George was born about 1834. James and George moved to Newberry, SC, and Benjamin moved to Anderson County, SC. Benjamin and George died in Virginia during the Civil War. James died in Newberry in 1891.

Surnames: Rawlinson, Rollison, Rolison, Rolerson, Rollerson, Rollinson, Rolinson, Rawlingson, etc.

rose sigut
Description: My aunt Vera Hollis, B1898 in the USA married Anhalt, not sure of the spelling but this is close. She died 1944 or 45. around Detroit. She may have divorced and remarred.before she died. not sure.

Surnames: Hollis, Anhalt, Hollinger

Fran Hollis Powles
Description: searching Ulster, Nth Ireland, also Wales UK ,Sidney AUSTRALIA.
Please make contact if these names are familiar to you.

Surnames: Purchase Haggett's-Hollis-Mghee.

linda sexton
Description: Seeking any info on Hale Co Alabama families of JOE JARVIS-ELIAS CALHOUN-TYREE HOLLIS-ANNIE JONES MCCLAIN/ISAIAH MCCLAIN. also need info on JOHN GRIFFIN m. ALMARINDA MARTIN lived in Alcorn Co Ms. and Isaiah Holmes of Coosa Co Al


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