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Description: Black Americans, Maybe of pre 1865 orgins in Mississippi. Dr. Lowell, Leonard O.,James, Jowalle, James, Nicai, Gerald, Al all have familial connections.

Surnames: Zollar

Description: From Cento (ferrara) Italy

Surnames: collari

lyn pollard
Description: thomas pollard b St Ive, near Liskeard 1818. Married Elizabeth W Grigg, b Liskeard, Cornwall 1828. Farmed at Trethawle Farm near Menheniot 1861 census.1851 census indicates Thomas age 33, unmarried, living on 140 acre farm with sis Mary (b 1824) and bro Robert (b 1835). Listed as children of a farmer. Looking for parents/siblings of Thomas and of Elizabeth. Also looking to track children of Thomas/Eliz. Some known to homestead in Canada after 1881 and one son likely emmigrated to Australia

Surnames: pollard

albert james scollar
Description: the scollard family

Surnames: scollard schollard scollar scollerd scolley

Suzannah Foad
Description: Interested in any and All Foad's.

Surnames: Foad, Pettman, Field, Collar Rigden, Gann,

Ivy Trott
Description: GEORGE MOTT, lived Leicester, England, in 1881-1901 censuses. Wife RACHEL born Devizes as was her mother, SOPHIA SIMPKINS. Niece AGNES BISHOP TROTT with family in 1881 census near time of her father's death. JANE BISHOP, who married JOHN ROLAND TROTT, thought to be Rachel's cousin. Any information on this family would be a pleasure to receive.

Surnames: Trott, Mott, Bishop, Weller, husband's lines.
Fitch, Hesk, Ollard, Norcliffe, Hill, my lines.

Ivy Trott
Description: I am connected to SLOWGROVE research through my mother's cousin ROSE PULLEN who married CLAUDE SLOWGROVE. Still in touch with their daughter, MAY SYLVIA SLOWGROVE, by snail mail. In touch with other Slowgrove researchers, notably Vickie. Go well! Ivy Trott in South Africa.

Surnames: Slowgrove, Pullen, Fitch, Ollard, Hesk, Higgs, Norcliffe, Snelling, all London area except Slowgrove, mainly Essex then London, then Welling, Kent.

Terri Alcock
Description: Searching for any information on George Alcock and Anne Hawkins both born Ireland, he circa 1790, she 1794. Emigrated to Ontario Canada around 1840. Children include: William Frederick, Thomas Moody, Richard Beecham, Sarah, Susanna, Mary Ann, and possibly George

Surnames: Alcock, Hawkins, Small, Pollard, Burgess, Bairsto

John M. Brown
Description: Looking for info on John M. Brown born abt. 1855-59 in Indiana. moved to Ark and married Mary Estes in 1879 in Conway County. Would like info on both families.

Surnames: Brown, Clinton, Collins, Coker, Duckworth DeWolfe, Dollar, Oliver

Leland James Bishop
Description: Doing family history research

Surnames: McKirryher, Coltey, Bishop, Pollard, Whittemore,
Lawrence, McCauliffe, Wilkinson

Ed Gaulin
Description: Attempting to prove that most Gaulins living in the United States and Canada today are descended from one couple - Francois Gaulin (1630-1675) and his wife Marie Rocheron (1639-1687) of Ile d'Orleans, Quebec.


Sandie Kneib
Description: Batemans of Charles County Maryland, namely a George born about 1820, married a Mary Baely? This is my missing link to earlier Bateman's in Charles County.

Surnames: Bateman, Swann, Baely, Sollars, Morrison,Mattingly

Jeri Simmons
Description: Genealogy search of family history beginning with Maximillion Fenendael. Especially interested in currently living Fenendael family members.
Family originate in Brabant and Walloon area of Belguim and Immigrated to Wisconsin in mid 1800's (1850-1860).

Surnames: Fenendael

judy petersen
Description: Looking for Laura Tollar Vaillancourt (various spellings), b. 1924 Chicago (1930 census). Married name appears in parents 1956 & 60 Chicago Trib obits, tho they were living in Westmont, IL. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Surnames: Tollar, Vaillancourt or Vailiancourt (various spellings)

Leanne Evans
Description: I am looking for information on my grandfather, Thomas Gordon(sp) Chapman, and great grandfather, Guy Ruxford Chapman. The only information I have is that Thomas was born & raised in Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio, and he died there, and Guy, I "think" was from Scranton, PA. Guy was married twice from what I was told.


Nicole Leann Scollard
Description: Family geneology

Surnames: Scollard

duval famiy of port henry ny
Description: i'm trying to find any info or any type of records(birth,marriage,death or even news clippings,"photos".)i have alot of info on my grandparents(urgel joseph duval b.1865,mlouise mary demar in1892 st.patricks church (louise b.1875)they died (urgel

Surnames: d.1931louise d.1937(7/10)iwantto find out who thier parents were.as far as surnames go:duval,demers,cross,heustis,graves,garas,kral,soulier,beranger,possibly these too as i've heard them:larose,baker,pollard,patneade,mckay,brooks,murphy,lars,tefoe,mason,teal bevivino,
any help would be greatas i keep hitting a brick wall,its almost like they never excisted but i've seen the duval plotat st.patricks cemetary "they had 8 children ,urgel had1sister when he passed away.she was listed as j.h.beranger of canada

Glenda Chandler
Description: I am looking for William Harrison Mitchell was born 26 Feb 1811 in Kentucky, and died 25 Aug 1880 in Tuscaloosa Alabama. He married Nancy Griffin on 1835 in date unknown, daughter of Dempsey Griffin and Sarah Mitchell.
web address is http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/h/a/Glenda-Chandler-MI/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0001.html

Surnames: Acquard, Armstrong, Avaery, Barfield, Barham, Barnett, Bell, Bilbo, Bloomer, Bobbitt, Bolton, Booth, Brau, Brode, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Bruton, Burton, Calderon, Campbell, Carrell, Carter, Chandler, Clary, Claxton, Colwell, Combs, Cooper, Cox, Crowell, Davis, Dawn, Deborde, Denman, Derden, Drake, Duke, Edwards, Elam, Ellis, Evons, Fletcher, Freel, Galloway, Griffin, Hammett, Harris, Hatcher, Heath, Hodges, Hohweiler, Houchins, Hughes, Ingram, Johnson, Jones, Joseph, Jowers, Jr., Kenney, Key, Leahy, Loftees, Love, Lupo, Mason, Mayes, McDonough, Mcdowell, McTeer, Mercer, Michelle, Milligan, Mills, Mitchell, Moore, Nance, Neal, New, Newman, Oden, Palmer, Parker, Parshall, Pence, Pendelton, Pierce, Pollard, Ponish, Prewitt, Ramos, Ratliff, Reams, Reynolds, Richardson, Risi, Rogers, Roycroft, Sapp, Schumann, Selman, Shepherd, Sherrell, Sims, Smith, Sr., Stepp, Stevens, Swanson, Tammie, Tatum, Taylor, Tidwell, Tiller, Van Elam, Wall, Waters, Webb, Wells, West, Wheeler, Williams, Williford, Willingham, Wilson, Woods, Wyatt, Yearly

rebecca hewitson
Description: i am reseraching the hewitson family of allendale, allenheads.
particularly interested in Tom Hewitson b. 1854(my gt grandfather) from abt 1907 onwards after he had moved to appleby, westmorland but all info relating to any hewitson of great interest!

Surnames: Hewitson, Eggleston, Macmillan, Reed, Varty
also names of interest not in Allendale :
Sartin, Hollow, Davenport, Pollard, Horrocks

alan jennings
Description: researching family history -- very interested in the William MBF Yandell and Catherine (McAdams) Yandell of Fayette County, Alabama circa 1840-1860s. would like to hear from anyone with information regarding these people.

Surnames: Yandell; Jennings; Cobb; Cunningham; McAdams; Pollard

Jerry Zollars
Description: I have been researching the Zollars family who are descended from Frederich Zoller who arrived in Philadelphia in 1751 and raised a family in Washington County, PA near a town which later became known as Zollarsville.

Surnames: Zollars, Browneller, Klanchar, Mitchell (18th century immigrants to PA), Winnett, Orr, Zellars (19th and 20th century Nebraska).

Jewel M Butts
Description: I have been doing research for the last few years on a few families of Wise Co Va and the
surrounding areas.I am looking for a definative
line between Melungeon and Indian heretige.I am the grandaughter of Bessie Elizabeth Rose/Dollarhide b.1902 Wise Co.

Surnames: Dollarhide,Mutter,Rose,Blevins,Hart,Sizemore

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