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Julie Wollard Trout's Genealogy Page
Pictures, Family trees and much more. Big emphasis on Polk County, Missouri families.
Chandler, Griffin, Mitchell, Jones, West, Hatcher, Roycroft
My name is Glenda(Chandler)Parshall and I am the webmaster of this site. If you have any comments or feedback please write to me at glenda_chandler_1961@yahoo.com.
This is about our family History, and where we came from. If you find any errors or mistakes Please Fill free to contract me and help with any information you might have like dates or names city's please email me. Also if you have any of our family History INFO in our family that can help us please contack me. Thank you Glenda
james styles family ancestors past and present
my genealogy research into my family ancestry
The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India
BEATY I am researching the BEATY family, originally from Ireland. From family folklore Francis BEATY was born in Tullamore, Ireland in 1757 . Francis and his wife Catherine gave birth to three sons, John, Francis and Henry, probably in Stoke Damerel, Devon, while he served in the Royal Navy. In 1820 Francis and 1821 Henry, joined the Honourable East India Company Army as Cadets in Bengal, India. The elder son of Francis, named Francis Henry BEATY, and his wife Caroline Ophelia (n?e Sheels), had fifteen children all born in India. Five of the sons served in the Indian Police. The Beaty family finally left India in 1948. The cities in India and Pakistan that feature in the family history are Lahore, Jhansie, Karachi, Landour, Mussoorie, Quetta, Rawlpindi and Simla. LITTLE/LYTTLE I am also researching the LITTLE/LYTTLE family from Northern Ireland. In 1839 Andrew LITTLE was born in the Parish of Montiaghs, Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to Thomas and Mary (n?e Wilson) LITTLE. In 1858 he joined the 27th Inniskilling Regiment and sailed to India. He remained in India and retired from the army in 1894. He died in Dehra Dun, India in 1926. He had five children Mary Anne, Thomas Wilson, William John (my grandfather) Edward and Andrew. The surname spelling changed to LYTTLE with the children. The cities in India/Pakistan that feature in the family history are Dehra Dun, Jhansie, Karachi,Lahore, Meerut, North West Province,Peshawar and Simla. The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India: Surname List
The Watkins Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Rezin Watkins John Coe Watkins was born in Frederick County Maryland. He later moved to Ohio where he met and married Sarah Ann Kollar in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. They later moved to South Bend area of Indiana. Sarah Kollar Watkins mother was the daughter of Peter Swinehart and Anna Mary Muench. Her father was the son of George Kollar and Susan/Susanna Koons. John Coe Watkins and Sarah Ann Kollar were married 19 Apr 1832 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio.
The Willie Lee Loftin Family Home Page
Betty L Beatty - InterneTree
Baumann Family Tree
Heritage includes German, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian roots. All of my great grandparents were born in the old countries. They emmigrated to the U.S. sometime around the turn of the last century (1880-1920).
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson: Surname List Gangwer/Gangewehr/Gangewere/Gongaware: Originating in Germany my Gangewehr ancestors settled in the Lehigh Co, Pa. area then a few including I believe a Samuel M. Gangwer moved to Seneca Co, Ohio. It seems the last name may have been changed on or about the same time as the move to Ohio. Bateson: Origination in England. Sturdevant: Originating in the Scandinavian countries, the Sturdevant/Sturdivant/Sturdavant surname is huge. Settling mostly in the south. John Sturdevant born in Connecticut about 1773. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel M Gangwer Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Sturdevant Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Bateson
Batey Family Tree
InterneTree: James M Batey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Samuel Reuben Ard Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ashley Micheala Batey Batey Family Tree: Surname List
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The William L. Bard Family
William Lewis Bard surname list
The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page
Barcom from Wisconsin and Canada, Meier later changed to Meyer from Wisconsin decended from John Meier in Germany, Johnston from the West Monroe, Oswego County New York area and the Sheboygan County Wisconsin area and Zettel from Wisconsin decended from Sebastian Zettel of Germany, the area of Bavaria. The name Barcom stems from the French name Berthiuame and is spelled by some branches as Barcomb, Barcome and several others. Zettel is sometimes spelled Zettl. Sebastian, Maria and their three children settled in Leroy, Wisconsin. Son Joseph later moved to West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin while daughter Maria, Teresa and son Xaver remained in the Leroy area . Joseph's son Albert settled in Baron, Wisconsin while the rest of his children remained in the West Bend area. Johan Meier settled in Washington County Wisconsin and his children settled primarily in the West Bend and Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I am a direct decendant of son Leopold Wilhelm Meir Sr. The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Purvis family of Western Pennsylvania. Jessie Mae Bowser, born (we think) in 1877 and died in 1908. Wife of Samuel Andrew (sometimes also listed as Samuel Anderson) Purvis. There was also a daughter, Leona V., twin to Merle L. who seems to have disappeared from family knowledge completely even though she was listed in the 1910 census. InterneTree: Jessie Mae Bowser
Janet Baldwin Family Home Page
Janet Baldwin surname list
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota: Surname List
B.Ballew's Ancestry Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Leonard Ballew, b. abt. 1802 Genealogy Report: Known Ancestors of B.Ballew (1730-1998) THE BALLEW's may have been religious (protestant) refugees from Flanders, relocating to France, and later to America. LILLY MARSHALL's lineage, through her maternal grandmother, appears to link to Simon de Montfort usurper of the English throne in 1265; the Plantagenet kings of England; their Norman forebear Henry I of England; Louis VI of France; Russian Grand Dukes of Kiev back to 877; Charlemagne; kings of Sweden, Norway and Finland back to the 200's; King Coel of Britain born 125 A.D.; Clodius II King of the West Franks died 20 A.D.; and other historic figures. THE MINTON's are said to be related to the famous Minton pottery/china founders in the United Kingdom. THE STRICKER's were German farmers living near the Volga River in Russia, who emigrated to Canada then to the United States.
From Here, There and Yonder
Renfro Family Tree Baker Family Tree Morrisett Family Tree Trett Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
Kim H Baker surname list
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa: Surname List
Doyle Baker Home Page
ANCESTORS OF DOYLE BAKER Adair 1680 1850 IRL VA NC GA JeffersonCo,AL Armstrong 1733 1850 LancasterCo,PA NC SC Arnett 1760 1850 IRL SC AnsonCo,NC Arrington 1815 1870 TN MarengoCo,AL/Wash.Co,AL/ChoctawCo,AL Bagwell 1720 now IRL HalifaxCo,NC SC JeffCo,AL FayetteCo,AL Baker 1790 now SC NC TuscaloosaCo,AL Beasley 1777 c1850 VA, Bradley 1800 now SC WalkerCo,AL Campbell 1645 1777 IRL AugustaCo,VA Carney 1795 1920 MS AL Craft 1800 now GA AL Davis 1808 1879 SC TuscaloosaCo,AL Dees 1675 1875 SCT VA NC ClarkeCo,AL SumterCo,AL, Dunn 1765 now GreeneCo,NC TN TuscaloosaCo,AL Earnest 1684 now VA WaltonCo,GA WalkerCo,AL Edington 1725 1865 BMU BaltimoreCo,MD RheaCo,TN WalkerCo,AL Evans 1744 now VA NC PerryCo,AL WalkerCo,AL Evans 1777 now VA JohnstonCo,NC TuscaloosaCo,AL Gammon c1825 c1900 JeffersonCo,AL Gant 1687 1900 VA Granville,NC SC TuscaloosaCo,AL Garrard 1750 1866 VA LincolnCo,NC JackCo,GA Dekalb/Fayette,AL Hill 1796 1863 JohnstonCo,NC TuscaloosaCo,AL Hopkins 1787 c1850 SmithCo,TN KnoxCo,TN Johnson 1825 1916 JohnstonCo,NC TuscaloosaCo,AL Kearney - see Carney Kerbow 1755 1886 QueenAnnesCo,MD NC SC TuscaloosaCo,AL Lollar 1714 now LincolnCo,NC SC MS TuscaloosaCo,AL McMillan 1761 1925 GranvilleCo,NC JacksonCo,GA TuscaloosaCo,AL Manuel 1775 1870 VA JeffersonCo,TN PerryCo,AL WalkerCo,AL May 1749 1863 VA NC Miller 1804 1900 GA Jack.Co,GA Marshall/Tusc./FayetteCos,AL Murray 1732 c1800 BaltimoreCo,MD Musgrove c1600 1875 ENG VA SC HanckCo,GA CockeCo,TN Walk.Co,AL Pearce 1675 c1709 BaltimoreCo,MD Rhea 1687 1876 IRL AugustaCo,VA RheaCo,TN WalkerCo,AL Shynn 1811 c1875 SC WalkerCo,AL Smiley c1725 1825 VA RockbridgeCo,VA AugustaCo,VA Steptoe 1702 1850 BaltimoreCo,MD Stout 1750 1825 NC ClarkeCo,AL Tate c1750 1850 SC HancockCo,GA CockeCo,TN Taylor 1777 c1860 NC FayetteCo,AL Thompson 1744 now ENG PA WilkesCo,GA Washington/ChoctawCo,AL Tipton 1657 1785 Kingston,JAM BaltimoreCo,MD Touchstone c1768 c1850 GA BaldwinCo,GA WashingtonCo,AL Vines c1720 c1800 VA Wallace 1817 1850 VA DallasCo,AL PerryCo,AL ChoctawCo,AL Wimberly c1800 c1900 WashingtonCo,AL MS Winton 1700 1825 IRL PA Jeff.Co,TN RheaCo,TN Tusc.Co,AL Witt c1750 c1850 NC JacksonCo,GA Wood c1680 c1809 VA NC York 1750 1850 JeffersonCo,AL
John Bailey & Crystal Dollar Lineage Seeking
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of . Bailey
Genealogy Research of John J. Bagby & Sherri Sch?efer Bagby
Book: The Bagbys
The Angela Babb Family Home Page
Angela M Babb - InterneTree
Tucker, Azzam, Wright, Parr, Merritt, Wilson Home Page
InterneTree: Sandra K Azzam Tucker, Azzam, Wright, Parr, Merritt, Wilson Home Page: Surname List
The Sonya Hubbard Aydell Family Page
Most of my immediate ancestors (grandparents) are from the North Louisiana area. Some of their parents are from Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. My father's great-great gradfather (William Henry Larkin Hubbard) is originally from Bell County, VA/KY. Supposedly his ancestors arrived in the colonies on one of the first boats to America.
My Genealogy Home Page
Bridget Avery surname list
The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi
InterneTree: Chester Atkins The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi: Surname List
Pollards of Virginia and North Carolina
Franklin Pollard was born on July 14, 1833 and died November 6, 1920.
The Stanley V. Asburys of New Orleans, LA
InterneTree: Linda Anders
Philip Trygve Arneson, Colorado Springs, CO
InterneTree: Trygve Arneson Philip Trygve Arneson, Colorado Springs, CO: Surname List
The Arnold's - Williams' Family Tree
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of James Arnold the Williams family of Letohatchee, AL. and the Arnold family of Mecklenburg, VA. James Arnold, Sr. of Mecklenburg Co., VA. b. abt 1715. James Arnold's son John Arnold b. abt 1750 in VA. Marion Taylor Williams b.1847 GA and Crawford Williams of SC and his wife Rutha Logan b.1813 NC. James Issac Cooper b.1829, AL and Alfred Moore b.1799, NC and his wife Sara Ann King b.1803 NC. The Arnold's - Williams' Family Tree: Surname List
The Gregory Arnold Family Home Page
Ansel Brooks Arnold may have been born in Red Hook NJ and moved to NYC. He had a son with Margaret Howland who may be be related to first Gov. of Plymouth colony. Their son's name was also Ansel Brooks Arnold. Ansel Brooks Jr. and his wife Anna Scofield gave birth to my Grandfather Charles Emmer Arnold on Oct 16, 1888 in NYC. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Ansel Brooks Arnold
The Shelby [Tom] T. Armstrong Family of Lexington, KY
Shelby Armstrong surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Roger William Armstrong
The G. V. Armstrong Home Page
Origins of Edward Riley, died in 1821, Orange Co., IN. Children seem to have been born in GA late 1700s. Edward with 2 grown children, William and Abraham, in Bedford Co., TN, 1812. Abraham S. Pearce, 20 years old in Hunt Co., TX, in 1850 census is earliest ancestor I've found on this line. He was enumerated with Ramsey family, later married Mary Ramsey.
The Archer Family
ARCHER - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire and London) BELSHAM - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire and London) BENNING - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire) HOWE - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire) InterneTree: Norman K Archer British Columbia Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Belsham Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Benning Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Howe Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Hawkes Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Archer
Homepage For David Arber & Lesley Arber (Nee Whittaker) Uk
ARBER - the branch goes back to our sixth great grandparents, John and Martha, who married around 1714 and lived in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. The earlier generations were mainly occupied as Bricklayers, but our third great grandfather Benjamin Arber became a miller and bought his own windmill in the late 1850's at Littleport, Cambridgeshire. DUDLEY - from Fazeley, Staffordshire and Stoke Golding in Hinckley, Leicestershire GREEN - from Tamworth, Staffordshire. HOWGATE - our line goes back to James and Susannah from Dewsbury, Yorkshire about 1800. STUBBINGS - Gt Wilbraham & Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire WHITTAKERS our line originates from the Nelson, Briarfields area of Lancashire. WILKINSON - starting with Allen c.1840's from Penistone, Yorkshire. InterneTree: Lesley Arber Report: Members of our Tree Genealogy Report: All our ancesters starting from our own children
Redden Jasper Lollar Family From Mississippi
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Redden Jasper Lollar I am a Decendent of Redden Jasper and Parthenia Cummings through their youngest child, Thomas Randall Lollar. Thomas was born in Mississippi and later moved to Texas after his parents passed away. He move to Texas with an Older Sister, whom at this point in my research believe to be Martha (Mattie) Lollar Thompson, born Feb 1862 in Mississippi. She and Hiram moved to Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas in the early 1900's. Mattie died in Wood County, Texas March 18, 1933. Hiram died before that time, possibly 1925-1927. Thomas R. Lollar married Lula Lee Lankford on July 13, 1906 in Henderson County, Texas. Many people believe that they Married in Van Zandt County, Texas, however their marrige is recorded in Henderson County, Texas. Lula was the Daughter of Pleasant Albert Lankford and Euginia Everett.
Family Of Sandra Lee Andreoff
Kimball and Longhurst of Canada. Powells and Bradshaws of Oaklahoma and Texas. Harrisons of Ohio and West Virgina. Davis from Wales. my Great Grandmother Mary Campbell married to Gemes (Jeemes) Powell. InterneTree: Sandra L Andreoff Report: Kinship of Sandra Lee Powell Family of Sandra Lee Andreoff: Surname List

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