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The Ferreira Baptista Family Home Page
Our family as we know it starts on November 27, 1887 in Vila Nova de Our?m, Portugal, with the birth of Jos? Ferreira Baptista. We know that his father?s name was Antonio Ferreira Baptista and his mother?s name Maria da Concei??o. His paternal grandparents were Serafim Ferreira and Maria Luiza and his maternal grandparents were Jos? Pereira and Maria da Concei??o. Jos? came to Brazil in the beggining of the 20th century. He arrived in Santos on May 4, 1908 and moved to Batatais, State of S?o Paulo to work in a coffee plantation. From Batatais he moved the Ara?atuba region. Jos? married Joaquina de Jesus and had tem children. And they are: Jos?, Antonio, Francisco, Albertino, Carlos (died when he was eight months old ), M?rio, Olinda, Oscar, Arlindo and Isaura. InterneTree: Fbio F Batista Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Serafim Ferreira Report: Kinship of Jos? Ferreira Baptista Genealogy Report: Descendants of Olinda Ferreira Batista Genealogy Report: Descendants of Antonio Ferreira Batista Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jos? Ferreira Baptista
Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12
All-in-One Tree of Ole Pedersen Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12: Surname List
The Antunes De Oliveira Family
Sergio M Antunes de oliveira - InterneTree
Fam?lias Zechinelli, Pizzi, Rigo, Alonso, Sola e outras
InterneTree: Angela Alonso Genealogy Report: Descendants of Pedro Rojo Genealogy Report: Descendants of Gabriel Alonso Genealogy Report: Descendants of Pizzi (m?e) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Lorenzo Zecchinelli Genealogy Report: Descendants of Luigi Riggo
Robinson Achutti Family Tree
InterneTree: Aloyzio C Achutti Porto Alegre
Imhof Family
Descendants of Leopold Imhof who immigrated from Germany to Brazil, coat of arms, surname history, photo album, curiosities.
Gustavo Dourado
Site do Poeta Gustavo Dourado\r\nBras?lia-Brasil
Dourado Website Poetry Family
Portal do Escritor Bahiano-Brasiliense\r\nGustavo Dourado\r\nPresidente do Sindicato dos Escritores\r\nwww.sindescritores.com.br\r\nBras?lia-Brasil\r\nFam?lia Dourado
Welcome to the page of Miguel, Lieve, Nadia, Thomas and Janna
A webpage about the Lomelino, de Freitas Lomelino, Botelho de Oliveira and Gidts families.

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