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Origin of Olin

Total Records: 6 
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Origin: French name can only trace back to Jersey.
Surnames: Jolin, Jollin
Submitted by: HEATHER JOLIN
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Origin: looking for some cousins from West Virgina
Surnames: Poling
Submitted by: Mindy
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Surnames: PAROLINI
Submitted by: LEW PAROLINE
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Origin: Parolini - parola means words and ini is little. mY grandfather was a man of few words
Surnames: Parolini
Submitted by: louise tesoriere
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Origin: Luscombe

means little valley of jest or little valley where they played (like a fair day?)

Latin origin means play, make sport of, jest, sportive, pastime

Celtic/low breton origin means little valley
Surnames: Lucolind, Lucombe
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Olin, Meaning of Olin

Origin: Originally My Great-Great-Grandfather's name was Gardiner (Norman). In order to evade a debt he changed his Name to Sutton since he lived in that town in Surrey, England, UK. They were (some still are) Farmers. The name originally means from the South of Town as indicated above. However, it was not uncommon in the UK from before the Dark Ages to give your Surname as that of were you were originally from. This is not to be confused with being Lord of that Manor, in which case you would be John De Sutton, for example. This, as in my case, could be the origin of other people having this Surname. Sutton is a very pleasant town not too far from London, and I feel a bit like I "own" the place, but I have'nt succeded in getting any free beers there yet for having our Surname (have a go! sic). Chris Sutton is a well known Soccer player (Striker) in the UK (Plays for Glasgow Celtic at the moment). Most Suttons in the UK live in the South and East, and have Blonde Hair (We have Dark Hair). Nevertheless I am proud to bear the Sutton given Surname from my Father.
Surnames: Sutton, Molina
Submitted by: Lucas

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