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Gustavo Basualdo / Buenos Aires / Argentina
Gustavo Basualdo Family Tree
Bob and Debbie's Family Tree
Martin Mellinger returned to Liditz, PA in 1863 after his medical discharge from the Army in Ohio. By 1865 Martin is in Stephenson Co, Illinois and marries Anna Sellers, also of PA. They have three daughter together, Mary, Sarah, and Emma Elizabeth. Emma and Sarah list Princeton Indiana as their place of birth. Sometime after Emma's birth in 1873, Martin and Anna divorced. In 1879 she is remarried in a Vigo Co. Census for 1880 to Chas. Calvin and living in Vigo Co. Emma Elizabeth Mellinger was my grandmother. Bob and Debbie's Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Ivan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Dominguez
Familia Audelo from Los Angeles Ca
InterneTree: Hourglass Tree of Mark Anthony Audelo My grandfather Jose Audelo was from Rosario, Mexico. My grandmother Beatris Cuevas (Audelo) was from Culiacan, Mexico. They came to the USA around 1930.
(Luz Apodaca, Delfina Holguin), (Reyes Telles, Josepha Aguiles), (Secundino Lemof, Felipa Mora),(Jesus Lucero, Juanita Trujillo). All in parenthesis were married to each other. I do believe all were born in the mid 1800's early 1900's and most Possibly lived in New Mexico. Secundino Lemof Was Full Blood Apache from southern New Mexico.
Anderson, Ennis, and Johnsons
InterneTree: Mathew Anderson Anderson, Ennis, and Johnsons: Surname List
Dayisy's Family Gathering
Southern roots transplanted in central and northeast Texas 1832-1850 from mainly VA, SC, GA, AL, Northern roots (PA, IN, IA) came much later. The south-of-the-border connection . . . well, they'll tell you Texas belonged to them Long Before any of the others arrived .... (Durango, Mexico). Links to other related families and genealogy research sites.

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