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Short Family Roots
The history & genealogy of Obediah (1795-1846) & Leona Foley Short (1795-1841) of Patrick Co., VA & Floyd Co., GA. Some of their children removed to TX & WV.
Hemlock Hill
Mostly Southern families in the USA
Pioneers, Patriots, Puritans & Scalawags
Contains over 9200 individuals! Pictures, Stories & Military Records. Family History information includes easy-to-read family group sheets with Notes & Sources viewable.
Northwestern Humphreys County, Tennessee, Ancestors
Descendants of Lynde Latimer and James Cooley; including Latimer, McGee, Cooley, Hall, and Carter.
Central Missouri Families
This site contains individual names along with their birth & death dates/locations from many families who lived in several central Missouri counties during the 1800s. Also included are several ancestral lines extending back to the colonies and some even to Europe. The European ancestors mostly arrived in the colonies during the 1700s and settled primarily in Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas.
Popp Family Genealogy Web Page
All research notes are on line on this web page. One of my lines descends from Edward Fuller who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
McCoy / Solly Genealogy
Researching the Solly / Solley / Soley / Soly family of Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA along with related lines - Wood - Esher - McCoy - Taylor - Rittenhouse - Morell - Severn and others. Featuring: -Transcriptions of primary records involving these families -Photographs -Cemetery records -Military records -Family letters -Deeds
My York and Baer Family
Searching for my York's from Alabama, migrated to OK and some to TX. Greatgrandfather Joseph York b. 1850 AL> General Jackson York b. 1875 AL> Lee York b. 1886 AL> Some family given names: General, Franklin, Cleveland, Harlton, Lee, Jackson, etc.
Durieux Genealogy
A family homepage dedicated to finding our ancestors and their families
Dittus Family Home Page
the Dittus family. My line came over in the early 1850's and settled in Kankakee Co., IL. They were farmers and my great, great-grandfather's farm has been listed as a Centennial Farm.
Melinda Beard Family Home Page
Melinda D Beard surname list
D * N * A ~ Beachboard and Timblin Trees
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of William Beachboard D * N * A ~ Beachboard and Timblin Trees: Surname List
Kirkland Ancestry
my grandfather, William Monroe Kirkland, b: 2/10/1869 d:11/20/1957 Desha, Independence Co., Arkansas. his father, John Dooley Kirkland, b: about 1845, d: 2/11/1923. John Dooley's wife was Susan Elizabeth Martin, birth: 3/20/1849, death: February 4, 1889.
Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan
Laura McKinnon, born about 1903 in California, died Dec. 1938. Married Sylvester W. Barnes of Indiana and moved to Mt. Clemens, MI before the 1930 census. Joseph H.W. Huffman, born 1805 in Ohio, died 22 Sept 1883. Married Amelia Peterson. Second marriage to Mary Montgomery of Greenfield, OH, on July 8, 1827. Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan: Surname List
Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.
Report: Kinship of Or Eughiootee, Elizabeth Coody Genealogy Report: Descendants of Milton Calvin Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of Matthew Deatherage Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Chandler Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Grant Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.: Surname List
The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA
Book: John Michael Beamer The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA: Surname List
Leah Ann Jackson Family Tree
The Findings of My Barber Genealogy
InterneTree: Ancestor Fan Tree of Edwin Mae Barber, Sr. The Findings of My Barber Genealogy: Surname List
Charles Owen Baughman. of Schoolcraft Mich.
Charles Owen Baughman surname list
The Michael B. Bateman Family of Hampton, Virginia
Michael Bateman - InterneTree
Civey's and Bate's of Nebraska
Gretchen Annette Civey Family Tree
The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
The C. Batham Family Home Page
Batham - London pre-1940 Foley - Brooklyn pre-1890 Stroface - New York pre-1910 Cohan - New York pre-1910 McCormick New York pre-1900 Kennemur, Kennemore, Genheimer - Arkansas pre-1910 Cottle - Georgia pre-1900 InterneTree: Clifford C Batham
The Bassett Family of Tarrytown, NY
The family of William A. Bassett of Tarrytown, NY and Dorothy McFadden Bassett of Pocantico Hills, NY. Foley branch of family from Pocantico Hills, NY formerly in dairy farming. McFaddens of Long Island Area, NY and Mulligans of Cleveland Area, OH.
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery Co, Ky.
Ancestors of John W. Basford, b, 1790, Va. Married Elizabeth Norris, 1809 in Mason,Co, Ky. b, 1792 in Va. Daughter of John Norris and Hannah McCarty. Children-- Issac, James, John Jr.,Elizabeth,Hannah, Mary Ann, Martha, All lived in Bath Co, Ky. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John W .Basford,Sr. Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery,Co. Ky.: Surname List
Barr's & Robinson's
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Martha Susan Robinson Barr's & Robinson's: Surname List
Thomas and Margaret Barylski of Livonia, MI
Report: The Relatives of Barylski and Murtagh
Nancy Cooper Bannister's Genealogy Site
Vivian I Hughes Descendant Tree Charles H Bannister Descendant Tree InterneTree: Nancy L Bannister Report: Nancy's FTM Database Report: Nancy's 2nd FTM Database Report: Nancy's 3rd FTM Database Report: Kinship of Nancy Cooper Bannister User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas /Joel? Cooper
Bandt Caves
InterneTree: Gayle Lynn Bandt Report: Marriage Report Bandt Caves: Surname List
The Balfours of Northern NY With Roots, Limbs & Branches
John Balfour and his family migrated from the Brockville, Ontario, Canada area to live in Ogdensburg, NY. At the time, his family was regarded as 1 of the 3 largest families in Ogdensbsurg. His son, Robert, married Eilzabeth McKim when she was in her late 30s. In time, they went their separate ways. Elizabeth took her children and moved to Watertown while Robert returned to Canada and even visited Scotland.
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Lloyd V Ball
The Balfour, Clark Clan
My Balfour Line: Kenneth Scott Balfour m. Francis Dawn Clark. William Scott Balfour m. 1st W. Ada May Williams 2nd W. Daisy Williams. John Balfour m. Isabella Scott. Thomas Balfour m. Anne Rodger. John Balfour m. Mary Gosman. William Balfour m. Alison Mitchell. John Balfour m. Jean Wilson. Thomas Balfour m. Helen Bowman. George Balbirnie Balfour m. Agnes Lumsdain. George Balfour m. Janet Lathangie. David Balfour m. Margaret Scott. My Clark Line: Walter Ferris Clark m. Doris Vasey. Arthur Clark m. Sophia Francis Blanckenhagen. Julie A Balfour - InterneTree
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Amanda Ball surname list
Baker Family Home Page
My father, Louis Himber, was born in this country of Russian/Polish Jewish parents who came from around Warsaw. My mother, Charlotte Brenner Himber, was also born in America, but her parents were originally from Galicia and moved here from Bremen, Germany. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Samuel Baker Baker Family Home Page: Surname List
The Flanagans of Pa.
Patrick Flanagan. Husband of Ellen Ramsey. They were married in 1900 in Pa.
Samuel Baker (b.abt 1805, England) to Henry H. Baker (1893)
Richard A Baker - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Samuel Baker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel Baker Samuel Baker family (b.1605) who came to US in 1835 on the Elizabeth & Ann settling in Marshfield, MA. This Baker branch left Marshfield in 1720s going to North Yarmouth, ME. Samuel Baker (b.abt 1805, England) to Henry H. Baker (1893): Surname List

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