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Lunn Family of Surrey, England, c1820-now
Here's a summary of my Lunn family. It's here so if you\re searching the web for my ancestors we can get in contact.
Theys Family Tree
Theys from belgium. Settled in northeast Wisconsin.
Swanhart Genealogy - Our Shared Past
Many founding families of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
My Place And Our Families
Assorted surname information, Information on Bucks, Lehigh County Pa also some information on the Steamboat the Sultana
Nicolas Blackhurst's Home Page
This is a list of the people responsible for my being here. If you wish to blame anyone, blame them! It was their fault. There are also links to other useful sites
Young (Slaford Lancashire) Family Tree
Please contact if any details.
Toles Family Web Page
The descendents of Joseph Mac Toles
Chapman, Cheshire, Fred, Spradling Family History
Genealogy of various families.
Craddick family
A Kiwi Adams finding his Roots!
Dedicated in memory of my Ancestors from England,Ireland and Denmark who emigrated to an unknown land, New Zealand, and settled mainly in the Marlborough, Nelson, Otago, Taranaki, Wairarapa & Wellington Provinces
Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Sidney Dix and Isadora J. (Nicoles) Dix
Includes the collective investigations into the family history of Albert Sidney DIX, his wife, Isadora (NICOLES) Dix, as well as their parents, siblings, and descendants. Search focuses on the family of Alexander Franklin DIX, and his eldest son, Albert Sidney DIX, and Albert's family. Most of their lives were spent in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, and the timeline begins in 1833.
Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan
Laura McKinnon, born about 1903 in California, died Dec. 1938. Married Sylvester W. Barnes of Indiana and moved to Mt. Clemens, MI before the 1930 census. Joseph H.W. Huffman, born 1805 in Ohio, died 22 Sept 1883. Married Amelia Peterson. Second marriage to Mary Montgomery of Greenfield, OH, on July 8, 1827. Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan: Surname List
The Cindy Beakes Family Home Page
Vallandingham/Vanlandingham that lived in St. Mary's County, Md. The Coles that lived in the Osceola County, Michigan area. The Jackson family from Savannah, GA.,The Corry family from GA. The Horn or Horne family in GA,. The Zentz family from Dunkirk, NY. The Peek family from Dunkirk, NY. The Paxton Family from Dunkirk, NY. The Glosser family from Dunkirk, NY. The Anderson family from Buffalo, NY.
Bateman - Hall Family Tree of Saskatchewan, Canada
Valerie S Bayer surname list
Ancestors of Mary Sophia Bauer
Andrew Bauer surname list
The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page
Frederick ROCHLITZ (1816-1890) was from Pomerania, Germany and died in Pulaski, Iowa. He was married to Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING (1820-1897). They lived in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. They had 7 children: Wilhelmine, Augusta, Frederick, Ernestine,Mary, William and August. Charles Gotlieb ULRICH (1839-1913) was born in Hammermuchle,Germany and died in Dewitt, Nebraska. He was married to Johannah GRAFF (1844-1879/81). They lived in Illinois where Johannah is buried. They had 6 children: Anna, Wilhemina, Albert, Mary, Charles, and Edward. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frederick Rochlitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Gotlieb Ulrich The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page: Surname List
The Family of Jean Cabanski of Chicago
Eugenia (Jean) BANACH married Frank CABANSKI in Chicago sometime in 1944. They had five children: Maryann, Monica, Frank, Tom and Robert. In 1959, Jean married Emeterio (Tello) GARDUNO of Cuernavaca, Mexico. They had one child: Maura. 1. Henry Stanley BANACH, originally from Warsaw Poland and his wife, Marie LULA Banach, originally from Budapest Hungary - both settled in Chicago around the first part of the century. 2. Joseph LULA from Budapest Hungary - father of Marie Lula Banach, Joseph came to America between 1901 and 1906 the year Marie arrived here with her stepmother, Ludwika Skawa Lula. 3. Francis Charles CABANSKI of Chicago IL. His parents were John Cabanski and Maryanna POLESKI. It is unknown when or where they arrived in the USA possibly around 1900.
The Bass and Sloan Family
Edward G Bass AL - InterneTree User Home Page Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Edward Gene BASS.II
The Bass/Sloan Family Page
Edward Gene Bass surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
William G Barnes SURNAME LIST
My Genealogy Home Page
Holly Banks surname list
The Sidney W. Ball family of New Orleans,LA.
Marjorie Keeny Ball - InterneTree
Loren & Barbara (Sipe) Balcom of Franklinville NY
Amos J Sipe(4/10/1846) & Cabella (H) Sipe(7/1847 John H Sipe (11/24/1870) & Ella Sipe 3/31/1877 Married 11/9/1893 Lenn T Sipe 9/6/1896 & Minnie (Starr) Sipe (9/22/1901) Any information on Wilber B Starr 8/13/1869 & Annabell(Martin)Starr 6/16/1875 Married 4/1/1896 their children Milford Starr (9/10/1899)Birth (11/23/1946)died Minnie A Starr (9/22/1901) (2/12/1989) Nettie E Starr (4/2/1905) (4/2/1957) Wlbur R Starr (2/24/1912) (12/28/1954) Albert J. Starr (8/27/1915)
Bushell Family Page
InterneTree: Alan Baldwin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richard Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hillarie Douty Genealogy Report: Descendants of Michael Hogben Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Cobus Bushell Family Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Les Bakke surname list
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa: Surname List
The Baird's of New York
InterneTree: William Michael Baird The Baird's of New York: Surname List
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Flora Baird surname list
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Else Andersen
The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota
InterneTree: Gayle Diane (Ford) Wyant The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota: Surname List
Myron L Bacon of Rotonda, Florida
The Freemans came out of Nova Scotia and the Bacons out of Gorham and Bridgton Maine. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Myron L Jr Bacon Myron L Bacon of Rotonda, Florida: Surname List
The Valentine Backes/Barbara Lich Family Tree Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Valentine Backes
Michele's Family Tree Page
Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Rebecca Jane Billingsley Genealogy Report: Descendants of John B Spoon Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Helen Faye Boles Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Goble I Genealogy Report: Descendants of Lewis Shelton
Avey/Grekul Home Page
Joan Avey surname list
The Amedio /Braud Connection
Jasper John Amedio, of New Orleans, La. Jasper John Amedio married Mamie Theresa Spinnato about 1936. They had three children: Kelly, Josephine and Phyliss Ann. Joseph Michael Braud, of Slidell, Louisiana. Born in Galveston, Texas but spent a majority of his life in New Orleans and Slidell, La. He married Marie Rose Crochet in 1937. They had four children: Joseph John, Mary Louise, Julia Ann and Lynn Marie Braud.
My Genealogy Home Page
Bridget Avery surname list

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