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Zumberge Family Tree: Minnesota Back To Hannover, De
descendents of Florence Mae Zumberge Peterson, daughter of Herbert Samuel Zumberge, spouse of Paul Kumlin Peterson. Zumberge's in North America, specifically Ohio and Texas InterneTree: Nancy J Anderson MN ZumBerge Family Tree: Minnesota back to Hannover, DE: Surname List
Mark & Tammy Alberthal's Family Home Page
Martha Abram Born 1852\r\nPeter Alberthal Born 1830 Coblenz, Germany\r\nDavid Aughtry Born 1790's\r\nNancy Simpson Authtry Born 1816\r\nDorothea (Dartha) Bock Born 1837 Rachlem, Germany\r\nJohann Casper Danz Born 1818 Germany\r\nGeorge Adam Doell Born 1837 Roszdorf, Germany\r\nJohnann Gerlach Ducker Born 1798 Emmerzhausen, Germany\r\nJohannes Peter Ducker Born 1766 Getauft, Germany\r\nErnestine Ferch Born 1840's Germany\r\nHeinrich Friedrich Born 1842 Saxon, Germany\r\nElizabeth Goelzer Born 1831 Coblenz, Germany\r\nElizabeth Habich Born 1800's Germany\r\nMagdelene Hohmann Born 1845 Frankenheim, Germany\r\nMaria Elizabeth Hummel Born 1700's Emmerzhausen, Germany\r\nNicklaus Jacoby Born 1807 Oberkasten, Germany\r\nElishia Elizabeth Jenkins Born 1780 \r\nWilhelmina Knetch Born 1838 Nassau\r\nHeinrich Langehennig Born 1830 Hanover, Germany\r\nJames Marks Born 1850's\r\nElizabeth McGraw Born 1790's\r\nEdna Earl Newton Born 1882 Burnet, TX\r\nJim Newton Born 1850's\r\nCharles Pressley Born 1765 France or Ireland\r\nJohn Pressley Born 1740's\r\nFrank Reasoner Born 1800's Ireland\r\nDorothea Riszling Born 1813 Germany\r\nMaria Elizaberth Sauer Born 1800's Germany\r\nJohanna Schultzen Born 1800's Germany\r\nMarie Katherine Tatsch Born 1830's PrMark & Tammy Alberthal
Ahnentafel of August Zoske
My research is about my grandfather August Zoske and the relatives from Pommern I have.

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