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Leaves, Twigs & Branches of the Wallner & Courtot Family Trees
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WEST Family
We are researching the families of James & Rhodes West who came to Middle Tennessee from the Carolinas. He along with these families, AYERS, DeFORD, McMILLEN, TAYLOR, LACKEY, WYATT, WILSON, SANDERS and others
traveled to Washington County, Georgia, and later into settled in Lincoln County, Tennessee.
The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas
My search starts with the marriage of Wyatt Parker Lochabay from Georgia and Delilah Caroline Davidson of Alabama, in Perry, county Alabama on September 19, 1847 and Robert Elijah Beasley born on April 14,1863, and Mary Elizabeth O'Rear born April 9,1866, she died before 1917,also Emerson Cooper Austin, born August 19,1853, in Kentucky and Lucinda Marillo Thompson, November 1, 1856 in Flatonia,Texas.They were married there on May 27,1875, also Eddie A. Williams and Willie Ethyl Walker, married in about 1890 in Ellis,Navarro Or maybe Tarrant county Texas. The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas: Surname List
The Beard-Cooper Family Home Page
BEARD-BARTH GER-Van Wert Co., OH-Allen, Co., IN 1600-PRESENT SMITH Greenville, SC 1600-PRESENT ESTRIDGE Charlotte, NC-SC 1600-PRESENT PUGH Grays Chapel, NC 1600-PRESENT GREEN Charlotte, NC 1700-1915 COOPER ENG-NJ-PA-OH 1600 - PRESENT ENGELHARDT GER-Holmes Co., OH 1600-PRESENT ENDSLEY OH 1600-1915 TRAUGHBER OH 1600-1900 WORKMAN-WOERTMAN HOLL-NY-NJ-MD-OH 1400-1880 JOHNSTON OH 1600-1850 CONNOR VA-OH 1600-1800 CRITCHFIELD MD 1600-1765 RAGEL Brooklyn, NY 1600-1735 DENYSE Brooklyn, NY 1600-1660 ZILLAS GER-Holmes, Co., OH 1600-1835 RICHARDS OH 1600-1910 PRESTON OH 1600-1890 MATHENY-De METTENEYE-METHANAY-De THOIRE FRA-ENG-VA-PA-OH 900-1870 WOLFE OH 1600-1855 OCKER OH 1600-1835 BAYLISS NY-OH-IA 1600-1825 THOMPSON VA 1600-1815 PARKER VA 1600-1745 MASON Stafford, Co., Fairfax, Co., VA 1600-1690 WENTWORTH ENG-VA 1600-1665 BARNES Frederick Co., MD-PA-OH 1600-PRESENT PRICE Frederick, Co., MD 1600-1790 LUDWIDK PA-OH 1600-1800 WAGER PA 1600-1780 SUPPLEE PA 1600-1750 GROOM PA 1600-1725 McNEAL IRELAND-PA?-IN 1600-1935 HARTER VA-IN 1600-1915 KELLY OH 1600-1900 REIDENBAUCH OH - 1800
Family History of Joseph Stephen Beard
Family History of Joseph Stephen Beard: Surname List
The Beacham's and Marlow's of North Carolina
The Beacham's and Marlow's of North Carolina: Surname List
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson: Surname List Gangwer/Gangewehr/Gangewere/Gongaware: Originating in Germany my Gangewehr ancestors settled in the Lehigh Co, Pa. area then a few including I believe a Samuel M. Gangwer moved to Seneca Co, Ohio. It seems the last name may have been changed on or about the same time as the move to Ohio. Bateson: Origination in England. Sturdevant: Originating in the Scandinavian countries, the Sturdevant/Sturdivant/Sturdavant surname is huge. Settling mostly in the south. John Sturdevant born in Connecticut about 1773. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel M Gangwer Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Sturdevant Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Bateson
The Batts from Bay of Islands, NFLD.
The Batts from Bay of Islands, NFLD.: Surname List
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The Christina Batzle Family Home Page
Thomas Brownell family of Derbyshire, England, who was born in 1608. The Christina Batzle Family Home Page: Surname List
Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland
William Baskin Sr. French & Indian War (1700-1770)my 5th great- grandfather. Hugh Baskin American Revolution (1743-1797) my 4th great-grandfather. Robert McKinley Baskin War of 1812 (1790-1871) my 3rd great-grandfather. William Carrol Baskin Sr. Civil War (1829-1906) my 2nd great-grandfather. Robert Peyton Baskin World War I (1895-1964) my grandfather's older brother. InterneTree: Benjamin C Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bailey Williams Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Great Forester Anacker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hugh Graham Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bannister Harper Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland: Surname List
James Lloyd is my Great-great grandfather. I have been told that when the Lloyd's came from England to America, some went to Canada, some went west and some traveled south. James' father may have been Benjamin Lloyd. James is believed to have come from Virginia to Georgia to Kings Ferry in Nassau County, Florida in the early 1800's. In the 1820 Camden Co census, he is shown with 2 males under 10 yrs old and 1 female under 15 years old. I believe he was previously married and came here with his children. He married Susannah Wingate from Kings Ferry, Fl in 1822. Their descendants lived on both sides of the St Mary's River at Kings Ferry, Kent & Elbow on the Florida side and Camp Pinckney, Coleraine, Traders Hill and St George in Camden County on the Georgia side. Part of Camden County became Charlton County in 1854.
The (Timothy Dale) BARTERS of Dover, New Hampshire
Timothy Dale Barter family tree
William Valentine Ball. He was born Oct.4,1834 in Rock Island Canada. He moved from Sherbrooke Canada to Sierra County California in 1856. The family of Marshall Bronson. He was born May 12,1811 in Susquehanna County Penn. He came to Sierra Valley in the 1850's. The family of Joseph Dyson. He was born Oct.12,1843 in Toronto Canada and came to Sierra Valley in the 1860's. Roscoe Lausen Atkins born 1872 in Ill. and came to California. robert b ball - InterneTree THE BALL FAMILY OF SIERRA VALLEY: Surname List
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
The Crocker Higgins and Anderson Roots Search
my grandfather ,Eric Harnoca Anderson,was Swedish and spent his life as a dentist and married Virginia crocker after they met in Alameda CA. Virginia Crocker was a decendent of the Higgins family .
Amanda N. Baltz Family Tree
Book: Amanda N. Baltz InterneTree: Ancestors of Kimberly Anne Clark
Amanda Nichole Baltz Family Tree
InterneTree: Kimberly Baltz
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
Chris Balston's Family Home Page
feudal Dorset and its yeoman farmers (the Balstons), to maritime Fifeshire at the time of King James 111 (the Woods, who number among their ilk the celebrated sea Admiral Sir Andrew Wood of Largo and the renowned Victorian explorer Captain John Wood), to the Tower of London in the early eighteenth century and its tipple loving Master Armourer John Grimer, and to rural Gloucestershire where my earliest traced Trinder ancestor is found farming in Bishops Cleeve, Nr. Cirencester. Later travels in time brought me to the Pinwills of Ermington, Devonshire, including The Reverend Edmund Pinwill and his seven highly talented daughters who set up their own carving business. Their ancesters included the Rashleighs of Menabilly, Cornwall including Jonathan Rashleigh of Civil War fame, made famous by Daphne Du Maurier's novel The King's General. Chris Balston's Family Home Page: Surname List
The Baker and Collen families of McHenry County, Illinois
descendants of Rev. Nicholas Baker (1610-1678) from Hingham,MA through NY, VT, and IL. The Baker and Collen families of McHenry County, Illinois : Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Sarah Bailey
The Bakers of Camp Hill, PA
Deborah Marie Baker surname list
The Ancestors of the Cockerham,Barton, Cloud, or Meadows
Robert Matthew Barton (1894-1951). His father was Rev. Jim Barton. His mother was Lucie? They lived in the Winnfield, LA area. Cockerham family of Winnfield. Delilah Cloud Meadows of LA, (1876-1978). Her husband, Ollie Meadows.
JASON PAUL BAILEY surname list
Bailey/Christ - DeFelice/Elgrim Online Family Tree Site
InterneTree: Dave Bailey
The Bailey Family
My great grandfather was Ranel or Randall Bailey. He was born about 1848 and died about 1944. InterneTree: Clintine E Bailey The Bailey Family: Surname List
Baggett Crane Brasher Ray Horn Mullins McCay Elmore Bibb@AL
Terry A Baggett surname list Baggett Crane Brasher Ray Horn Mullins McCay Elmore Bibb@AL: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Sarah Jane Stafford (Raddish)
Philip Henry CROTWELL born abt 1750 ..................George CROTWELL born 1791 Dtr: Elizabeth CROTWELL, her husband George Hemiter & family Dtr: Sally CROTWELL, her husband William Atkinson & family Dtr: Margaret CROTWELL and David C Reeder and their four Children; Newton, Louisa, Phillip, and Mary They lived in the Jefferson Co., AL area from the early 1830's to?
Millenium Genealogy The Babbitt History & Story Page.
Edward Bobet-1630-1675 Mass.Elkanah-1665-1735 Mass.Benjamin-1706-1752 Mass.Able-1740-1824-Mass. Vt.Able-1766-1850-Vt.Isaac Wellman-1850-Vt. N.Y.Francis Crocker-1841-1926-Vt. Ohio Wisc.Benjamin Lucius-1875-1955-Wisc.Kenneth Carl-1913-1994 Wisc.Ronald Kenneth-1934- Wisc. Minn.
JAMES HENRY BABB surname list
The Babyak Family of Hudson, OH
My mother's family, from the Bradfords to the Edwards of Seville and Oberlin, OH, came to America on the Mayflower. Amasa Prindle and Tryphena Miller of Erie County, PA, my father's family. InterneTree: Ann E Babyak OH Descendant Tree of John Howland
The Abraham Howe Family Tree
Book: Howe
Thomas Ayer m. Elizabeth Rogers(England), their son John Ayer m. Hannah Evered(b. Wiltshire, England.) VREELAND(APPROX 1850), JOHN SLATER(1845), ARLINGTON MEACH(1841), James and Alonzo McMaster 1795-1840. they lived in Nunda, N.Y. or immediate vicinity.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: William Earl Abbett
Howard Brooks Austin
Howard Brooks Austin: Surname List
Pursey and Tryde Families in Australia
Bill Pursey surname list

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