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Welcome to the beginning of my Family Tree! I\m new at this and have only been researching my Sloan ancestry since December 1999. Needless to say, I\ve only just begun and have a long way to go! I only hope that this effort to record and share what I have found will help someone else who, like myself, has just gotten started.
Webb Family Genealogy Homepage
A history of the Webb Family from Kinsale to Piggoreet
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: William R Armstrong
Genealogy of Helen & Greg Baldwin
Shows the genealogy of Helen & Greg Baldwin.

o STRONG - Devon, England
o WILSON - Ayr, Scotland >New Zealand
Other names of families associated through marriage, on my paternal side, that I am researching are:
o BAILEY - Plymouth, Eng>New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o BROWN - Wellington, New Zealand
o COKER - Rongeta, Wellington, New Zealand
o CROALL - Arbroath, Scotland > New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o CROZIER - Down, NIR > New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o JARVIS - (?) > New Zealand > Australia
o LANDER - Devon, England > New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o LANGDON - (?) > New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o MARKWELL - Lincolnshire, England > Queensland, Australia
o MARLEY - Durham/Northumberland>Queensland, Australia
o PRINGLE - Durham/Northumberland, England
o SILVESTER - Chard, Somerset, England > Queensland, Australia
o SOLE - Kent, England > New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
o WARBURTON - Cheshire, England>New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
Maternal Line:
My maternal line has been some what more rewarding and contains a far greater list of names that I'm researching.
The main names on my maternal lineage are:
o ASHMORE - Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o BENTON - Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o BIRCH - Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire, England > Queensland, Australia
o BRODIE - Banffshire, Scotland
o BRUCE - Yorkshire, England
o CLARK - Rhynie & Essie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
o CAMERON - Black Isle, Inverness, Scotland
o CONNOR - Down, NIR
o DAKIN - Staffordshire, England
o DANGERFIELD - Shropshire/Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o GRANT - Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
o LAURANCE - Banffshire, Scotland
o LEYLAND - Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o McINTOSH - Inverness/Ross & Cromarty, Scotland > Queensland, Australia
o McKENZIE - Banffshire/Moray, Scotland
o McLEAN - Banffshire/Moray, Scotland > Queensland, Australia
o McLEAVY - Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
o OLIVER - Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
o REEVES - Yorkshire, England
o ROBERTSON - Banffshire/Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
o SIMKIN - Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o SIMPSON - Banffshire/Moray, Scotland
o SMILIE - Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
o SPOURS - Yorkshire, England
o STUART - Inverness, Scotland
o WHITEHOUSE - Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
o WILKINSON.- Yorkshire, England
o WYNN - Shropshire/Staffordshire/Warwickshire, England
Other names of families associated through marriage, on my maternal side, that I am researching are:
o BE(I)RKLEY - Northumberland, England
o CARR - Northumberland, England
o CASSIE - Aberdeenshire, Scotland
o COPE - Queensland, Australia
o DEAN - Elgin, Moray, Scotland
o FRANCES - Queensland, Australia
o HOLLETT - Queensland, Australia
o HUDSON - Queensland, Australia
o INGLIS - Banff/Moray, Scotland
o MELVIN - Elgin, Moray, Scotland
o MERRELL - Queensland, Australia
o RUDD - Westmoreland, England > Queensland, Australia
o SPRENGER - Queensland, Australia
o STROHFELDT - Queensland, Australia
o WAKEFIELD - Stoud, Gloucester, England > Yorkshire, England & Queensland, Australia
o YOUNG - Northumberland, England
CARMICHAEL, DARBY, DUTTON, EDWARDS, MULLETT, PEPPER, SCOTT, THORPE and O'ROURKE families represent Helen's Koorie ancestry and are but a small number of the Koorie genealogies that we have compiled of Victorian Koorie families.
The CROSBIE Heritage
History and Genealogy of the Crosbie and Associated Families
The CROSBIE Heritage
History and Genealogy of the Crosbie and Associated Families
The Cash Family, And Other Surnames
The Cash side of the family originates in Arkansas and is of Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee descent, The Kennelly side of the family originates in Milwaukee, via Cleveland, and is of Irish and German descent.? The Trettins come from Pommern, Germany

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