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Captain Thomas Askey Family of Central PA
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Affy Deas b. 1829 is the daughter of an African father circa 1795 and a mother from Bermuda circa 1795. They traveled to Charleston, SC where they remained to raise a family. Affy lived in Charleston all of her life and married Robert circa 1854. Together they had five children: Robert Jr., Joseph b. 1857, William, Ellen, and Samuel. They lived in Charelston in the colored section called Charleston's Neck. This was a predominately free-colored area of Charleston. Robert Sr. died sometime between 1855 and 1870 leaving his widow to raise their five children. At the age of 13, Joseph opened a bank account with the Freedman's Bureau in Charleston under the supervision of his mother. It was on the bank application, the first known signature of the young Joseph is seen. The family lived on King Street near Queen Street in Charleston. In 1882 Joseph began driving for the FH Trenholm Company. He married Celia Kinlock, also of Charleston on Dec. 20, 1882 and the young couple moved to Henry Ct. Celia Kinlock is believed to be the great great grandaughter of Elizabeth Hardcastle, an African Princess hailing from Angola, Africa. Elizabeth Hardcastle was given by the King, her grandfather, to be wedded to an Anerican ship captain, Captain Cleland KiTerri Allen

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