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Powell's , that were from Va. Ky. Or. Ok, Desecdant of Obediah Powell Died 1804 had a Son Samuel Powell Born August 13 1791 James River County VA, Died in 1870. . O'leary's who came from Cork Ireland, then went to Ill. Descecdant of William O'leary Born 1860 who married Kate Anna Besling Born June 20 1892. Desecdant of James Hopkinson born 1765 In England married Sarah Dawtry. Great Grandadaughter Mary Hopkinson born September 14 1870 married Thomas Power born May 30 1860 . Powells Descedant of William Powell born 1470 England. Genearations later Thomas Elijah Powell born August 16 1891 in Tiger , Banks County GA, Shirleys Descedant of Robert Shirley born 1621 England, Generations later David Newton Shirley born July 18 1834 Ga. marries Rebecca Ann Ivester. Allenby's descecant of James Allenby born November 7 1837 married Elizabeth Wright. Ivesters decedant of Huge Ivester ( name original Isbister) born 1755 in Scotland . Generations later marries into the Shirley line. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John O'Leary Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Power Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Hopkinson Genealogy Report: Descendants of Obediah Powell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ambrose Powell

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