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Origin of Ive

Total Records: 16 
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Origins of Diverio surname / Genealogy and Imigration from Brazil
Surnames: DIVERIO
Submitted by: Adriano Diverio
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: The name was first spelled CUYVETTE and afterwards spelled Kivette.
Surnames: Kivett
Submitted by: D Madison Bass
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: the name reeve originates in the county os Norfolk u.k and a 'reeve'was a water bailif a similar name occured on the scottish borders namely reive the norfolk name was changed to shire reeve and ultimately to sherif as in 'the sherif of nottingham (see robin hood)
Surnames: Reeve, Reeves, Reive
Submitted by: david j reeve
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Hickenloopers first came to America from Mittleschlechtbach, Germany in October 1754. The ship 'Peggy' on which Andreas Heckenleib arrived in this country sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, thus many think the name is Dutch. I have been told the name means 'hedge-hopper/thief.' I understand there are still Heckenliables in Germany today. Some Heckenliables ventured through eastern Europe and Russia first, before coming to America. When they arrived they called themselves Heckenlively.
Surnames: Heckenlaible, Heckenleib, Heckenlively, Hickenlooper, Hickenloover
Submitted by: Emily Dikis
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Have found a Robert Privet in Old Alresfor, Hampshire, England. He married Alce Smyth Nov 14, 1585.
Surnames: Privet, Privett, Privitt
Submitted by: Mark Privitt
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: The first mention of the Driver name is found in the 100 Rolls of England, compiled in the reign of Edward the 1st.this is a record of those who owned lands there during the time of William the Conquerer.
Surnames: Driver, Drivers, Dryver
Submitted by: Pauli Driver Smith
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: The surname FIFIELD appears to be derived from an old Anglo-Saxon measure of land, the hide. A hide was the amount deemed necessary to support a family, and varied according to the quality of the land. A common family group was five hides of land Several small English villages are called Fifield or a variant. There are over 60 variants of the name Fifield
Surnames: Fefeld, Fifield, Fivefield, Fyfield, Fyphild, Phifield, Phyfield
Submitted by: Jacqueline Woolnough
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: My research tells me that the Name Pruitt originated in Scotland.
Surnames: Pruitt, Prewett, Pruit, Privet
Submitted by: Dee Pruitt Beaman-Heroux
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: I am searching for info on the Greives or Greiwe from Hamburg IN area, namely relation of Herman Henry Greiwe
Surnames: greives
Submitted by:
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: An ancestor, most likely Herveus de Kipier, married a daughter of the earl Percy on Northern England in the late 12th century. Her dowry was the manor of Topcliffe in Yorkshire so her husband styled himself de Toppeclyve. The vast majority of us descend from this marriage.
Surnames: Topcliffe, Topley, Topliff, Tapley, Tokely, Tockley, Toclive, Tocklyffe, Toplin, Taplin, Toppeclyve, Topply, Tople, Taple, Tapple
Submitted by: Colin Topley
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Looking for information on Ulderic Beliveau,Married Delphine Prince Oct.27/1845. Looking for the names of the children from this marriage. I believe they were married in Becancour,Quebec.
Surnames: Beliveau
Submitted by: Denise(Beliveau)MacDonald
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: clyde oliver, my father, born ?1938? Navy/Airforce MP (military poliice)died ?1979? never knew him or the rest of his family. i was born in 1978 and told that his other children were considerably older. Any info is appreciated.
Surnames: oliver
Submitted by: Kris Mandy
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Drover - one who drove sheep, cattle or other animals to market
Surnames: Driver
Submitted by:
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Bava

Russian/Molokan origin means sluggish, slow, or dilatory

English variations: Bivin, Biven, Havin
Surnames: Bivin, Biven, Bavin
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: The meaning of Oliver from Family tree maker website "Elf Army" (Germanic) usually after Charlemagne's Peer
Surnames: Oliver
Submitted by: jane scea
Origin of Ive, Meaning of Ive

Origin: Niven appears to be from an obsolete Gaelic word, naomhain, meaning `belonging to the saint' or `in minor orders'. The surname would have originated within a family holding a hereditary function at a church or monastery. In the 13th century there were three generation of Neivins holding land at Auldhouse, in Pollok [Glasgow] on behalf of St Conval. For details see the Register of Paisley Abbey. `
Surnames: Niven
Submitted by: Alan Steel

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