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    Bower Family Homestead
    Description: If you descend from the Bower[s] / Bauer[s] surnames, or one of the many spelling variations, we probably have something inside for you. To you we say, welcome home! . . .We\ve been waiting for you to find us! Inside here, you\ll come to the individual rooms that made up the house, each one with something different to offer: Bower surname spelling variants; Surname Definitions; Surname History; family traditions; place names throughout the world; Sources of Bower data; Immigrations around the world; Vital records; Probate records; Obituaries; Census records; Military records; Biographies and personals; Queries, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards; Links to other sites researching the Bower surname.

    Surnames: Byers, Byars, Bure, Buher, Buer, Brower, Brouwer, Brouer, Brauwer, Brauer, Boyer, Boyen, Bowyer, Bowun, Bowrs, Bowor, Bowon, Bown, Bowker, Bowing, Bowin, Bowier, Bowher, Bowes, Bowersy, Bowersox, Bowersmith, Bowerse, Bowers, Bowerman, Bowering, Bower, Bowars, Bowan, Bouyer, Bouwers, Bouwerr, Bouwer, Bouweer, Bourne, Boures, Boure, Boura, Bour, Bouher, Boughers, Bougher, Bouer, Bors, Borr, Bore, Borah, Bor, Boorer, Boore, Boor, Booher, Boing, Boin, Bohrer, Boher, Bohan, Boere, Boer, Boem, Boar, Bawier, Bawer, Bauren, Baure, Baur, Bauhers, Bauher, Baughers, Baugher, Bauers, Bauer, Dower, Pur, Powers, Power, Van Buuren, Vanburen


    Monteith Family Homepage
    Description: This surname has been reserved. Most information can now be found online the link above, however, Malcolm is still in the construction phase for the query page. Expected completion is by 5/10/99.

    Surnames: Montieth, Monteith, Menteith, Mantooth


    Smith Genealogy
    Description: Roswell Smith Family Genealogy - Added 30 May 2004
    Based on: A New Edition Of The Record Of The Family Of Roswell Smith And Roswell Smith, Second Of The Family Of Steel Smith of Farmington, Conn., Windsor, Vermont; Compiled by H. E. Perkins, Washington, D. C., 1921.

    In the former Genealogy of the Family of Roswell Smith, published in 1919, the factor used was the only one then comprehended, as no evidence was had at that time that the factor used did not comprehend the entire Roswell Smith Family. There was then no evidence known that he did not represent the entire Family. That he died in Orange Co., Vermont, in 1835, was not known, and evidence was then in hand, and was incorporated in the book. That Roswell Smith, 2d, did die at Randolph, Vt., Nov., 1836 (see page 7); also in the Windsor, Vt., Record that Roswell Smith, Jr., died April 13, 1825 (see page 40). This was accepted as proof that our one factor theory was true. Hence the publication was vised. Subsequently it developed that there were two factors to be dealt with in the Record, father and son. Therefore this re-publication was determined upon to make the necessary corrections. Recent investigation having determined that the reported deaths of the said Roswell Smiths, Jr., were not of this line of the family, and were of undeterminable identity. In the recent research for this republication, they have exhausted the State of Vermont vital statistics, and all Town Records of probable information, as well as the U. S. Census and Treasury Records, in their endeavor to supply the error, and give all possible further information of their ancestry.

    William Smith Family Genealogy - Added 12 May 2004
    Based on: Genealogy of William Smith, of Peterborough, N. H.; Keene, Printed By Horatio Kimball, 1852.

    Robert Smith of Moneymore, county of Londonderry, Ireland, son of James Smith of Ireland, came to this country with a number of families, in the autumn of 1736, and spent the following winter at Lexington, Mass. He was a tanner and brought with him considerable property. Most of the company made a settlement in Lunenburg, Mass. Some of his brothers settled in Virginia. Four children came with him and settled in Peterborough, New Hampshire. He died Jan. 14, 1766, aged 85. His wife was Elizabeth Smith, daughter of James Smith of England, who was the son of James Smith of Scotland. She died at Lunenburg, Sept. 28, 1757, aged 74. This manuscript depicts the descendants of Robert down to William Smith of Peterborough.

    Surnames: Smith


    Description: For everyone researching the surname SMITHART,including the various spellings and/or derivatives. Birth, Marriage, Death, Military , and Census Records; Obituary, Land, and Court Records; Cemetery Inscriptions, Message Board, Researchers and Links.

    Surnames: Smithart


    The Ethell Surname Family Center
    Description: Site Features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries from and for Surname Researchers; Online Family Tree; Download the Tree (GEDCOM Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; How to help this center. Variations include: Athol, Eithell, Ethall, Ethel, Ethell, Ethill, Ethol, and Ithell.

    Surnames: Athol, Ethol, Ethill, Ethell, Ethel, Ethall, Eithell, Ithell


    The Heskett Surname Resource Centre
    Description: Collecting information on the Heskett surname from anywhere in the world. Site features: Heskett Surname Database; Heskett Surname Lists; Records - Lists of Parish Records, Civil Registrations and some USA records for births, deaths and marriages, and some UK Census records; Researchers; Researchers Family Trees; Churches; Newsletters; Guest Book; Feedback Form. Variants include: Heskat, Heskath, Hesket, Hesketh, Heskett, Heskith, Heskitt, Heskyth, and Hiscot.

    Surnames: Heskat, Heskath, Hesket, Hesketh, Heskett, Heskith, Heskitt, Heskyth, Hiscot


    The Rintoul Homestead
    Description: This web site is devoted to the thousand or so people around the world who bear the somewhat rare surname

    Surnames: information and research resources regarding our name and family can be hard to find. Anyone with interesting Rintoul information of any kind (genealogy


    The Smithson Association
    Description: Newsletter; Association; Books; Web Families; Queries; Forum; Mailing List; Links; and more.

    Surnames: Smithson


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