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Flebbe's Genealogy Webpage
Please check out my surnames and the information I have. I have pictures of some of my ancestors and pictures of some headstone of the cemeteries I have visited. I also do research in Rogers, Washington and Tulsa County, OK if you are needing information.
Robert A. Bayot of Portland, Oregon. USA.
Robert A. Bayot of Portland, Oregon. USA.: Surname List
Hairtater's Genealogy
Sharon Lisman Baxter surname list
Sara Baum's Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Sara M Baum
Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg
InterneTree: Descendants of Chaim Mordechai Spiegelman Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg: Surname List
The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.
Report: George Leid - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: Michael J Donahue - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: John Boesl II - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: George McCann - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.: Surname List
Ballin, Stern, Hankins, Fields Family Trees
Ballin, Stern, Hankins, Fields Family Trees: Surname List
The John & Mary (Houston) Brown Family
John Brown / Mary Houston Brown family of Scotland, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kansas; Houston of Scotland; Cooper of Virginia, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas; Pope of North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas; Payne of Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri and Kansas; Cochran of Missouri and Kansas; Crouch of Wales, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas; Chrisman of Germany, England, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas. John & Mary (Houston) Brown Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
Frans J Bakker surname list
The John and Martha Madison Family Home Page
John William, Sr. and Martha Madison Family. Both were born and raised in Rockingham County, NC. (4) John William Madison, Sr. Born: 05-17-1890 Died: 5-06-1954. Married: Martha Jane Purgason Born: 10-25-1889 Died: 04-04-1997. They had 8 children. Grandmother lived to be 107 years old. John's parents were: (3) William Brooks Wellon Madison. Born: 03-09-1858 Died: 12-12-1936. Married: Sallie Marie Jones Born: 09-08-1858 Died: 02-03-1934. They had 6 children. William Daddy B's parents were: (2) Levin Cary Madison Born: 03-04-1820 Died: 12-26-1891. Married: Margaret Chrisman Born: 1-14-1824 Died: 09-17-1910. They had 4 children. Levin's parents were: (1) Payton Madison Born: ? Died: 08-18-1848. Married to Elizabeth C. Cary. We only know of 2 children. Most are buried at the family cemetery at Howard's Chapel in the Wentworth/Stoneville, NC.
The Benton Bailey Family Tree Home Page
InterneTree: Olen Abbott The Benton Bailey Family Tree Home Page: Surname List
Dustin Baer's Genealogy
Report: Kinship of Dustin Michael Baer Dustin Baer's Genealogy: Surname List
The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Schultz The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa: Surname List
The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan
InterneTree: Terrell L Backensto The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan: Surname List
Atwood Branan Couch Mahan Sapp Stringfield Family Genealogy
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Loren James Floyd Atwood Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Loderick Hudson Stringfield Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Uriah Hamilton Brannan Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Attwood Atwood Branan Couch Mahan Sapp Stringfield Family Genealogy: Surname List
The Fanfarillo-Atkins Home Page
My Paternal Grandfather: Sisto Fanfarillo. He was from Rome, NY. My Paternal Grandmother: Mary Eagono. She was from Pensylvania. Her surname was changed since coming to the US. Her parents were Loreto and Restitutta (Migliacchio) Iacone. My Maternal Grandfather: William Ismay. He emigrated from Scotland abt. 1922 to Pitsburg. We were always told that he had a male relative that survived the Titanic. My Maternal Grandmother: Pearl Brown. She has reciently turned 98 and is from New Jersey. Her parents were both Browns.
Ashour and Manning and Related Families of TX & AR
InterneTree: Ancestors of John Benedict Ashour Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Marcus Bauer Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Cornelius Manning, Sr. Ashour and Manning and Related Families of TX & AR: Surname List
Report: Kinship of Larry J. Arszman Genealogy Report: Descendants of Esau Richey Genealogy Report: Descendants of Joseph Heinrich Wencke Genealogy Report: Descendants of Patrick McCartney The LARRY J. ARSZMAN Family: Surname List
The Ray J. Arnold Family Tree
InterneTree: Evelyn Abreu The Ray J. Arnold Family Tree: Surname List
The Kim Archer Family Home Page
The Hoven family came directly from Germany.
Tom's Home Page
families from Barbour County and Most of West Virginia and Shenandoah Valley Virginia
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Myrtle Mae Sollars Report: Address Report Genealogy Report: Descendants of Fredrick Palmer Adkins Genealogy Report: Descendants of Myrtle Mae Sollars my grandmother Grace L Sollars . She was from Clinton , Indiana. My fathers side. My grandparents on my mothers side . Fredrick Palmer Adkins , he was Born in the Charleston Illinois , and died in Terre Haute , Indiana.
The Charlotte Caudill Anderson Family Home Page
Charlotte C Anderson - InterneTree
Jasper van Amstel
Jasper van Amstel surname list
The Virginia Renegar Amorde Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of VIRGINIA MARIAN RENEGAR Genealogy Report: Ancestors of VIRGINIA MARIAN RENEGAR Genealogy Report: Ancestors of RICHARD CALVIN AMORDE
The Alters Family History
David Alter b.1794 Penn. L?--George Alter b. 1825 Penn; m. Elizabeth Hendricks (b. 1825 Ky) 1/24/1847 ? +---Mary E. Hendrick b.1843-44 Ill. L?--John Alter b.5/18/1827; d. 10/22/1894 Huntsville, Il; m. Mary E. Moore 11/3/1853 ? +---Mary Ellen Alters b.1858 d.1923 m. George Price 12/23/1877 ? +---Salina Alters b. 4/20/1861(?) d.2/5/1862 ? +---John M. Alter(s) b. 4/20/1861 d. 11/26/1928 m. Stella Yowell ? ? +---Ray Sullivan Alters b. 8/1891 ? +---Louise Adelina (Addie) Alter b.1/8/1856 d.8/28/1928 m. Thomas Price 1/7/1875 ? +---Isabellen Jane Alters b.11/22/1863 d.6/4/1901 never married ? +---Gonnie Granger Alters b.1/13/1870 d.3/6/1923 m. Alma Alice Cleek 12/13/1888 ? +---Clifford Ira Alters, b. 9/6/1895, d. 12/7/1984 m. Corrine Ellis 7/10/1924 ? +---Marcellus M. Alters b.5/4/1926 m. Betty E. Edwards 7/2/1950 ? +---Don M. Alters b.3/17/1932 m. Margaret A. Tyson 5/22/1959 L?--David Alter b.3/25/1830; d. 10/22/1859; m. Ellen J. Moore 11/3/1853; (Brother John) ? +---Susan Valora Alter b.11/2/1855 d.3/17/1882 m. H. Clauson Pierce 7/4/1876 ? +---Jemima R. Alter b.1859 m. Perry Dean 3/1/1877 L---Jacob Alter b. 1831 Penn.; m. Sarah Hendrix 8/2/1854 Huntsville, Il; ? +---William D. Alters, b. 1/16/1856, d. 4/1928, m. Adah Jane Lanham ? ? +---KatySteven R. Alters
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Marvin L Alpiner IN
Don & Donna Summers Home Page
We welcome all those that would like to share genealogy with us.
Our Price & Kingsbury Family Genealogy
my Great-great grandfather, William H. Price in Jackson County, Ohio. Richard Hammond Price, who was the father of William H. Price. Richard came from the Baltimore, Maryland area to Ohio. He may have lived near Chillicothe for a few years around 1815 when William was born. Around 1817 they moved to Jackson County, Ohio where William and Richard both lived and died. Both are buried in the Pattonsville Cemetery in Bloomfield Twp. \r\n\r\nGeorge William Price it has been recently found, had a first wife in Jackson County, Ohio around 1879-1882-84. They had two children, James T. (or I.) Price born about 1879 and John H. Price born about 1882 in Jackson county, Ohio. \r\n\r\nHe was in Jasper County, Illinois by 1885. George was married on 21 January 1885 to Martha Susan Lewis. His son Si Roy PRICE was born 23 November 1885. George William PRICE and Martha Susan LEWIS did not stay together. \r\n\r\nGeorge William PRICE is buried in the Headyville, McQueen Cemetery in Jasper County Illinois. We know very little about him. He appears to have lived most of his life in Jasper or Clay County, Illinois. \r\nMy grandfather, Si Roy PRICE, we know was raised by his mother. His mother's maiden name was Martha Susan LEWIS, born 1853. She later marriedSusan J Alexander
Ericka Wesemann/Alexander in Kankakee County, Illinois
Most of my ancestry is located in Kankakee County, Illinois or in Martin County, IN and Terre Haute, IN. The real distant family came from Germany or France. \r\n\r\nEricka T Alexander - InterneTree\r\n
Researching the Christman/Chriesman Family Tree
Josephine KNOX and Simon CRISMAN were married in Buleson County Texas and lived in Lee County Texas. They had 15 children. \r\n\r\nResearching the Christman/Chriesman Family Tree:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Family and Ancestors of (Willard) Leroy Adams
Adams ancestors primarily were in Kentucky although there is evidence of a Virginia origin also. My wife's O\Bryan ancestors are rooted in Ireland and migrated through Kentucky and Indiana.\r\nMy wife's family includes Erbachers from Illinois, Kentucky and Germany.\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of John Adams \r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Vivion \r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Philip O\Bryan \r\n
The Home Page Of Adams, Christianson, Esbrook and Lundmark
I\m researching my Family history and looking for any information related to me. The family names are Adams, Christianson, Esbrook (Hesbrook) and Lundmark.\r\n\r\nThe Hesbrook or Esbrook as the name was changed to after comming to America come over from England.\r\n\r\nLundmark were from Sweden.\r\n\r\nAdams were from Belgium.\r\n\r\nChristianson were from Canada \r\n\r\nInterneTree: James Adams\r\n\r\nThe Home Page Of Adams, Christianson, Esbrook and Lundmark:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Ancestors of Jennifer Rebekah (Owens) Ackerfield
Ancestors of Jennifer Rebekah (Owens) Ackerfield
Regina Abernathy Family Home Page
The following are ancestors that I\m researching from the southeast mainly: Abernathy, Lawson, O\Bannon, Tidwell, Clark, Langley, Gravitt, Worthy, Bradshaw, Cline, Tillman, Lewis, Goodman, Miller, Webb, Statum, McMurtry, Chrisman, Browder, Spangler, McNutt, Luttrell, Ragan, Ivey, Lane, Middleton, Harris, Rhodes, Sheffield, Roberts, Johnson, Averitt, and Hand. \r\n
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Genealogie Mollema en Visser
Familie van Kees Mollema en Karin Visser, in diverse genealogieen en een aantal stammen Mollema voornamelijk uit Friesland.
Personen in de Jalink Familie
Personen in de Jalink Familie

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