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MacKay Family Web Site
This site has all of the families I am searching for information about to further my research about them. I have done research for most of them at some time, but my main research at this time March 2001 is within Scotland. However, when I find out something new about lines outside Scotland I would endeavour to find out more about this particular surname. Please feel free to make contact with myself if you feel either or both of us would benefit from such contact < >.
Clough Family Tree
The CLOUGH family of New Zealand, including FLOOD, HOSKINS, GIRVIN, CLENDON, CARTLIDGE, OWEN, and hundreds of other names.
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
My Genealogy Home Page
Richard and Patricia Beach surname list
The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA
Book: John Michael Beamer The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA: Surname List
Alan Mewett Beattie's Home Page
Alan Mewett Beattie surname list
The Bayone/Hennis/Moore Home Page
BAYONE(Baione or Bajone) from the area of Aromenta, Italy. LUCA (Luke) BAYONE(1850-1901) was born in 1850 in Italy, emigrated to US, married MARIA MASTROPIETRO(1866-1919) from Frossinone, Italy and had a large family. They lived originally in Greenwich Village, NY, and later some lived in Brooklyn, NY. Luke was in the laundry business. MOORE family from Ireland. TIMOTHY MOORE (1864-1928) was born in Garryheaken, Co. Limerick. He emigrated to US and lived in Red Hook section of Brooklyn. He married MARGARET ENGLISH in 1888 there and had six children. His six siblings were Margaret, John, Thomas, Patrick, Michael, William Moore. Their parents were THOMAS MOORE and CATHERINE RYAN. CHARLES A. HENNIS, born in 1841 in either Canada, England or Ireland? He emigrated to US in 1970 from Canada, was naturalized in 1874 and married MARGARET IRWIN OR IRVING of either Canada or NY. They lived on Columbus Ave. NYC per 1900 Census. Most of their descendants live in New Jersey.
The Stewart Neal Baxter Family Home Page
Stewart N Baxter - InterneTree James Stewart, my maternal G.G.Grandfather who joined the 76th OH volunteers in 1862 and was a Captain for the duration of the Civil War. Stewart N Baxter - InterneTree
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page
Frederick ROCHLITZ (1816-1890) was from Pomerania, Germany and died in Pulaski, Iowa. He was married to Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING (1820-1897). They lived in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. They had 7 children: Wilhelmine, Augusta, Frederick, Ernestine,Mary, William and August. Charles Gotlieb ULRICH (1839-1913) was born in Hammermuchle,Germany and died in Dewitt, Nebraska. He was married to Johannah GRAFF (1844-1879/81). They lived in Illinois where Johannah is buried. They had 6 children: Anna, Wilhemina, Albert, Mary, Charles, and Edward. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frederick Rochlitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Gotlieb Ulrich The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page: Surname List
William Reyer Barrett
William R Barrett - InterneTree
Barrett Family Tree
William Barrett Family Tree 1
Armour,Irvine and Kirk families from the Kilmaurs\Kilmarnock area of Scotland circa 1700. family of Patrick Bannon and Mary Kennedy from Ireland circa 1890.
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
The Fluxgold Family
The Fluxgold Family: Surname List
B.Ballew's Ancestry Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Leonard Ballew, b. abt. 1802 Genealogy Report: Known Ancestors of B.Ballew (1730-1998) THE BALLEW's may have been religious (protestant) refugees from Flanders, relocating to France, and later to America. LILLY MARSHALL's lineage, through her maternal grandmother, appears to link to Simon de Montfort usurper of the English throne in 1265; the Plantagenet kings of England; their Norman forebear Henry I of England; Louis VI of France; Russian Grand Dukes of Kiev back to 877; Charlemagne; kings of Sweden, Norway and Finland back to the 200's; King Coel of Britain born 125 A.D.; Clodius II King of the West Franks died 20 A.D.; and other historic figures. THE MINTON's are said to be related to the famous Minton pottery/china founders in the United Kingdom. THE STRICKER's were German farmers living near the Volga River in Russia, who emigrated to Canada then to the United States.
The Bakers Of Beatrice, Nebraska
InterneTree: Thomas Baker NE Report: Birthday Report Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Whitlock Genealogy Report: Descendants of Gibson Baker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Charles William Randall
The Baker Family of Hinesville, GA
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of Shadrack Baker Descendant Tree of Shadrack Baker The Baker Family of Hinesville, GA: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Kerry A Baird
Baillie Family of Oakville, Ontario, Canada
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Alfred Joseph Baker All-in-One Tree of Alfred Joseph Baker Baillie Family of Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Surname List
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
Badgers/Leonhardts/Glassers of Pa.
William Badger from Ireland born abt 1773 in Ireland. Heinrich Leonhardt who fought in the revolutionary war as a Hessian, returned to Germany and immigrated to the U.S. on July 4, 1851 with his six children. Martyn Glasser born Jan 10, 1793 in Hagsfeld, Baden Germany, survived Napoleons expedition to Moscow, and married Rosina Eagen born July 28, 1798 in Baden Karlsrue, Germany. Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Badger Genealogy Report: Descendants of Martyn Glasser Genealogy Report: Descendants of Heinrich Leonhardt Badgers/Leonhardts/Glassers of Pa.: Surname List
Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE
Babcock (Sherman, b1762, RI, m. Delecta Rich, b1774, NY) Babcock (James, b1665, England, m. Sarah Unknown,b abt 1667) Heniken (George W, b1831, m. Margaret J. Frair, b1834) Lucas (Virginia, b1857, VA, m. Clinton Murray, b1854, KY) Martin (Jacob, b1822, Darmstadt, Germany, m. Mary Unknown, b 1825, Germany) Murray (Charles, b1748, Ireland m., Jenny Rodman, b1760, Ireland) Murray (Donald Allen, b1898, Moray, Scotland) Rimstidt (Rihmenstedt)(John Gerhardt, b 1800, Germany, m. Adeline Seveus, b1804, Germany) Searles (William A., b abt 1860, NY, m. Frances Elizabeth Martin, b1863, IA), Sergeant (Victoria, b 1860, IL (mother Mahala Unknown), m. William F. Babcock, b1853) Book: The Babcock's Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE: Surname List
It's a Aubrey Story; Starring You
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Saunders de Sancto Alberico Reginald Awbrey was the first Aubrey established in Wales around 1175 A.D. The Dictionary of Awbrey/Aubrey's and Parkers.: Surname List
The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi
InterneTree: Chester Atkins The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi: Surname List
The Family Home Page of Teddi Ashby
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William S. Ashby Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Howard Thorn Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Joseph Richardson My father's family the ASHBYS are from the Williamsburg area of Virginia. His father John Hilyer Ashby, a Baptist minister relocated his family to Asbury Park, NJ approx 1915. My mother's family the Richardsons and Reveys have resided in Mommouth County NJ USA since the 1700's. Her grandmother immigrated from Ireland, being the first child born in the New World in 1850's. The father, Howard Thorn was originally from Barbados and had gone to England and then to Ireland where he met and married Margaret McBride. They had nine children. My grandfather, Sterling Bell was a policeofficer for the city of Asbury Park, NJ but was originally from Washington DC. The Family Home Page of Teddi Ashby: Surname List
The Gene R. Ashley II Family
my Grandfather Otis Ashley moved from PA. to WV. around the 30's or 40's . Gene R Ashley - InterneTree
The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees
InterneTree: Ancestors of Sherri Marie Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas John Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Massey Jones Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Cannon Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Harritt The Arvin ? Cannon - and Jones families are Catholics from Indiana. The Harritt families were Christians from Ohio & southern Indiana. The Mehlenbacher families are Lutherans from Canada and Germany. Jenkins family is from Michigan. The Novak and Sasek families are from Bohemia and Illinois. The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees: Surname List
The Armstrong from Peterborough Ontario
Terrance S Armstrong - InterneTree
Jon M. & Amy E. (Profit) Armstrong Family
Jon & Amy Armstrong surname list
Georgia Vawter Family Tree
The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians
InterneTree: Ryan L Arians Report: Parent Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Rudolph Arians The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians: Surname List
The Donald Archibald Family Home Page
Archibald family in central IndianaDusing family in Central Indiana and KentuckyPoling family from Unionville, IN and Springfield, ILSkirvin/ Scroggins/ Scrogham family in Monroe County, IN
John E. Angier Vacaville, California
InterneTree: Stephinine Nichole (Singer) John E. Angier Vacaville, California: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Taylor Lee Anderson surname list
Molly Anderson's Genealogy Home Page
my maternal 3rd and 4th great-grandparents lived in Orkney, Scotland: John and Elspet (Isbister) Gorrie, married March 26, 1795 in Stromness, Orkney, Scotland. They had four children: Janet(Jessie), James, Jean, and Magnus. Thomas and Jean (Loutitt(sp)) Kent, married December 4, 1832 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland. They had at least eight children: James, John, George, Thomas, Johana, Robert, Andrew, and William, and perhaps a daughter Jemima. Thomas and Ann (Banks) Baikie, married February 11, 1830 in Stromness. They had eight children: Ann, Thomas, Eliza, John, Peter, Edward, Georgeina, and William. George and Christiana (Johnston) Irvine, believed born and married in Stromness. They had nine children: Marjory, Molly & Christiana(twins), Robert, Ann, George (died young), Margaret, George, and Charles. Peter Rank, born August 14, 1823 in Bayern, Germany, perhaps son of Simon Rank. May have had siblings John, Heinrich and Eva Barbara. All four emigrated to Saginaw, Michigan or the vicinity. Peter married 1868, in Saginaw, Caroline Elisabeth Wilhelmine Trarop, born September 26, 1844 in Gollnow, Pommern, Prussia. Her parents were Johann Friedrich Trarop and Catherina Dorothea Rasten. Children of Peter and Wilhelmine were: Bertha, BeMolly A Anderson
The Southern Ancestral Home Page
My Southern line comes through my father John T. Anderson and his parents: Spencer C. Anderson and Grace Elizabeth Castleman. The Anderson line stretches back to the early 1800's in Marion County TN. Castleman's (beyond their arrival in Stone Arabia, NY in 1709, through the family split caused by the Rev War when some went to Canada and the rest became Americans) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Robert Beene, Jr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas R. Castleman Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Crow Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Hargis Genealogy Report: Descendants of Unknown Anderson
The Ben Nighthorse Preston Ancestral Home Page
Ben Nighthorse Preston is part bag-pipe (Scottish) and part Indian (Pit River Nation of Modoc County, CA). Adams of Crawford County, IN - mid-1800's; Allison of Washington and Westmoreland Counties, PA, Northern Ireland and Scotland - 1700-early 1800's;Bailey of IL - 1800's;Battenberg of IL - 1800's ;Coble, Ellis and Pence of KS and IN - 1800's;Dunsworth of IL - mid-1800's;Gundrada (Gundred). Ireland of MO - 1800's;Irvine - 1700-1800's;Isaac - 1700-1800's;Jackson of NY and NV - 1800's;Lewis of England and KS - 1700-1800's;Martin of NJ and PA 1700-early 1800's;Preston of Alturas, Modoc County, CA - 1800's;Trammel of MO - 1800's;Taze of PA - 1800's;Tye (Su-tye) of Trinity County, CA - 1800's. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Allison Genealogy Report: Descendants of William de Warenne Genealogy Report: Descendants of // Bolton
The desendants of Henry Hedgpeth from Isle of Wight Co., VA
I am somewhat new to this internet access but have been researching my genealogy off and on since 1970 . . . The surname's of interest listed here from Irving on ward to the end of my list are primarily of Massachusetts area then back across that big lake to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. There were a few that made a pit stop in Canada on the way . . .

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