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The Descendants of William McLeaird and Elvey Rushimg
William McLEAIRD was born on 14 Mar 1792 in Anson Co, North Carolina, died on 14 Mar 1875 in Franklin Co, Georgia, at age 83, and was buried in Cannon Church, Hart County, Georgia.
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InterneTree: Tracy Susan Barker
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InterneTree: Basha Adams
The Alexander Family Home Page
Mason Alexander a White Irishman who migrated from Texas to McGehee, Arkansas and married Nellie(a Cherokee Indian maiden name unknown) Mason and Nellie had five kids.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Freddie L Alexander\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Mason Alexander
David George Adkins
George William, George Henry and Emily (nee Hampton) Adkins from England to South Australia in 1878\r\nHannah Church from England to New South Wales, Australia before 1854\r\nJoseph and Eliza (nee Tagg) Clarke from England to South Australia before 1959\r\nMargaret Cronin to South Australia before 1858\r\nWilliam Druce from England to New South Wales, Australia before 1854\r\nFrederick George Hanson from Denmark (Germany) to New South Wales, Australia 1872\r\nJames Collins Hawker from England to South Australia in 1838\r\nJames Hirst from England to Queensland, Australia about 1879\r\nThomas, Louisa and Elizabeth (nee Fooks) Lipson from England to South Australia in 1836\r\nEdward McEllister to South Australia\r\nHeinrich Carl August, Oscar Edward and Maria (nee Mehne) Nienaber from Germany to South Australia in 1849\r\nWilliam and Hannah (nee Sweet) Osborn(e) from England to New South Wales, Australia in 1857\r\nOwen Sheedy from Ireland to South Australia before 1858
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InterneTree: John W Adams MI\r\n
Christman Geneaolgy Website
The intent of this website and database is to organize the various Christman immigrants who came to America prior to 1776 and assist the descendants in discovering their ancestors.
Roots - A stiring of the waters
Family research on families predominately from the Cheshire and North Wales areas of Britain.
Oswald Family History
Genealogy for the Oswald family in Adelaide, South Australia

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