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Chase Family Tree
Over 12,000 CHASE/CHACE families members contributed by many of the CHASE-L mailing group. Replies to queries in this database are carried out by the host server and I believe with its ability to search ALL of the text,(not just names), such as notes and place names, is unrivalled.
Family History & Genealogy Research of Amanda Taylor
Family History & Genealogy Research of Amanda Taylor
Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain Ball
Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain wife of George Matt Ball of Whitley and McCreary Counties, Kentucky.
Tollner Family
A website for the Tollner / T?llner family from Mecklenburg area Germany and Australia.
Descendants of John Probart
Highly sourced website of the descendants of John Probart (1870-1851) who immigrated from Wales to New York then Wisconsin. His children scattered to Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Michigan.
Mueller & Baldy Families
Over 3,000 names, spanning 18 generations and 6 centuries. Branches from regions throughout the world including eastern and western Europe, North and Central America and the south Pacific.
Margaret's Genes
I have 3398 individuals in 835 surnames and also biographies, photos (some of unknown ancestors), cemeteries, etc.
Anne Marie Black Ryan Genealogy Page
Lots of searchable Mills and Pottawattamie County Iowa information.
Pioneers, Patriots, Puritans & Scalawags
Contains over 9200 individuals! Pictures, Stories & Military Records. Family History information includes easy-to-read family group sheets with Notes & Sources viewable.
Weisel Ancestors of Hessen-Darmstadt
Weisel genealogy of Hessen-Darmstadt. Includes Weisel who immigrated to America.
A gedcom available for review. Email if you find a connection.
Central Missouri Families
This site contains individual names along with their birth & death dates/locations from many families who lived in several central Missouri counties during the 1800s. Also included are several ancestral lines extending back to the colonies and some even to Europe. The European ancestors mostly arrived in the colonies during the 1700s and settled primarily in Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas.
My Gillespie/Gaines Family
John B. Gaines married Sidney Ann Patterson,, their oldest son, Samuel Patterson Gaines married Sarah Catherine Gillipsie. See Gaines family below. This an accounting of her ancestry sent to me by John Eisenberg. This starts with Robert, as generation one, born circa 1735 in Scotland, died 1799 Botetourt County, Virgina. John uses the Gillespie spelling which is interchangeable.
Linville Family
Nancy Ann or Ann Nancy Linville, {wife of George Boone} was born in 1744 in Virginia, died 28 March 1814 I Shelby County, Kentucky.
Ancestral Lines of Victor Hawk of Georgia
Lines go back deeply into late 1700's and early 1800's Georgia, probably back to Virginia prior to the Revolution.
My Gillon Family
I am so proud of my Gillon family from Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, that I wanted to put up this web site to honor all those that are the Gillon ancestors and descendants of my grandfather, Charles Gillon.
Hancock and Miller Family History
Genealogy of the Hancock and Dando families in Schuylkill County, PA, Monmouthshire, Wales and England. Genealogy of the Miller and Carl families in Schuylkill County, PA.
Margaret's Genes
Biographies, cemeteries, photos, wills and gedcom
Renee's Homestead and Family Genealogy Site
Researching our Texas Surnames; Yarbrough, Tilley, Pierce and Eichhorn.
Mary Farek Relatives
I am looking for the names
Miss B's Place
Family pages for Ledbetter, Teal, Miller, and Hickman.
Along Those Lines
Estacaille world index, resource center for Braniff and Simpson, on line data bases for most names listed. On line message boards.
Ely/Stroman/Marr/Wilson/Brinkman/Many Others
Ely England 1544>NJ 1684>OH 1802>IL 1856 Marr Scotland 1800's>Chicago after 1881 before 1894
Janet Ariciu's family
I have John Maysey, who died in 1760, Will. His wife was Lettice Spiller His children were Charles; Robert; Ann and Mary Maysey Tunnell
Descendants of Benjamin Heath-NH-1750
A web page dedicated to the descendants of Benjamin Heath b. abt 1750 NH and Dorothy Willey b. 1765 NH.
Langille Home Page
Family lines from Montbeliard (France) to Nova Scotia. Many Quebec and Ontario families
Ron's Genealogy
A very large genealogical database containing over 10,525 individuals, 6750 of my relatives, 3361 different surnames and 7,470 families as of 2/15/2000.
Swanhart Genealogy - Our Shared Past
Many founding families of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
Genealogical Findings of Miller & Whitelaw
This is a database produced by GED2WWW of relations within our family tree. Locations vary from North to South, East to West, USA to other countries. Some relationships are assumptions; some proven; and some end in brick walls. Besides the major surnames lHendry, Hunter, Miller, Waite, Whitelaw
St.Leger-May Family Home Page
Enlish Welsh and Irish Genealogy
Will of John Miller, Bedford County, PA
Will of John Miller filed and registered the 14th day of June AD1813.
The Only Mother She Ever Knew
Descendants of Robert Alexander and Mary Hamilton.
Brichta Genealogy
Searching for survivors and their descendants for related surnames.
Irish Mannings of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Roots
I try to keep this site reasonably up to date, but there may be details that have not yet been added. Please email me for more information. - Janis
Ellis Keener Connections
over 9000 individuals have been submitted to our Family Tree and its extended families.
Wayland, Terrill, Terrell, Fowler, Chittenden Surname Genealogy(and many others)
Largest Wayland page, largest Terrill/Terrell pages (VA origin). Largest Chittenden page, with inclusion of every name from Talcott's 1882 Chittenden book (New England origin). Old photos of people and documents (some before Rev. War) are on site also.
Windley-Fletcher Genealogy
Researching from Levin, New Zealand. Families are mainly from Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia.
Gregory's Of Smith County Tennessee
The Gregory Family moved from ChatumCo NC BRY GREGORY, William H. Gregory, Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr and thier families. These were all revolutionary war Vets. And came on land grants.

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