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Origin of Iler

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Origin of Iler, Meaning of Iler

Origin: The English surname Filer is occupational in origin, deriving from the name of the profession of the initial bearer, thus affording him a suitable means of identity in his local community. In this instance we have a derivation of the Old French term 'fileu', denoting a spinner from the term 'file' (thread), or a derivative of the Middle English 'filen' (to file), denoting one who filed, or made smooth, or polished, or perhaps even a maker of files. Among the early written references to the name or a variant form we read of John le Filur in the Subsidy Rolls for Worchestershire in the year 1275, along with that of John le FYLER in the same Rolls for the county of Bedfordshire in 1309.
Surnames: Filer, Filers, Fyler, Fylers
Submitted by: Carolyn Filer
Origin of Iler, Meaning of Iler

Origin: I'm reasearching my family origins. My grandfather was Paul Eugene Onwiler, born 12/20/1887 in missiori? lived in California.
Surnames: onwiler
Submitted by: Guy Onwiler
Origin of Iler, Meaning of Iler

Origin: Looking for my GGgandparents, John and Mary Ann (Kellerhaus, Kellerhols) SEILER, parents of Mary (Seier) TSCHUDY, Hardin Co., OH
Surnames: SEILER
Submitted by: Sherry Bowling
Origin of Iler, Meaning of Iler

Origin: Om Vermont, during the 1840s members of the Canadian Cloutier family migrated into Franklin County. Their surname was anglosized to Nailor. This action was beautifully spelled out by Theresa Nailor in a letter to the Government when she was seeking a pension as the wife of the Civil War Soldier, Edward Nailor aka Edwardum Cloutier of the l0th Vermont Volunteers. Edward was literate and clearly wrote his name Nailor. His older borther Joseph was illiterate and his name was written by others for him as Naylor. Ergo, two lines...same father. Francis Cloutier of East St. Armands PQ.
Surnames: Nailor, Naylor, Nailer
Submitted by: Richard A. Nailor Sr.

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