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Mott - Risher Genealogy
Please don\t consider my research a 'primary source'. Many researchers have been instrumental in adding to the information. I do store some 'primary sources' here: http://www.geocities.com/bevmahon/
Noyes Family Genealogy
Noyes Family Genealogy: English roots and American offspring-includes many early New England collateral families
The Ryker-Riker Historical Society, Inc.
The families RYKER and RIKER have been well researched back to 1638, when the first Ryker-Riker ancestor to set foot in America, ABRAHAM RYCKEN, emigrated from Holland and settled in New Amsterdam (present-day New York City) with his wife, GRIETIE HARMENSEN. It must be noted that RYCKEN is not truly a surname; but rather the possessive form of RYCK, which is one of the Dutch equivalents of our English name \Richard\.
The Kemendics Family Tree
Research in Austria, Bavaria and USA
Ron's Genealogy
A very large genealogical database containing over 10,525 individuals, 6750 of my relatives, 3361 different surnames and 7,470 families as of 2/15/2000.
Genealogy Page of Virgil Williams
I have been researching my genealogy since 1982. I have been concentrating most of my research to my German and Swiss German ancestors that arrived in South Carolina between 1737 and 1771. The names of my immigrant ancestors who arrived in South Carolina are: Hans Conrad K?enzler, Stephen Smith Sr., John George Souter Sr., Thomas Hamiter, Beat Rebsamen, and Hans Rebsamen
Normans of Milton New Jersey
Norman family from Cornwall, England was the 4th family to establish themselves in Little Russia, Milton, NJ
Colburn Family Association
This site is dedicated to finding and sharing information concerning all COLBURN and COBURN ancestors and their descendants. In particular, this site is devoted to the COLEBURN families who settled in and around Perry County and Bibb County, Alabama in theAverett, Avery, Barnett, Blankenship, Fikes, Griffin, Hartley, Heard, Hobson, Lagrone, Meadows, Moore, Shinall, Stringfellow, Tarpley, Ward, Whitman, Wyers
Toles Family Web Page
The descendents of Joseph Mac Toles
The Sikes/Sykes Families Association
Everyone with an interest is the Sikes or Sykes surname is welcome here. Primary lines are descendants of Richard and Phebe Sikes of Springfield, MA in the late 1600's.
Spikes Family Home Page
Genealogy website for Spikes and related families
Adams County Illinois Biographies
The short family histories here have been gathered from a variety of sources. Many are from county histories and vanity books of the late 1800s. Click on a name below to see a family history.
Friedens Church Founders and Families Genealogy Research Page
Genealogical research of Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded in 1745 and located in Gibsonville, in the eastern part of present-day Guilford County, N.C., near the Alamance County line.
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
My Genealogy Home Page
Richard and Patricia Beach surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Linda L Beasley surname list
Indiana/Kenya Beasley
Kenya Beasley surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Kathleen Beam surname list
Julia Ann ELDERS Sulley Beasley of Claxton, Evans Co., GA
Julia E Beasley surname list
Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.
Report: Kinship of Or Eughiootee, Elizabeth Coody Genealogy Report: Descendants of Milton Calvin Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of Matthew Deatherage Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Chandler Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Grant Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.: Surname List
Beam Family History Page
Beam Family History Page: Surname List
The Geneology of Dona, Michelle, and Audrey Beaman
Book: The Geneology of Dona, Michelle and Audrey Beaman
The Darwin and Alice Hardman Beatty Home Page
John Franklin Beatty b.Pittigo, Ireland lived in Chickasaw Co. IAJethro Jones from Wales, lived in Chickasaw Co.IA Joshua Christopher from England,lived in CO, Tx, and IA James Ludlow Riggs lived in Dickinson and Emmett Co. IA James Calvin Hampshire Mercer Co. MO family from Germany Johnnes Hamsher/Hamscher (John Hampshire) Iva Sanders Hampshire f = J.W. Sanders from IN John Alexander Hardman Mercer Co. MO family ? from Henry Co. IN Mary Jane Snapp Hardman family from Germany Johnnes Schnepp/Schnepf (John Snapp) Jacob and Lena Freeze Raveling from Germany lived Clay Co. IA John Larson from Halmstra, Sweden lived in Clay Co. IA Edward Handke from ? lived in Oto, IA Charles Grubb from ? lived in Ruthven, IA
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!: Surname List
The Bayen-Baker Family Tree
InterneTree: Lisa Bayen Genealogy Report: Descendants of Albert Baker Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Kehoe Genealogy Report: Descendants of Eber Pike Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Barbon Baker - Austria or Germany, Pennsylvania, New York State and Virginia Barbon - Somerset County, Maryland Bayen - New York City, New York State, France, Venezuela and looking for a possible German connection. Bayen-Sauneres - France Darre - New York City, New York, France Desimone - San Gennaro, Italy, New York State, New Jersey Felderman / Feldermann - Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey Haver - Germany, Maryland and Ohio Kehoe - Ireland, Canada, New York State Lloyd - Somerset County, Maryland Napolitano - Italy, New York State, New Jersey Pike - New York State
The ancestors of Carrie Baugh
Carrie Baugh
The Anderson - Till / Lynch - Guthrie Connection
Laura Theresa Baum surname list
The Baumanns from Germany to Cincinnati, OH
my great-grandfather George W. Wikeley. I only have a birth year of 1871. He married May Shepherd in April 1891 and had one daughter, then they divorced in June 1894. Janet Baumann Family Tree
The Carol Jean Ferguson Home Page
The Carol Jean Ferguson Home Page: Surname List
Batey Family Tree
InterneTree: James M Batey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Samuel Reuben Ard Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ashley Micheala Batey Batey Family Tree: Surname List
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Families of My Paternal and Maternal Branches
All-in-One Tree of Joseph Baskas (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Daniel Richard Pike (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Margaret Josephine Kanelly (PDF Format) Families of My Paternal and Maternal Branches: Surname List
Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Bosiljka Aleksic Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page: Surname List Bastasic family from former Yugoslavia, mainly from West Slavonia, Grubisno Polje and Veliki Zdenci. The oldest one in my tree is Djuro Bastasic and his wife Ana Vukelja. His son Mile was born in 1870.He was my great great father.The first information about my roots I have found in the year 1536 in Zumberak,Croatia.
The Barvir Family Home Page
Wolfgang A Barvir - InterneTree
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
James Lloyd is my Great-great grandfather. I have been told that when the Lloyd's came from England to America, some went to Canada, some went west and some traveled south. James' father may have been Benjamin Lloyd. James is believed to have come from Virginia to Georgia to Kings Ferry in Nassau County, Florida in the early 1800's. In the 1820 Camden Co census, he is shown with 2 males under 10 yrs old and 1 female under 15 years old. I believe he was previously married and came here with his children. He married Susannah Wingate from Kings Ferry, Fl in 1822. Their descendants lived on both sides of the St Mary's River at Kings Ferry, Kent & Elbow on the Florida side and Camp Pinckney, Coleraine, Traders Hill and St George in Camden County on the Georgia side. Part of Camden County became Charlton County in 1854.
My Genealogy Home Page
Holly Banks surname list

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